Passions: Watch the Last Episode and Say Goodbye to Harmony

Passions last episodeAfter surviving being cancelled by NBC back in January 2007, the campy soap opera Passions was picked up by DirecTV. The satellite TV provider hoped that fans would switch to their service or pay to see episodes online.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well as expected and DirecTV cancelled the series in December 2007. The final episode was filmed in March 2008. The sets were dismantled and many of the props were auctioned off on Saturday for charity.

How did Passions end? Did Gwen (Liza Huber) and Rebecca (Andrea Evans) finally get their just desserts? Will Theresa (Lindsay Hartley) and Ethan (Eric Martsolf) finally be together? Did Tabitha (Juliet Mills) find happiness?

While some devotees didn’t like the ending, it seems that most fans are satisfied by the series finale. What do you think? You can read a detailed synopsis here or, thanks to a devoted viewer, you can watch it here…


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Janelle says

    its sucks this moved to direct tv so therefore i wasn’t able to watch it after july that year. my family didn’t get direct tv til a few years later which blows

  2. i says

    the last episode they showed where I live was in september 2008. But, it wasnt the season finale.:( it was the episode where Gwen, Ethan and Theresa were at the same hotel or something and then thinking he was getting into Gwen’s bed, Ethan got into Theresa’s and she was sleeping, so she had no idea. Can anybody tell me what happened after that??

  3. nancy says

    passions the soap opera should have not died it should have stayed on i reall loved ethan and thersea i wish i had that kind of love for me i do want they’re kind of love i love that actor that played ethan he is really hot travis schults

  4. chuckie says

    Loved Passions but the writing go so bad towards the end. Its like the writers completely abandoned what was previously written and they rewrote almost all the characters and ended ongoing s/l’s horribly. Killing Grace off was horrible then Sam staying with Ivy after what she did WTF??? Kay suddenly becoming this good girl who Miguel and Fox fought for YEAH RIGHT! Miguel was obsessed with Charity then all of a sudden it’s “Charity who”? Its like when a new actor came to take over a role the writers took it as a way to rewrite the character altogether! Luis suddenly loving Fancy like he loved Sheridan YEAH RIGHT, and of course Gwen and Rebecca finally getting caught but look when it happened THE LAST EPISODE! It took literally all series for that s/l to finish, HORRIBLE writing!

  5. shanwie says

    I missed the very last epsiode of passions and it really upset me i had watched it since it first started and my directv was being installed durring the first showing and thought i could watch it later that day durring the 6’oclock spot like it did everyother day but it didn’t and i was and still am very upset about not seeing the end and just got the internet this is suppose to be the thing you can watch anything on and i guess not anymore cause i just tryed and all the last videos of the last episodes have been removed. If there is anyone out there who knows where to find it please let me know thanks

  6. says

    I absolutely loved passions and still do Gwen and Rebbecca should rot in hell for what they did Ethan and Theresa deserve to be together forever. Charity and Miguel to forever

  7. says

    I think that they should have kept passions on the air it was one of the best soap operas and i absolutely loved it. Theresa and Ethan should be together forever and Gwen that stupid ***** should rot in hell because of everything she did.Rebbecca to I hate her just as much. Miguel and Charity should have been together forever to not Kay and Miguel that was wrong.

  8. Trisha says

    I have been watching passions since it first aired on tv I was 9 years old at the time I stopped watching when it went to direct tv I am 19 now I love passions <3

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