Supernatural: Padalecki and Ackles Committed to Season Six, Will It Be Worth Watching?

SupernaturalJared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the stars of the CW’s Supernatural series, appeared at a convention over the weekend and made the attending fans very happy. The actors will soon be working on the fifth season of the show and they revealed that they’re committed to doing a sixth year as well.

Both actors have expressed interest in moving on and doing other things but, if the network wants a sixth year, the Winchester brothers are contractually obligated to be a part of it. At this stage, a sixth season is highly likely since Supernatural is one of the struggling CW network’s most successful series.

The actors were quick to point out however, that series creator Eric Kripke only has a five year contract. Kripke has maintained that he has a five year plan for the show and doesn’t have any interest in going beyond that.

Kripke recently said, “I certainly would be willing to make sure there are enough villains and heroes around to continue a new story line, and I would be around to answer a few questions — that’s it. I’m outta here. There’s no way I’m doing season six.”

Both Padalecki and Ackles have expressed their concern about continuing without their leader. The Coventry Telegraph quotes Padalecki as saying, “I was a huge fan of Lost — I’d never seen a drama series that I loved so much. But as I continued to watch it, it started to get complicated for the sake of being complicated. It could have been so complete, it could have just answered the questions that it asked as opposed to saying ‘let’s blow some stuff up and we’ll figure it out later’. I don’t want that to happen.”

Could Supernatural successfully continue without its creator? Would it still be worth watching?

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  1. Powerofthewrighter says

    Supernatural is one of the most twisting and turning shows. It keeps me on my seat all the time. I would love it if it came back for a sixth year. I am impressed on the other hand by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki actually saying they would agree to doing another year. Most main actors don’t agree to that when they think the story is ready to end. I mean, if in the finale of the fifth season they face Lucifer, that’s kind of big. However, I am curious as to how they plan to continue on another year. Sam and Dean have a strong bond even though Dean spends most of the time eating, flirting with girls, and making jokes towards Sam. I feel compelled to watch Dean and Sam’s weakest moments. When Dean confesses what hell was like, it was just…moving. And Sam confesses about being saved and last year, Dean got committed to helping Castiel. Which begs the question and final part of this…I would be happy if season six came up on board and even it would be nice if Jensen and Jared had to direct some episodes and produce the show a little more. Last thing, if season six continues, please, keep Misha Collins in it, because I am a huge fan of Castiel.

  2. Cindy says

    I have 5 grandchildren ages 7 to 15 and every single one of them love this show. (Who am I kidding?) I laugh uproarously at the ‘tongue in cheek” antics of Sam and Dean (Jenson is my fav) Winchester. Even though I wish both brothers the best in future endeavors, I hate to see this series end. When I took my eleven year old for a haircut, we took a picture of Dean so the stylist could duplicate the exact look. I already purchased seasons 1-3 ’cause my girls are crushing on the bros. Jenson and Jared could seriously sell any product to teens, tweens, and discerning grannies (they sold me on ‘Rock Band’ season 1). C’mon CW execs, give Kripke a reason to stay aboard.

  3. Marz says

    All, I can say is I love this show. If there are now plans for a 6th season, then I say give us a Big Screen Movie as a finale. I would like very much like to see the Winchester brothers on the movies screen since both actors have already done 2 separate horror movies, why not one together?

  4. Anne Stewart says

    I am a huge supernatural fan!!! I never miss an episode, but what makes the show so great is the collaborative effort of both actors and Eric Kripke… without one of them it’s like executing a recipe without one of the essential ingredients. The CW needs to work on convincing Eric Kripke to hang on for just one more season!!!! Then he can kill everyone if that’s what he’d like to do!!!! But if he honestly feels that there is just no story left after season five why leave all the fans with a bad taste in our mouths? I hate the idea of one of my favorite shows ending but if it has to I would rather it go out as awesome as it began!!!! It is THE best show on the CW!! It’s no wonder they are nervous!

