Tyler Perry’s House of Payne: Paying Homage to Sherman Hemsley

Sherman Hemsley on House of Payne

Tonight’s episode marks the end of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. With episode 254, House of Payne surpasses The Jeffersons as the longest-running sitcom that’s centered around an African-American cast — by one episode.

Tyler Perry is well aware of the contributions of The Jeffersons to television history and invited Sherman Hemsley and Marla Gibbs to recreate their iconic roles on House of Payne. The duo appeared in last year’s “Curtis Jefferson” episode in which Curtis Payne dreams he’s a part of his favorite sitcom.

When Hemsley died a couple weeks ago, Perry assembled a tribute video of behind-the-scenes footage.

He wrote, “Sherman Hemsley’s last acting job was on an episode of House of Payne where he reprised his George Jefferson character. He and Marla Gibbs were on the show and they were saying how they were the only two original living cast members from The Jeffersons. Sherman brought joy to millions, and I want to thank him for all the laughter he brought to our house. I celebrate your life, my friend. May you rest in peace.”

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Have you seen the House of Payne episode? Hemsley reprised his role as George Jefferson on several occasions. How many can you think of?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Louise says

    My research shows if the House of Payne & Meet the Browns FANS will write the TV affililate stations, advertisement sponsors applauding the shows and buy the products that are advertised during the shows, it sends a strong message that FANS support the show. So let’s step up and DO OUR PART. Tyler Perry and HIS STAFF have done their part by providing quality shows for us and helping our families deal with real life issues. COME ON EVERYONE …let’s send a support petition for the return of HOP and MTB shows. If there’s anything else that can be done to bring the shows back…..pls let the FANS know…we are heartsick over the cancellation.

  2. Strickland says

    We all desire a better ending after such a journey. I feel betrayed as a fan as I did with the Jefferson’s ending. Tyler, please try to make right.

  3. Ceepia says

    I couldn’t believe TBS chose to drop House of Payne. I get it about the ratings. I just don’t accept that this original program does not pull in substantial ratings to keep it on the air. Like many cable stations TBS airs reruns. Not counting reality programs, original programs are few on TV in general. Among other things, this show introduced us to new artists. Some were very good. We also saw the faces of several seasoned actors who had all but disappeared. A myriad of subject matter was covered. The combination of comedy and seriousness was well balanced. I wasn’t crazy about the way it ended with Curtis returning to work and Meranda deciding to leave Calvin. How many of us who lost jobs due to downsizing, acquisitions and mergers have been called back? That wasn’t realistic. The marriage ending was real. Calvin being a mama’s boy certainly fueled Meranda’s departure. That’s real! I’m going to miss House of Payne even though I’ll be watching the reruns. While working I missed a lot of it. When Malik went off to college I was looking forward to that and whatever else Tyler and his writers had for the show. I really didn’t see the end coming. Nothng against For Better or Worse. I watch that too but surely TBS, you don’t think it will replace HOP. No way!!

  4. Doc says

    Why are you ending House of Payne? This was your best show. Get those young, Black, Christians back on the air and put that marriage and Calvin’s mind back together. Be a role model and stop following the money. You have made enough off of your people.

  5. Adrianne says

    I hated to see the show end. I looked forward to watching every week. With so much reality tv that has no substance, and lack of quality, I looked forward to enjoying the humor and serious subject matter combined that this show projected. I definitely didn’t like the way it ended, and will be waiting to see what comes next. Although I do watch For Better or Worse, the show lacks quality and does not measure up against House of Payne.

  6. Lydia says

    Come on Tyler Perry, i know you can do ONE more final episode and make it right! no one wants to see it end like this. redeem yourself and do one more hour long episode and make all your fans happy, or you may be losing them. who’s with me people?

  7. Lydia says

    I am so so sad that this show is ending!! i have been watching it for five years now and think it was such a good show for families! You can’t find any good family shows that bring God into it anymore. I was so thankful this show existed just for that fact. I can’t believe how it ended.!! people deal with dissapointments, hurts and sadness everyday in real life and look to shows as an escape and expect a happy ending!! Too many times in real life we don’t get a happy ending PLEASE give one on our show!!! I think we loyal fans of the show should DEMAND a new final episode that will leave us all with good memories as we remember this series

  8. edward carter says

    I really have enjoyed this show and cannot believe it is ending with such a cliffhanger.. The House of Payne is by far the best tv serious out of the three sitcoms Tyler Perry got going..I would love to see more of this show!!!!

  9. karen says

    The way the show ended was just stupid! I mean Calvin struggled the whole way to find peace and love and to become his own person and they ended the show by taking everything away from him??? I have loved this show from day one and i was gonna give Tyler’s new show a chance but the way he ended my favorite show on tv i am now not going to he wasn’t fair to us loyal fans i don’t think!!!

    • Mike says

      why not end it on a positive note with Calvin and Miranda instead of like this? The struggles of marriage continue, but at least leave the viewers (especially young black couples and viewers) with a feeling of hope.

  10. babyboy says

    My family and I are very sad and don’t think that the show should end like this. Maybe it would be better taken if we had a reason as to why. The show ended almost just like it started. Mr. Payne and his wife/ CJ and his wife are happy and Calvin is back to having no one and Mr. Payne is back with the fire station. I hate to think if it is all the money that T.P is making or just what?? What ever the reason maybe I must said that my family and I have really been blessed and I thank God that it lasted as long as it did.

  11. Elizabeth Oliver says

    please dont stop the show my family and i love and witch the house of Payne every day and on Friday i will hate to see it end. your shows are great please bring them back

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