Touch: Is the FOX Series Worth Watching?

Touch TV showTonight, 24’s Kiefer Sutherland returns to FOX in Touch, a new dramatic series from Heroes’ Tim Kring. This evening’s pilot serves as a special preview as the show won’t be a regular part of the network’s schedule until March.

Sutherland plays Martin Bohm. He was a highly successful reporter who’s been toiling in a series of smaller jobs since the death of his wife on 9/11. He’s now a baggage handler who isn’t able to connect with his seemingly-autistic son Jake (David Mazouz), who doesn’t like human contact. A stranger (Danny Glover) tells the frustrated father that there is a pattern to everything and a connection between all of us. If we can figure out the correct formulas, it may be possible to foretell the future.

Is Touch worth watching? Here’s what the critics are saying:

LA Times: “It is, without question, handsomely made, and Sutherland, who managed to keep Jack Bauer something akin to likable through eight seasons of 24, is appealing and should grow more so if the scripts let him relax a little; he is an overwound mainspring when we meet.”

NY Magazine: “Some of the regrettable subplots and incidental details don’t exactly push against typecasting. I really don’t know why Kring and company thought it was necessary to drag 9/11 into their story by making the boy’s mother a casualty of the World Trade Center attack… These, alas, are but a few of the show’s misjudgments; a far bigger problem, from an audience-interest standpoint, is the way Kring and the writing staff lard the story with way, way, way too many personal tragedies and amazing twists of fate, to the point that, to misquote Rick in Casablanca, the world’s problems are reduced to a hill of beans.”

SF Chronicle: “Yes, to a large extent Touch is pretty much like CBS’ Numb3rs with more schmaltz. But it bears a more intriguing similarity to another current CBS show, Person of Interest. That series’ gimmick is a supersecret machine that crunches data to predict when seemingly random individuals will be involved in violence, as either victims or perpetrators… It’s a little tougher when the ‘machine’ is a little kid, and it gets more challenging when we’re asked to follow links to other characters around the world like one of those serpentine dotted lines in a Family Circus panel.”

Chicago Sun Times: “Like Heroes, Touch also makes a great first impression. It can be a tad hokey at times, and the word ‘farfetched’ is bound to show up in more than one review. But overall, the first episode delivers a suspenseful ride around the world, peppered with some tear-jerking moments. The bar has been set high. Here’s hoping “Touch” continues to reach it.”

Hollywood Reporter: “Each week, Kring said, there will be a new stand-alone story involving Martin and Jake (and presumably Clea) that spirals out into the world and affects others elsewhere. And while the pilot was compelling — emotional, mature and hopeful — not every week can end with a ‘social benefit,’ Kring noted… Given that reassurance, viewers should try to connect with Touch. There’s something intriguing about it. Let’s see where in the world it ends up.”

What do you think? Will you tune in to see Touch? If you’ve already watched it, will you come back for more?

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  1. MK says

    If every week will e “Crash” on TV, I don’t see it lasting long term. Loved the casting though – LOST’s Man In Black on the good side of numbers for once LOL

  2. Lisa says

    All I can say is, when that Father saw his little girl on the big screen , I cried like a baby. When Martin (Kiefer) listened to the message from the firefighter, whom he had just been in a fight with, on his answering machine, my mouth dropped to the floor. All I can say is……….brilliant! Thank you for giving us a show that truly “touches” the human spirit!

  3. ThatBob says

    If it becomes only a touchy-feely Person of Interest I think I’ll lose interest. Like Heroes, it has an intriguing start, but if it falls apart like Heroes did near the end of the first season (and there’s a lot of potential for that) it’ll never go anywhere worthwhile.

  4. DTDoyle says

    Am I the only one who watched this show and said “WTF”? I’ll give it another try next week but they need to at least TRY to explain a few things.

  5. Debby Modis says

    I just loved this show. As previously stated I laughed and I cried. I also connected with Martin the father in trying to get help for his son as my granddaughter has emotional problems in trying to get people to “understand” her emotional problems and the problems her parents have with “the system.” I do hope this program continues for a long, long time.

  6. Why says

    Best new show of the year, perhaps last two or three. Original, intriguing, captivating. The only problem is the next episode isn’t until March.

  7. Bethany says

    WOW, some heavy posts on this one. I for one LOVED the show. The Autism awareness that it will bring is an added perk. However, they stated clearly that Autism was not a proper diagnosis for what the boy has. His father always knew it was just the best label they could slap on him. I think this show has the makings to be a long running hit, as long as they don’t continuously change the way the show flows to make it “better”. I laughed, I cried (And I don’t cry over nothing), and I know that I will never miss an episode of this program EVER.

    My son has some problems that were misdiagnosed (they have tried so hard to label him autistic, but he never scores high enough on the spectrum) for years. He had problems understanding basic human behavior for years. He is now older, and doing so much better. He was never anywhere near this deep in his problems, but I absolutely loved and could feel for the father fighting the system to give his child what he could feel he needed in a world that is all about a quick fix. And even better, the CPS worker who also picked up on this boy’s special abilities. I can’t wait to see how that little twist plays out for them.

    As far as this being only (a series of at the very least) movie(s), I think that would be a mistake. If it is the only way to keep this show running, then so be it. However, this show (think Quantum Leap) has the potential to not only be entertaining, but to inspire us every week. I love how there is more than one thread running through the episode (The phone, and the 9/11 stories) And the whole idea that there was someone out there who caught on to the phenomenon years ago, so the father finaly gets at least a few answers about how to connect with his son. So cool, and not overdone. BRILLIANT!

  8. DeeDee says

    Best show I’ve watched in a long time. My 11 year old daughter also loved it as well. I can’t wait for the series to start in March.

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