Reba: The Hart Family Says Goodbye, part 1

Time to say goodbye to the cast of Reba?Though Reba is the highest rated sitcom on the new CW, the network decided to only order 13 episodes of the sixth season. It was rumored for months that the sitcom was indeed going to be cancelled but it wasn’t confirmed until just weeks ago, on January 26th. Since the 13th episode was shot months prior, upset fans wondered if there would be any acknowledgment of the series ending. Well, we now know the answer.

On Sunday, February 18, 2007, the CW broadcast the last two episodes of Reba. Both episodes were directed by Will Mackenzie, who you may incidentally remember as Carol’s husband Larry on the classic The Bob Newhart Show The Reba series finale was the 125th episode of the series and was entitled “The Kids are Alright.” Here’s what happened.

The episode opens with Van (Steve Howey) and Cheyenne (Joanna Garcia) in their new house. Pregnant Cheyenne is unpacking while Van is trying to fix the wall heater. It’s not an easy task for him, especially because he’s using a butter knife instead of a screwdriver. In typical Van fashion, he broke the screwdriver trying to get the pliers out of the garbage disposal. Cheyenne cautions him about messing with electricity when Reba (Reba McEntire) arrives at the door. Cheyenne tells her husband that he needs to apologize to her mother for saying that she had become like Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman) with her constant visits.

The two apologize to Reba when she enters and Reba accepts, mostly. Reba wants to say hello to little Elizabeth but she’s at a friend’s house. When Reba leaves for the friend’s, Van jokes that that’s exactly what Barbara Jean would do and then he gets a shock from the heater. Reba is a bit pleased. After Reba leaves, Van starts up the heater and he and Cheyenne cuddle on the coach and enjoy the heat. Unbeknownst to them, the heater catches fire and the credits roll as they notice and try to put it out.

We next see Brock (Christopher Rich) entering Reba’s living room as she’s reading the paper. He is still trying to find a way to save his marriage with BJ. He’s made reservations to take her to the hot air balloon festival she’s always wanted to attend. Reba reminds him that he’s actually the one that’s always had the fascination with hot air balloons. BJ calls them “hot air puke baskets.” Brock is frustrated and is desperate to find a way to get back together with his wife. He says that spending so much time alone has made him realize how dull and empty the world is without her. “Right now, there’s a hole where my heart should be.” “Oh, gag,” replies Reba. Brock loves his wife deeply but admits he’d like it if things went back to the way they were before her news job.

Jake (Mitch Holleman) breaks in and tells them that Van and Cheyenne’s house is burning. The parents rush over and Van answers the door. He’s in a bit of shock and doesn’t really want to let them in. When they finally enter, we see half of the wall is scorched. Luckily everybody’s okay — Elizabeth’s still at a friend’s and Cheyenne’s upstairs, though pretty upset. Van’s upset too, especially as Brock and Reba realize who’s to blame for the fire. Van and Cheyenne soon get in a big fight and in a fit of anger, Cheyenne says that she never should have bought a house with him. Reba agrees to let them stay with her for a few days. Brock mutters that he hopes Reba has fire insurance, as the young couple go upstairs.

BJ rushes in and is relieved to hear that everyone is okay. After a signal from Reba, Brock starts to tell BJ how much she means to him. But, before he can get very far, BJ tells Brock and Reba that, as a result of her sky-rocketing popularity on the news (following her recent newscast break down), she’s been offered a great new job. And is moving to Arkansas! After that, she sees herself moving to New York and taking over the CBS Evening News. She wants to practice her interviewing skills so she goes upstairs to interview Van and Cheyenne.

Brock is stunned and upset by the announcement but tells Reba that he’s truly happy for BJ. Reba tells him to go tell his wife that, so that she knows that he’s changed. He refuses, saying that he’s caused enough damage already and just wants her to be happy — even if it means he won’t be. He leaves because he claims a bit of smoke has gotten in his eyes. Find out how it all ends in part two. TV Series Finale home page

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    “Reba”(2001-2007) was one of my favorite television shows! The Cw network should have kept it for a few more years, or atleast given them the opportunity to do a spin-off show with the characters of Van & Cheyenne! It was nice to see such a family friendly show on tv, this was a great show, and there are not too many good shows on today, that the whole family can watch! I hope that “Reba” can come back someday to do a reunion show, I know us fans would really love that! Of course I still watch “Reba” on dvd! I sure do miss you guys, the whole cast!

  3. 714 says

    I love this show. It is my favorite. Why did they have to cancel it. I watch it and I just crack up laughing

  4. kelly fuller says

    Please don’t cancel Reba! My daughters and I love the show. We hate reality television. Everyone is so mean and nasty. With so many blended families out there, this show is great to watch with the children.

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