  5. JensenLuver says

    Each yr Erick is surprised the show gets picked up. Why do a show if you cant think ahead. They should keep their opinions to themselves. If they sound undedicated so will the fans and the show will blow. Cant compare Supernatural to Lost……Lost was lost from the beginning. If Smallville can 9 yrs, I know SN can go alot further. Its sad. Great show great characters. Im very upset…..

  6. Kathy says

    I would watch season 6. I love this show and have been a loyal watcher since the
    beginning. It’s nice to have something on that’s this creative and different other than just reality shows.

  7. N says

    When Kripke first told us that Supernatural would end on the fifth season I was completely happy. I am a big fan of the show myself and would hate to see it drag on and on, having things thrown in every direction for the sake of ratings. That is not what makes a good show. A good show is when you have a beginning and an ending of a story. I would love to see the show end on a high note rather than throw away its good quality. Guaranteed that if Supernatural continued it would turn out to be like Lost. That is what Kripke fears and I don’t blame him. I think he should mainly focus his decision on the show rather than trying to please the fans.

    In conclusion, I just don’t want to see a good show go to waste… and Kripke knows what he is doing.

    He always did.

  8. Steve says

    My wife and I have loved this show from the very first episode. It is entirely focused on Dean and Sam, even though others have contributed and moved on, such as Bobby going to Harper”s Island (cancelled), and Bella doing Dexter, as well as other shows.

    I can understand them wanting to move ahead with their careers, however they would not be what they are today, without Supernatural. I would like for them to give it a sixth season, but only if the CW will invest in a very good replacement for the show creator Kripke. He has stated all along, he will only do five seasons, he must have other projects awaiting him. I believe they could salvage a sixth season with some strong leadership in Kripke’s replacement, Sam and Dean are both very talented. I would only hope they stay loyal and focused, since they are the core of Supernatural, and not just go through the motions in getting that final and last season (6) over with. They have plenty of time to expand their careers, they are young.

    We have enjoyed Supernatural very much. Glad it had a good run, unlike one of my other favorites “Moonlighting”, which never had the chance to develope completely, before being cancelled.

    My household will remain loyal fans regardless if it ends in season five, or six, and look forward seeing them.

  9. karen says

    I have to say i love the show and the lovely Dean as for a season six it would be nice to see the boys back to saving people and hunting things their at their best when the two of them are just kicking arss to be honest i can see why people dont want it because so many others have failed but their is some great writers and the two best actors to pull it off.

    so i say bring on season 6 and give us loyal fans some great fighting humour and sex sceans that we have all grown to love.

  10. Kim says

    As much as I love Supernatural, I hope that there won’t be a season 6. Especially if Eric Kripke isn’t going to be there. He’s written out a great 5 year story plan. Supernatural is one of the few shows that actually has a good storyline where everything makes sense (unlike programs like Lost). I don’t want it to be like Prison Break. Prison Break was great for the first season. But after the success they decided to create more seasons, and that ended up totally wrecking the entire series.

  11. galveston says

    I love Supernatural to death, but I fervently hope there will *not* be a sixth season. There’s just nowhere to go creatively after the defeat of Lucifer. The two leads are right about that, and I certainly can’t blame them for wanting to have a post Supernatural career. All that could be done is drawing out the Lucifer arc to another 22 episode season….and you can always tell if a story is being drawn out for the sake of being drawn out. It blunts the emotional impact; the creator can’t go full steam ahead and write the story he wants because he has to hold back. It *will* show on screen. It galls me that NOW the CW is wanting to lock them both in when it never gave a damn about the show before. If the CW is left twisting in the wind, too bad. It’s a doomed network anyway.

  12. Alex says

    That’s not even a question. I’m a Supernatural fan forever. However the CW needs to promote the show more. It seems more fixed on giving promos to crappy shows like Gossip Girl than to an awesome show like Supernatural. If they go on for a 6th season, then the 6th should be the last but they definitely need to find a way to keep Kripke. Both Jared and Jense were obligated to a 6 year contract from the beginning. That is not news.

  13. Jennifer says

    It all depends on if the writers are good and the actors still ‘want’ to do it. I will always watch just because I am a big fan, but I would hate to see the quality of my favorite show fall down the toilet, just so the CW can get ratings . . .

    Jensen is beautiful

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