Trauma: NBC TV Show Cancelled (for the Second Time); No Season Two

Trauma cancelledTo no surprise whatsoever, NBC has cancelled their Monday night medical TV show, Trauma — for real this time.

Trauma revolves around a group of brave first responder paramedics in San Francisco. The high-action series is populated by an ensemble cast that includes Derek Luke, Cliff Curtis, Anastasia Griffith, Kevin Rankin, Aimee Garcia, Billy Lush, Jamey Sheridan, and Taylor Kinney.

The NBC series got off to a poor start last fall with just a 2.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.68 million viewers. The ratings fell from there and the show was essentially cancelled when the network decided not to order additional episodes beyond the initial baker’s dozen.

Then, in large part because the show was still in production and NBC needed additional original programming, the network ordered an additional seven episodes. Viewership continued to fall and NBC cut back their additional order to five installments. The last one aired on April 26th.

Though NBC has a lot of slots to fill on the 2010-11 schedule, Trauma’s ratings were just too low to pay for a second season. It’s been cancelled after 18 episodes.

Though devoted fans may mourn the series’ demise, a consolation might be that they got five more episodes than the ratings realistically warranted.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Trauma won’t be back next season? Any thoughts on how you would have wrapped up the series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    nbc or whoever is stupid you cant cancel a show that everybody loved they obviously didnt do enough promoting the show or whatever they did promote they didnt use the good parts of the show trauma next to house is the best tv series ever aired in the history of telivision some rich producer should bring it back if they played there cards rite i bet they would make tons of money and the show would go for ten seasons no problem cause everybody loves it

  2. Hope says

    I really wish they wouldn’t cancel it cause I have the 1st season of trauma and I love the show it’s really good I think the reason it didn’t do so good cause they didn’t ever advertise it that much so they need to rethink what there doing!!!’

  3. Dits says

    NBC shouldn’t have cancelled this show, seriously. I know it’s not 100% accurate but it’s definitely entertaining. Trauma should have another season!

    • snowheb says

      I purchased the DVD and I was completel mesmerized by the show. Every episode had my attention and I didn’t want to even pause it for a second. I just searched the internet to see if there was a second season and of course like all of the GREAT and ENTERTAINING shows, it was cancelled. Very dissapointing to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sally says

    I, too, really liked this show and am upset NBC cancelled it. Hopefully. a cable station will pick it up. I’ve gotten to the point I try not to get involved in any shows on NBC. They always cancel them. Look what they did to Friday Night Lights, Soutland, etc.

  5. Ky, PCA -ERT says

    To the most recent paramedic comment of Sept. 26th… I too work in the health care field as a ER and OB tech and I too also get first hand experiences with traumatic events. I can understand your frustration towards the inaccurate portrayal of our professional field. The one thing you have to understand is it is TV. TV will always be inaccurate, not up to snuff and there will always be discretion. That is what makes it interesting and funny. Though I do have to admit that I fear for the public when individuals try to take our jobs into their own hands, clearly not certified because of shows like this, but it is called a drama for a reason. We all know majority of cases do not ever happen how they happen on TV and occasionally we do get the actual reality biters, but the show Trauma and any other show for that matter has not caused any profession to be frowned upon. If anything, you should feel important that a show was made in honor of your medical profession. It may give inaccurate heed to what we really have to go through but it does show the importance of a job like this and also how important it is to the public. All in all it actually exclaims profound respect to.

  6. Paramedic says

    I am a paramedic and I found this show to be absolutely insulting to my profession. I could go on an hour long rant about the ridiculous and unrealistic behavior of the paramedics. While I realize some medics use their ambulance inappropriately, I can assure you that myself and my colleagues do not. The treatment that was shown is not accurate and would not happen in the field. Thanks to Trauma for making my profession look bad; we don’t get the respect we deserve as it is.

  7. Matthew says

    im am pi off this was a great show and cancelling it was bad idle they will lose a lot of viewers i fill if they was to make it better put more action and drama in it my opinion
    is bring it back on the air other then that i will not watch any other shows on the network

  8. Monique says

    I loved the show, it was good and always interesting. I am sad to see that it’s gone. I wish another network would pick it up, like cable.

  9. Michelle says

    Extremely disappointed this show is ended! It is a great show with gripping story lines and better than average acting/characters. I wonder if NBC didn’t do it’s part in advertising or maybe it was just the wrong network. Who owns the show? Could the get another network to pick it up. I hate when I get into a show and then they cancel it. Bummer.

  10. pyrotech2958 says

    as a firefighter I’m not easily entertained by fictional drama related to EMS, furthermore I caught myself excited for this show even if I found a few errors such as when they used an NPA on a patient with head trauma, it was very entertaining and will miss this show very much, NBC needs a great EMS show like Trauma and Third Watch.

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