The Beautiful Life: CW Cancels Mischa Barton Series after Two Episodes

The Beautiful LifeWell, that didn’t take long. The CW network has cancelled their new drama, The Beautiful Life, after just two airings.

Co-produced by Ashton Kutcher, The Beautiful Life revolves around a pair of teenagers who have just entered the cut throat world of high-fashion, secretive Raina Mayer (Sara Paxton) and farmboy Chris Andrews (Benjamin Hollingsworth). The series also stars Mischa Barton, Elle Macpherson, Ashley Madekwe, Nico Tortorella, and Corbin Bleu.

The series debuted last Wednesday to just 1.46 million viewers and a 0.7/2 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. That put the premiere in last place for the hour and also represented a loss of almost 50% of the audience from lead-in America’s Next Top Model.

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This week, the ratings for the second episode came in even lower. Beautiful Life drew only 1.09 million people and a terrible 0.5/1 in the targeted demographic. That represents a 60% loss of the lead-in audience. It was also beaten by a repeat of Magic’s Biggest Secrets Revealed on My Network TV.

To little surprise, the CW network has decided to cut their losses and cancel the drama. They’ve pulled it from the schedule effective immediately and production was shut down earlier today. According to THR, the cast and crew were in the midst of filming the seventh episode. The drama is the latest in a line series that have been paired with Top Model and failed.

For the immediate future, the network will try to generate more interest in struggling freshman series Melrose Place by airing repeats in Beautiful Life’s timeslot.

What do you think? Should the show have been cancelled? Is the series not worth watching or did the network miss an opportunity to make it work?

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  1. Dean says

    i think is retarded to replace that show with Melrose Place since that show sucks. This could of been a great show if they had given it a chance instead of just being interested in the money.

  2. Anonymous says

    Seriously, who cancels a show after 2 episodes?!?!
    thats just not even trying, like they said before me you dont even get a chance to reccomend it to someone.
    As for me I TVO everything so I can watch a good amount of shows at once
    but not everyone has the liberty to do that!
    so why dont you change the day to monday when absolutely NOTHING is on!
    move one tree hill its been there forever ovbiously theres a reason it was brought back after it was suppose to be off the air!

  3. Lindsay says

    I definitely think they should NOT have cancelled the show..i really liked it and it definitely had potential..they could have put it at a different time..over a million viewers is still a lot and just to cut it like that and not even let it run for the season…STUPID!

  4. Anonymous says

    this show was amazing..i watched both episodes and was exciting to see what happens next..they shouldn’t have given up so quickly…

  5. YOU'RE IDIOTS!!! says

    CW really is full of idiots, the show was great !!! It’s just that you put it on the same time as alot of other really good shows. I guess ya’ll were tryna do the whole model thing on wednesday but that soo deosn’t work I mean HELLO criminal minds did start back up. You should have put it on on a monday before gossip girl that would have been a hot combo or even tuesday, nothing really comes on that night. Ya’ll really have to get smarter with the time slots especially since you have a whole bunch of new shows and your competing with other shows thats been on the air for years.

  6. David says

    Any show paired with ANTM needs to understand who comprises their core audience (teen girls and gay men). TBL didn’t show enough man candy early on to keep th1s audience. To look at the commercials promoting the show it was all about Hollingsworth undressing…yet all we saw were bitchy people being bitchy….WHY!!!!

  7. Lo says

    seriuosly the acting sucked, the characters weren’t believable.
    The whole top model meets gossip girl thing wasn’t working. Horrible show. I’m glad it’s off. Melrose place should have gone first.

  8. that's not fair says

    I did not even get a chance to watch it! when I went online to see the episodes it was already gone… so sad… really wanted to watch this, and beside some shows grow to be liked, it is not immediate addition for every show!!!

  9. heather says

    I can’t believe they cancelled the show. It was waaaayyyy better than that stupid recycled show “Melrose Place”. It is so stupid to cancel good shows and even worse to replace the time slot with reruns of a stupid show. Two episodes is not a good enough chance to properly gauge. Give the show a chance. Ashton has great shows. Stupid CW…ever heard of a little show from Ashton called “Punked”? Big mistake CW!

  10. emily says

    please bring it back what can we do to get them to bring it back the guy was sooo hot..and its better than melrose place is it possible they can put it online for us to watch please i really wanna watch it!

  11. MckenzieRae says

    Ok! This show Was like the best show ever it was so interesting the first episode pulled me in and then the second made me hooked on the show ans i couldn’t wait till next Wednesday.
    And then i found out that it got canceled it was very disappointing. And i was soooooooooo beyond mad.And i was so happy cause there are not that many shows that target ONLY the age group 13-19, but this show did.
    So i think that the C.W. made a HUGE mistake when they canceled the show.
    The Need to bring it back. Like TODAY

  12. LANA says

    I am really sad the show was cancelled. I would prefer watching this one than Gossip Girls( which is becoming less interesting every season).

  13. Strawberry says

    I loved the show! sighs I wondered why it didnt air and then i suspected it was cancelled but wow! smt neway such is life….

  14. Brianna says

    I really liked The Beautiful Life and was really interested into getting into a new series to watch. I loved the O.C. which Mischa Barton starred in and wanted to see her on tv again!! I wondered why I couldn’t see when it was coming on again and found this website and the people are dumb that just cancelled it!! Melrose Place does suck!!

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