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Reaper: Petition to Continue the CW TV Show

ReaperIt looks like Reaper is in trouble once again — and this time it’s even worse than before. In addition to mediocre ratings, the creators of the show have signed a contract with another studio and will be leaving the series.

If you’d like for the show to continue under the guidance of other showrunners and the series’ other writers, check out this page for ways that you can support the show and work to get it renewed for another season.

As part of that, consider signing the petition below. Pass the word on and encourage others to do the same. But don’t delay, it’s not like you have an eternity to get busy.

To: The CW network, ABC Studios, Fazekas-Butters Productions, and The Mark Gordon Company:

We, the undersigned, have greatly enjoyed watching the Reaper TV show on The CW network. It’s a very entertaining show that keeps us both laughing and on the edge of our seats at the same time. The show is nothing if not surprising. The acting is excellent and it is truly an original series and concept.

Though the ratings haven’t been as high as they have been in the past, Reaper is up against the most popular show on television, American Idol.

We encourage you to find a way to keep Reaper on the air for another season. We are devoted viewers who will continue to watch the program, encourage others to do the same, and will support the advertisers as well. Please keep Reaper on the air, either on The CW or on another channel.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Emma GoddardCountry: Uk2014-12-18 09:03:14
    Having watched reaper here in the uk, I can fully get behind the notion of a series 3! It is an amazingly funny show and greatly loved!
  • AnshuCountry: India2014-11-30 14:33:55
    I love Reaper... Please please get it back or atleast complete the 2 season... pleaseeeeeee... can't just put it off my telling us both sam and nina's soul r now possessed by the devil. that it really... And God done that to them.. not fair to stop it like that.. complete second season...
  • Szymon PierzeckiCountry: United Kingdom2014-11-27 16:19:29
    Reaper owns! Get season 3 going!
  • Tanja SeidelCountry: Germany2014-11-18 03:04:05
    Reaper is one of our favorite series on TV! Our Kids, 15,11 and 8 years old, love them!!! Please start season 3!!!! WE WANT REAPER BACK!!!!!
  • AnastasiyaCountry: Russia2014-11-14 07:35:59
    please, we want season 3
  • Nathan carterCountry: England2014-11-11 23:49:27
    I need season 3
  • DerekCountry: USA2014-11-09 12:03:40
    Awesome show and would love to see more episodes aired to atleast give it an ending
  • ACountry: France2014-10-10 19:17:01
    One of the funniest series, which helped me out smiling in a difficult period of my life... Please don't stop this!
  • VladCountry: russian2014-10-07 13:40:54
    !!!season 3!!!
  • TobiasCountry: UK2014-10-01 17:07:34
    Season 3!
  • T. TurnerCountry: England2014-09-23 16:10:21
    Just bring it back!!!
  • LizzieCountry: England2014-09-13 07:07:44
  • Emma morrisCountry: Dublin ireland2014-07-25 20:14:47
    Just on season 2 of the reaper it's very good don't want it to end ple bring it back
  • NerijusCountry: Lithuania2014-07-17 10:51:45
    Bring back Reaper, Please.
  • OrionCountry: United Kingdom2014-07-02 19:36:36
    Bring it back and give it a suitable ending as i feel that there is something missing from my life, like a jumbled puzzle, even chuck the tv series gave fitting ending as the show was also set to be cancelled in mid 2012, why cant the reaper series run for another 3-6months to air, which may not affect the networks quarterly as the show was cancelled there is now a more demand for it; meaning that the viewer ratings will sky rocket if the series do a shocking and surprising comeback as millions of people will be psyched and pumped up for it.
  • John DaleCountry: UK2014-06-19 12:33:10
    Bring it back please!
  • thomasCountry: United Kingdom2014-06-17 17:44:11
    bring back reaper its amazing
  • saman tavakoliCountry: United Kingdom2014-06-07 18:24:52
    Bring back the reaper tv show we need more seasons
  • LukeCountry: United Kingdon2014-05-13 07:24:45
    I would really like the series to continue, it seems that since it has been a long time since it stop this might not be possible but if for some reason it is I am fully behind it. Thanks for the amazing 2 seasons.
  • MariaCountry: Russia2014-05-08 10:12:38
    Bring back this serial, please! Russia is fall in love with Reaper!)
  • leeCountry: england2014-04-22 16:12:26
    Iv watch reaper season 1 and 2 three times now i love it everyone i know loves it so i dont understand why there ant a season 3 even to this day it haunts me i want to see sams soul back and sock is wicked please everybody sign this so they will have to bring it back
  • ElijahCountry: United States2014-04-21 19:23:48
    Reaper was awesome. It had ideas ahead of its time, and because of the American Idol hype it couldn't be fully appreciated. The world has come looking for shows like this. People love shows with supernatural elements. We need more comedies. Please, please, please work hard to bring it back. The actors are so talented. The writers were downright hilarious. We need full closure of Sam's life. I want to see him get Andi.
  • joelCountry: united states 2014-03-02 23:25:00
    We need a season 3!!!! It sucks how they left us hanging on its like you win $1,000,000 dollars and then they take it all away!!!!!
  • Kira DilsCountry: 2014-03-02 13:00:13
    Please, make the 3rd season!!! Super!!!
  • ZorroCountry: Italy2014-02-28 06:35:59
    Bring Reaper back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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