Off the Map: ABC Drama Cancelled; No Season Two

Off the Map canceled season twoABC had high hopes for Off the Map, their new medical drama from veteran producers of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and ABC has now cancelled Off the Map after one season on the air.

Off the Map follows the lives of six doctors who have “lost their way” and have traveled to a remote South American jungle to try to rediscover why they wanted to become physicians.

The TV series’ cast includes Caroline Dhavernas, Jason George, Jonathan Castellanos, Mamie Gummer, Martin Henderson, Rachelle Lefevre, Valerie Cruz, and Zach Gilford.

The TV series premiered to a disappointing 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.57 million viewers. The show won its timeslot but was disrupted in some parts of the country by coverage of the Tucson Memorial. As a result, ABC reran the premiere Off the Map the following night.

For whatever reason, subsequent episodes of Off the Map essentially drew fewer and fewer viewers each week. The final episode of the season hit a series low and attracted a very poor 1.3 rating in the demo with only 3.80 million viewers.

TV show supportDespite having some very passionate fans, Off the Map ended up being one of the lowest dramas on ABC. It’s no surprise then that the network has now decided against ordering a second season, cancelling the show. All 13 episodes have aired and we likely won’t find out what became of the young doctors left in the jungle.

What do you think? Are you sorry there won’t be a second season of Off the Map? Why do you think Off the Map didn’t catch on? Is it better than the other medical dramas?

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  1. says

    Love Love LOve Off the Map LOVE it….wish season 2 would come back…..a medical drama in a 3rd world country I mean there must be a ton more story lines they could come up with and I thought the Dr’s were paired up perfectly! Lily & Matao were a good match too. So sad its over just wached the Season 1 again on netflix….Amazing I love it!

    • Carly says

      I’m really disappointed there isn’t a season 2!!!!! This show had a lot of great story line to it. The characters were relate able and each had their own little piece to the puzzle. I loved Lilies character and I am so sad that I won’t get to see what happens between her and Mateo! I think this show is way better than Grey’s and that show wasn’t cancelled. I hope ABC changes there mind and makes a season 2. I really enjoyed the show and what it had to offer!!

  2. Sandy says

    I’m a retired RN, and I know the medical stuff was far fetched, in some cases, and I was disappointed that they never really gave any credence to nurses, just the docs, but I still liked the show. I loved the characters and would really have enjoyed seeing it flesh out with future seasons.
    Personally, I think, eventually, Clark and Mateo would have died and it would have opened up a possible relationship between the two docs left behind. No one really wants to continue having to see such a smart doc make such stupid mistakes as getting involved with a Cocaine farmer.

  3. Joyce says

    They need to bring this show back ASAP! I love shows like this and the way it ended SUCKED! I need to know what happened!
    Please bring it back!

  4. kevin pissed off dyer! says

    I cant believe they didn’t make a second season!!!! I’m soooo mad!! I wanna know what happens to everyone in the crash, along with tons of others I’m sure. Who cares how many viewers there are! Go with what kind of reviews the show got. Thanks everyone who quit watching the show!! You ruined it for the rest of us!!

  5. Seriousely says

    This was the most captivated I have been with a show ever…. come on people ! Please make a second season !

  6. Debbie says

    This show should never have been cancelled with the ending it had. The least that ABC could have done was finish off the series decently for those who were fans, like was done for Jericho. But, hey, who cares about the viewers, it’s the money that talks

  7. MY says

    I love this show!!! I still can’t believe they cancelled it without telling us any kind of ending. It was my favorite show. Thank goodness for Netflix because I can watch it over and over and over.

  8. linda mc Cartney says

    The problem with the networks people don’t always find the shows till there over maybe they should realize alot of people find the series on streaming and really like they should wait and see what second season ratings are before cancelling

  9. Kate Wright says

    I enjoyed watching it but there wasn’t enough drama. There characters weren’t different in personalities except for minard and the frat boy. You mismatched characters as far as love goes. You had the Aussie guy fall back to his dying girlfriend and left the other girl hang changing directions. I would have watched season too but I need to be excited. This would hVe been better if you showed the “3rd world” aspect of the jungle instead of it being a paradise. There was not enough drama.

  10. dahl says

    i love love love this show. Its really broke my heart when i knew that no season 2 comes up. Please make season 2. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. sls says

    I loved this show when it was airing. Characters, story line, acting all terrific. Couldn’t wait for the 2nd season and am sorely disappointed there won’t be one. I’m a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, have been from the beginning. This one ranks right up there with them and could be my all time favorite. Think maybe it wasn’t advertised enough? The ads I saw didn’t give you a sense of the emotional attachment that could develop. Wish they would try again!

  12. Tayler M. says

    i just finished the first season of Off the Map on Netflix and i absolutly loved it!! I really hate there will not be a second season. Maybe that can change??:) I started watching the first few shows when it came out, but then dance practice started, BUT i love the show. I wish there was a season 2:(