Parenthood: What Happened? Has the NBC TV Show Been Cancelled?

ParenthoodWe’ve received quite a few e-mails from readers who are been worried that Parenthood has been cancelled by NBC. Well, it hasn’t been canned and will actually be returning on January 4th. That’s the good news but fans shouldn’t get too complacent. The drama hasn’t been performing all that well and certainly isn’t assured of a third season.

Last May, Parenthood was one of those shows that was “on the bubble” but still ended up being renewed. Though season one premiered with a 3.1 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 8.1 million viewers, it soon after dropped to a 2.3 rating and 5.83 million viewers. The 13 episodes of season one ended up averaging a 2.6 in the demo and 6.38 million total viewers.

For season two, Parenthood debuted at about the same demo rating it had at the end of season one. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. In mid-November, shortly before it went on hiatus, Parenthood hit a series low of a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demo and 4.8 million viewers.

The first half of the season has averaged a 2.1 in the demo and 5.22 million. Parenthood is currently the seventh-highest rated scripted program on the network, falling in the middle of the list, just below The Event. While it’s not in immediate danger of being cancelled, the show’s certainly not safe either. Its fate will ultimately be decided by how well it performs when it returns from the six week hiatus. Most shows don’t typically fare very well and ratings drop after a hiatus. Will Parenthood be the exception?

What do you think? Will the ratings for Parenthood go up or down? Will it be cancelled or survive to see season three?

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  1. Mary Lou Frost says

    I absolutely LOVE Parenthood……I think it is a good show, showing family values (which you do not see on TV anymore) Also it is funny, along with good acting. I am pleased to see it is not going off the air, YET! Please, please, please pass the word along to whoever needs to see it that there are a lot of people in TV land that love a good clean family show!

  2. Eliz says

    Parenthood is absolutely one of the VERY BEST shows on TV. If NBC cancels it…..I will quit
    watching anything on NBC. PLEASE do NOT cancel Parenthood. If you think your ratings will increase….think again!!!!!!

  3. jeanne sanders says

    PARENTHOOD….WOW !..we just love the show…the best acting and story lines on any drama……PLEASE bring it back……..Jeanne Sanders

  4. Mary Demski says

    I love this show because it shows just how hard it is to be a family. Even when you are raised in the same house – family members can be so very different. Some times you don’t like your family members – but when push comes to shove you will always help them out. You can think someone in your family does something stupid – but don’t let anyone else say it. Being a family – is always an adventure. Old, young, new babies….it’s the blending that makes a family and makes this show so wonderful. I hope they keep good writing and stay true to their family character – if they do that I think they will be ok.

  5. Gloria says

    Parenthood is one of the shows that I try never to miss but if I must, then I record it for later viewing – usually when nothing but the mind-numbing reality shows are on. I absolutely HATE reality tv and can’t understand why networks continue to air such stupidity.

  6. Sandi says

    Is there anything the public can do to prevent this show being cancelled? Are there people we can write to, text to, email to? Please tell us what we can do to be sure this very great show continues.

  7. Anonymous says

    I hope that this show doesnt get “kicked off” there is so very few shows on TV that is close to real without it being reality tv (which by the way MOST GROWNUPS dont watch reality tv) Parenthood is one of the shows that my husband and I record. And yes, TV RATING CORPORATE there are people who watch TV that is over your age target groups, there is enough of the “other shows” to entertain the 18-49 group. Please do not get rid of this show! it is one of the best!

  8. says

    I am so sick of hearing this 18-49 group…what is the matter with the 50-100 group. We seem to be the ones watching tv and if it isn’t a reality show, (gag) or about teenage pregnancy, drugs or cops and robbers…it isn’t any good. Parenthood is a realistic family show!!! If it goes off the air, your network should be ashamed.

  9. Anonymous says

    Great show! One of my favorites. I really hope it does well. I was hoping this one would be around for awhile

    • Sandi says

      Parenthood is the very BEST show on TV!!!! How could you even consider not renewing it? Finally a show the whole family can watch and enjoy. Please, please, please don’t take it off the air!!

  10. Donna says

    I also love the show and don’t want to see it cancelled. I have DVR set to
    Record every time it airs. Have been worried that it ended mid-season. Had
    No idea that it would have a hiatus at that point in the story. Please bring it
    Back soon. Not sure if I can hold on till January.

  11. Mel says

    Please don’t cancel this one!! I love the fact that there are multiple story lines going at once and I can relate to almost all of them at any given time. This show is awesome!

  12. Rob h says

    Please please don’t cancel Parenthood! Or else I’ll be just as disappointed as when My So Called Life was cancelled. I can’t go through that again!

  13. Karen says

    Oh my gosh, please please do not cancel Parenthood. I only watch a few TV shows and Parenthood is my favorite. What can we do to save it or get the rating up? It has such a great cast and is a rare family show. It reminds me of “Life Goes On,” from years back another great show.

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