The Greg Behrendt Show: Syndicated Self-Help Cancelled

Greg Behrendt of The Greg Behrendt ShowThird time’s a charm — though not for Greg Behrendt. In the third syndication cancellation in as many weeks, the Tribune group has cancelled freshman The Greg Behrendt Show.

The “self-help” talk show debuted in syndication on September 12, 2006 and was hosted by stand-up comedian and best-selling author Greg Behrendt. Each episode featured Behrendt attempting to change their lives in some way — from cheating boyfriends to lifestyle makeovers. (You can hear one guest’s experience via The Hollywood Podcast.)

The Sony Pictures Television-produced show was cancelled, like most, due to low viewership. In its four months, the “self-help” talk show attracted an average of only 880,000 households (0.8 rating) in daytime. It was tied with the similarly challenged The Megan Mullally Show that will go off the air at the end of this month.

The Behrendt cancellation may also be due to soft sales at the recent syndication show in Vegas as well as Tribune’s desire to sign up for the new The Steve Wilkos Show from NBC Universal. The Wilkos show will offer a different brand of “help” — more along the lines of the Jerry Springer variety. Wilkos was actually a security guard and sometimes replacement for Springer on The Jerry Springer Show for ten years.

The staff of The Greg Behrendt Show was reportedly told of the decision yesterday and production is expected to continue for the immediate future. A mix of original and rerun episodes will likely air until at least May. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Headhunter says

    Amazing. That this guy even HAS a career. A kind-of-funny-but-not-so-funny standup, who has somehow been able to turn a catchphrase (that he didn’t even create, by the way,,) into a career.

    The fact that he even HAD a talk show (brief as it was) is testament to the horrific state of our pool of available talent, and the fact that anyone who can hold a microphone seems to be getting their own show these days…..

  2. Ajamarie says

    Greg looks at people for who they are! You are a myopic ( look it up hillbilly), racist and scum. You are the reason why this world is messed up.


  3. Ajamarie says

    Grace-You sweetie, poor babe are a hater. Haters get no where. I know Greg personally and he is a good and spiritual man. Yes his wife is beautiful and yes he is happy. To accuse him of expoiting his girls is a projection of your own sickness. Be happy for others and you too will have some light in your life. Greg has had his own struggles which I know of very well. I miss his show and am glad to know him!!!

  4. elizabeth says

    so sad this show is no longer on!!!!! episode 53 was the one where the father and son get reunited! the father left the son when he was only 5!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN WATCH THIS EPISODE??? that was my husband and father n law!!!

  5. Grace says

    I just came across this site, wanting to find out why Greg’s show was cancelled.
    Don’t these hosts understand that we viewers don’t want to hear about their beautiful wives (He showed a picture of his wife on the show, and then said “who wouldn’t want her”. He kept showing off his daughter in different segments.
    He talked about hoew faithful he was, and what a great marriage he has.

    That was his big mistake. We viewers don’t care how many times you were married,
    and whether he lives his life as a happy camper. The show should not be about you, or your family. Viewers who had no families would resent your bragging. And families belong in the backround. It was sickening how you exploited you daughter.

    I hate guys who can’t talk about anything but their wife and kids. Shut up already!!!!!!

  6. Your Mother says

    It was cancelled because stupid people like Diane who only have two teeth in her mouth and is sleeping with her sister’s boyfriend only watch shows like Jerry Springer repeats thinking it is an educational show.

  7. Diane says

    I liked this show a lot. we all know it was cancelled because he had too many black people and interracial couples as guests.

  8. Lee says

    Im so disappointed that this show has been cancelled! I loved this show! Plus, I didnt get to see the final episodes!!!

  9. dedalyne says

    I miss that show sooooooo much the only part that was dumb was the uncomfortable phone call part.
    He had Great advice and I think he just didnt get enough support

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