The Closer: Final Seventh Season Extended, Spin-off Coming

The CloserIt looks like The Closer is going to last a little bit longer. Last year it was announced that the most successful drama on cable was ending after seven seasons, per the request of star Kyra Sedgwick. Season seven was to be made up of 15 installments that would air over the summer. Last week, we reported that there were rumblings about finding a way to keep the show going.

Now, TNT has ordered six additional episodes of the series which will pave the way for a spin-off with others from the Closer cast. According to EW, 10 episodes of The Closer will air over the summer. Another five will air next winter and then six more will run next summer. Those last six installments will serve as a farewell to Sedgwick’s Brenda Leigh Johnson and possibly set up another character as the focus for a spin-off.

Right now, its looking like the new show will be called Major Crimes. It’ll likely focus on the behind-the-scenes deal-making that keeps some of the most dangerous criminals off death row. EW reports that these kinds of deals will play a big role in the final episodes and will end up being the reason for Brenda leaving.

What do you think? Are you glad there will be more episodes of The Closer? Do you like the sounds of the spin-off?

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  1. diana kesler says

    please dont stop the closer. it is the only show my husband and i enjoy. if we cant watch it we always tivo it. i dont want to see it end

  2. Anonymous says

    I Just want Brenda, I love her character and will miss her, I hate how the show will be ending but Im hoping she will guest star on some on the spin offs episodes.

  3. says

    goodbye to kyra but why get rid of the rest of the gang. most shows are much better as a group, but 1 swell headed star usually screws up everything for the whole cast

  4. Sandy says

    I will check out the new show if the rest of the cast are on it. And will miss this show it was a great show. And how come Kyre wants off the show. Its not like she is in alot of movies or something.

  5. says

    I love the Closer! Made a point of watching every show (now watching a lot of reruns)! It will not be same w/o Kyra–she is a great actress. I also like her husband Kevin Bacon. Admire them both for holding a marriage together for so long in Hollywood. That is practially unheard of these days. The fact that they raised their 2 children together into adulthood is wonderful. When their daughter played Charlie on the Closer I told my husband they picked an actress that looked a lot like Kyra (did not know then it was their daughter). Thanks Kyra & all the cast for giving us a great drama that is also funny! You seem to truly like each other. Good luck in your upcoming endevors!

  6. Phyllis says

    LOVE The Closer and hate to see it go, but it will be great to have a new show with most of the same characters if they can keep the chemistry going. I will certainly watch!!!!

  7. Warren O says

    I will miss this show. I don’t normally like cop shows but this one is different. Great cast, Great writing. I would like to see a LT’s Flynn and Prevenza spin off. It could even be a comedy and it would still be great.

  8. Anonymous says

    What a great show, Kyra Sedgwick is a inspiring actress. I am sad to see her go, however maybe she needs a break for now. She will truely be missed. Best wishes to the cast and crew.

  9. says

    I am sad to see the show The Closer, come to a close. I am an avid watcher. I like all the characters on the show. I have watched, since the beginning season. I understand some times these shows end. WE go on and find another. I also know, this will one, I will watch reruns of for many years. Thank You for all the good times.

  10. marjorie says

    It’s not often we are be priviliged to see a cast of characters that work so damn well together!
    This show is one of my all time favorites, right up there with, MASH, NCIS, and Gunsmoke. Somehow these writers get what it takes to make a TV show work it’s way into the audience’s mind so that we can’t bear to miss one episode!!!

  11. Anonymoun says

    If the cast is tired of doing the show well, that’s one thing. I got into the show, probably last year and I can’t get enough. I’m trying to get all the episodes on my DVR, but I’m still missing a few. Please keep running them! The cast is superb, yes, I too find myself laughing out loud. The show is great. Much better then the junk we get on the other networks. Brenda Lee, you have to ease up on Fritz, he’s a great catch, but sometimes you’re not real nice to him. KEEP THE SHOW, I’T THE BEST!

  12. Susan says

    I have loved this show and all people on the show. They r a great team. I just hope we don’t. Lose Kyra Sedgwick or any of the team. It would just not be the same.

  13. Penny says

    I’m so glad The Closer is staying! The acting is superb. I have grown attached to everyone on the show. I love the humour and also the sensitivity shown on this show. I find myself laughing out loud sometimes. There aren’t many shows worth watching on TV, but this show is definitely a keeper. Anyway we can get Kyra Sedgwick to stay? The show won’t be the same without her.

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