Pan Am: ABC Denies Cancellation But…

Pan Am canceled?Today, actress Karine Vanasse sent out a tweet indicating that Pam Am had been cancelled and it had TV fans and pundits in a tizzy.

The actress wrote, “Well, we received THE call, #PanAm is only coming back for one more episode after Christmas. But up to the end, we’ll give it our all!” (A French-Canadian, she also tweeted it in French: “C’est confirme, un seul episode de plus en janvier pour #PanAm. J’espere que vous serez la jusqu’a la fin!”)

ABC reps were quick to respond by saying that the show has not been cancelled and is still under consideration for a second season. The cast and crew are continuing to produce the 13 episodes the network initially ordered as well as one more. A final decision won’t be made until May.

Vanasse later tweeted to say, “Sorry for the confusion #PanAm fans; we still have 5 new episodes to air until February!” You’ll note that Vanasse didn’t say that the show hasn’t been cancelled, merely that there are still a handful of unaired episodes remaining.

Though the network won’t admit it, and there’s certainly no benefit for them to do so, the early assumptions are on track.

The retro-drama is one of the lowest shows on the network and currently has a “D+” grade on this season’s report card. Realistically, Pan Am is not coming back for a second season and the network’s actions support that theory.

In releasing their mid-season schedule, we know that ABC has opted to take Pan Am off the air after February. That means that, if ABC wanted to renew it, they’d have to put a lot of money into relaunching the show, one that had been off the air for at least seven months. There’s simply no point in putting that much effort into a show that has been limping through its first season.

It seems likely that ABC ordered the extra episode so that producers will be able to wrap up the series in a satisfying way. Hopefully for fans that’s what they’re doing.

What do you think? Do you think that Pan Am is actually cancelled? Is there any hope for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. nikki says

    I really hope ABC chooses to continue Pan Am. I really enjoy this program and hate to see it canceled so soon. Maybe ABC could consider airing it in a different time slot or on a different night?

  2. Lea Guzman says

    Love, Love the show, I looked forward all week for it to come on. Please don’t cancel the series. It’s so much better then the other stuff on the TV. It’s in the same group of Tv as Mad Man. We want a 2nd Series

  3. says

    It’s every bit as realistic as Mad Men. If ABC drops it, my guess/hope is that one of the non-
    major networks picks it up. Right or wrong, the majors won’t be majors in the not too
    distant future unless they adopt the ways of the TNT’S, et al or merge with them.

  4. Peggy Dummer says

    Love the show! Please don’t leave us with nothing but mindless reality shows.
    There are still humans out there with a brain and we’d like to see more quality writing and quality acting with classy shows. This show definitely brings back the more glamourous times in our countryand is a great escape from the realities of today.

  5. Nancy E says

    I Love this show… i love the cast, the story lines and I hope that it doesn’t get canceled… There are only 3 TV shows I look forward to seeing and this is definitely my favorite show! I’ve even paid for the episodes on my iPod since I work when they are on TV, can’t say that about any other show.

  6. says

    I too was a Pan Am FA from 1972-1986. I loved the show and so did many people I spoke with about it. I thought it had great potential for wonderful storylines. There were so many characters flying in the 60’s and 70’s. I hope the powers that be at ABC will see the possibilities and put some good writers on it…
    Please add more accents and foreign places. It could use a great Swede, Japanese and Germain flight attendents. With the world issues today, it could be endless and so interesting. There are many people who would love to tune in to something so engaging.
    I’m sure of it…

  7. jan says

    as long as they wrap it up for us I am OK> None of this yanking it off in the middle of a story……….let’s hope the final episode wraps it up nicely.

  8. Nancy McGlauthlin says

    I really enjoy this show, so naturally, I figured it would get cancelled. Such a welcome change for tv’s usual fare. It has class and plenty of possibilities for unique storylines.
    If ABC will give it a decent chance, I believe it will find an audience

  9. Deana says

    I really enjoy watching the show! However, I do wish it was on an hour eariler. ABC needs to give the show a chance. Pan Am is different than a lot of shows on the air. I am tired of the stupid game shows, reality shows and 30 minute “family story” shows. Pan Am is fun. ABC, please give it a chance!

  10. BrownBear says

    This is a fun show, and nostalgic for those of us that actually flew on Pan-Am back in the day. The replication of the ’60’s era for the show is awesome, the main characters are reminiscent of what the Pan-Am stewardesses represented. They couldn’t have picked a more realistic, likeable, and beautiful stewardess staff. Please keep the show for a 2nd season, at least.

  11. Cat says

    I adore this show it is refreshing. I am sick of detective, medical and reality shows. This was a breath of fresh air. It could be taken in so many different directions. Endless possibilities.

  12. s. dragon says

    i hope you keep it going. i haven’t watched tv shows since k-ville.
    tv went to garbage years ago. there have been very few good series since the 80’s. this is one.

    please tell the actors they are doing a great job.

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