The LA Complex: Season Two Coming to CW

season two of LA Complex on CWIf you’re part of the small but devoted audience that’s been watching The LA Complex on The CW, there’s some good news for you. It appears that there are more episodes on the way.

If you haven’t seen it, The LA Complex revolves around a diverse group of performers who are trying to make it in Hollywood while living in the same apartment complex. The ensemble cast includes Andra Fuller, Benjamin Charles Watson, Cassie Steele, Chelan Simmons, Ennis Esmer, Jewel Staite, Joe Dinicol, and Jonathan Patrick Moore.

The TV series is produced by Bell Media’s MuchMusic in Canada and The CW licensed the six episodes of season one to air here in the states. They started airing in January in Canada and began running here in the states late last month.

Though The CW’s ratings have ended up being quite poor, the show’s apparently a success north of the border. Another 13 episodes were ordered on March 22nd, a month before the US premiere.

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Based on The CW’s low ratings, and the fact that the network hasn’t indicated any plans to put LA Complex on their summer schedule, it looked unlikely that US viewers would be seeing the additional episodes. Now, it appears that The CW will be airing them this summer.

Stephen Stohn, the executive producer of LA Complex and Degrassi, has confirmed that they will indeed air in the US. He says that the current plan is to run them this summer, simultaneously in both Canada and the US. A start date is expected soon.

Fuller posted the news to his Facebook page, writing, “Season 2 of THE L.A. COMPLEX starts airing in JULY!!! 13 new episodes will air on MUCH MUSIC (in Canada) and on THE CW (in the U.S.) SIMULTANEOUSLY!!! So despite the recent rumors, the show HAS NOT been cancelled by the CW”

There’s been some conflicting information about whether the 13 new episodes are a continuation of season one or a second season. We may have to wait and see what The CW calls them when the network announces the summer kick-off date, likely before next week’s six-episode finale.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to watching season two? Do you think it will be renewed for a third season on CW?

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  1. nicole says

    leave the la complex a lone,its a great show….. i cant wait till its back on cw, the season finale was awsome.

  2. don says

    The LA complex is kickass, Ringer is alright, vampire diaries is kickass, 90210 was kickass but with the new producers from life unexpected it’s going down hill a bit, life unexpected totally sucked as does gossip girl, the secret circle and all the other cw shows especially hart of dixie and all the new shows suck except la complex. they should cancel all the shows that suck not the good ones

  3. sarah says

    So excited! The first site i googled said it was done airing forever in the us. Im glad they will continue it in summer..this show is wayyyy better than gossip girl, 90210,wayyy better than the melrose reboot! Heres for hoping it makes season 3!

  4. says


  5. says

    I LOVE #TheLAComplex and all of its characters !!! Such an awesome show ! Really upset that it was only 6 episodes in Season one and I think it should’ve been at least 20 in Season two but its okay I will live ! I cant wait to see everyone’s trial and triumph ! This show teaches you alot about what people go through to try and make it in Hollywood !

  6. Anonymous says

    LA Complex is actually bette then TSC…the actors can actually act…its a fun watch..TSC is just dreadful…..

  7. jessica says

    The only question was IF The CW would show the 2nd season. The show premiered in January and that same day The CW picked it up for eventual broadcast in the US. Then some weeks AFTER the season finale in Canada (but well BEFORE the US broadcast) a 2nd season was ordered. The show is NOT that popular in Canada; even for being on a Canadian cable channel its viewership is dismally tiny. Think low 5-digits for total viewers.

    As for what to call it, it is an import for The CW so what they call it isn’t necessarily what it is. Kind of like how CBS had no problem with cutting Flashpoint up into different seasons such that the CA and US dvd releases are not interchangeable without having some duplications or/and omissions of episodes. They call it what they want and don’t care what it is considered by whom it comes from. If one were to go to the website for Ontario Media Development Corporation, which tracks film and television productions in Ontario, one would see that it is season 2. Ditto if you go to the website for the Directors Guild Of Canada. Will MuchMusic retroactively reverse their declaration of ep 6 being the season finale? So far they haven’t. But MuchMusic’s parent company does have this thing for catering to the interests of the US broadcasters of their original series.

    Canadian tv budgets are generally much smaller than those of American shows. That The CW picked up season 1 likely meant there was plenty of money for the making of a 2nd season. I would guess that if Ringer or The Secret Circle cost $1 that The CW paid about 12 cents for The L.A. Complex. It is much easier to get a positive return on such an investment even with a smaller audience. All of the US shows that are imported to Canada are done on the same principle but that doesn’t really get reported in the US media so you might never think of it.

  8. Kat says

    Yay! Like I said, it’s better summer TV than reality shows… glad The CW saw the sense in having a scripted show (that someone else has to pay to make, lol, and they can just pick up once it’s been made) on during the summer.

  9. Tarik says

    I am so glad that the show is coming back. I’m in the U.S. and I love the show. Just watch episode 5 on my CW app on my iPhone and I can’t get enough. I know have something to look forward before my second year of college begins. I, however, do not believe it will continue pass the episode extensions or season 2. I’m gonna have to download them off of iTunes when it continues in Canada. Keep it going.

  10. JC says


    The CW only has to pay a small licensing fee to Bell Media to air The LA Complex in the US. But they have to pay a huge production fee to keep the Secret Circle on the air. Handfuls of change vs. piles of cash.

    Whether it’s Season 2 or a continuation of Season 1 is really just semantics. Who cares what you call it?

  11. Jayce says

    I knew it’d be renewed. It was just a matter of time. Just glad we have confirmation now!

    So glad I have a show to look forward to for the summer!

  12. Kate says

    wtf……….SO WRONG!!! cw cancelled ringer!! but…they renewed the ****** la complex???? SO WRONG. WRONG.

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