2007 Cancelled Shows: FOX Cancels Plenty of Series

Drive stalledThough the FOX network has fewer primetime hours to fill than other networks (15 vs. 22 hours), they’ve certainly burned through their share of TV series. Here are the ones that won’t be back for the 2007-08 season:

Drive – The Nathan Fillion series was pulled after four episodes. The remaining two will air on July 4th. Unfortunately, the road race won’t be completed.

Happy Hour – Fox aired three episodes in September and one episode in November before pulling it. FOX has said that 13 episodes have been completed and may be released on DVD at some point.

Justice – The courtroom drama was pulled and returned to primetime several times in 2006. Of the 13 episodes produced, 12 have aired in the United States. It won’t be coming back.

The Loop – The sitcom was given a 13-episode second season order but it was then reduced. The return was also delayed until June 10, 2007. It won’t return for a third season.

The O.C. – The network cancelled the drama series back in early January and the last episode was completed on February 2nd. The series finale aired on February 22, 2007.

The Rich List – This game show was cancelled after just one episode. The single episode aired on November 2, 2006 and was cancelled along with Happy Hour.

The Winner losesStandoff – The drama is expected to return on June 8th after a six month hiatus. There are eight unaired episodes from the first season. There won’t be a second year.

Vanished – Fox pulled their mystery serial drama after nine episodes. It was supposed to return but they opted to bring back Justice instead. The remaining four episodes were released online but few viewers felt satisfied with the storyline’s rushed resolution.

The War at Home – The family sitcom ended its two year run on April 22, 2007 after 44 episodes. There won’t be a third season.

The Wedding Bells – The David E. Kelly series was pulled after five episodes. Production was shut down after the seventh was completed. The two remaining episodes aren’t expected to air.

The Winner – Six episodes of the sitcom were produced and all aired to low ratings. The series won’t be returning.

Returning series include: 24 (renewed for two seasons), American Dad, American Idol, America’s Most Wanted, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, Bones, Cops, Family Guy, House, King of the Hill, MADtv, Prison Break, The Simpsons, Talkshow with Spike Feresten, and ‘Til Death.

Though Nanny 911 and Trading Spouses are not included on the Fall or midseason schedules, FOX has included them on their list of returning shows. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Rick says

    Hopefully some other network will pick up shows like Standoff and Justice. Fox’s problem is when they get a good show with good ratings they start moving them around to different days and time slots until they get bad rating which causes them to be cancelled. An old saying I grew up with is “if it isn’t broke,don’t fix it”. Fox should take heed!!!!!

  2. Beth says

    YEAH!!!!! KING OF THE HILL is NOT CANCELLED!!! Spent many a sad night watching re-runs and mourning the loss of Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer. One of the best shows on TV!!!!!!!

  3. jamie says

    Did anyone else notice that some of the spark has been gone from Standoff during the last two episodes, and they weren’t running a preview for the next show during the credits? I was glad I had my DVR set, because I would have missed the episodes due to lack of advertising. Lame.

    To be honest, FOX seems to make a lot of mistakes like this, shows that aren’t so great seem to run forever, and the ones that take a while to build a fanbase are dumped. I doubt that a lot of people even knew about Standoff, I personally begged people to watch it because I love Ron so much….

    In the end, FOX sucks the big one, all of the shows mentioned on the cancellation list were a whole lot better than watching some has-been dance, watching some screwed up family get the help it “desperately” needs (because americans can’t parent without guidance from the tv) or watching some long drawn out series about an innocent guy who was falsely imprisoned (or whatever because i never could quite get into that plot.) america seems to want stupid tv, easy mindless brain candy. and fox is more than happy to acommodate that (the oc….jesus….)

  4. Anonymous says

    What the hell is wrong with FOX? They cancelled my two favorite shows, Standoff and the War at Home, but kept Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. That is the stupidest most pathetic excuse for a show i have ever seen. There is something wrong with the people at FOX. House is a great show too, so i’m sure it will be the next to go.

  5. Tabatha says

    I can’t believe Drive was canceled. I don’t watch much t.v. I am so tired of all the Simpsons reruns.the shows were not that good the first time. Family guy is anything but a faimly guy.It’s so stupied I don’t like to watch it.Smarter than a fifth grader was o.k. once or twice.The list of bad Fox shows goes on and on.They finally put on a show I like and they cancel it. They didn’t even give it a chance.So depressing.Well back to reading for me.Tabatha

  6. Phil says

    “I don’t get FOX’s logic. They go and cancel GOOD, SMART shows like Drive, The Winner and The Wedding Bells and yet shows with no thought put into them like Prison Break get renewed?”

    It’s quite obvious that you’ve never watched Prison Break.

  7. Tru-it says

    I was really getting into Standoff it was a very smart show. It had great actors, actresses and great plots. There were really building the storyline, this show coul’ve really had a good run like Prison Break or even 24. Its a shame to see a good show go to waste especially when the viewers were really getting into. Same goes with Tru Calling. I was so getting into that show. The plot was getting better and better and they even added Jason Priestley as a main character which made it more exciting to watch. Then out of nowhere FOX decides to cancel it. COME ON FOX STOP TEASING YOUR VIEWERS. You dont have that many great shows and the ones that are any good you cancel them before they can develop a strong fan base. YOU GOT TO START GETTING IT RIGHT AND LISTEN TO YOUR VIEWERS!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    I love Are You smarter Than A Fifth Grader.Glad idol is coming back.Family Guy should get cancelled.I loved the Rich List.Cancel american dad also.The simpsons should be gone by next year.

  9. Alberto says

    The Winner was that one show that I could see myself watching and I had even begun realting myself to Glenn and Josh. Pity they cancelled it. For me this show was one of my very few outlets but now…

  10. Daisy says

    Fox has proved over and over that it cannot be trusted. Standoff is one of the few shows on tv that actually had potential to turn into a hit. So many of the shows FOX has “saved” are so stupid that it insults your intelligence to even see the commercials. Now with the overdone “reality” shows and the on-slot of “new” dramas the network doesn’t care about the shows that could have actually save it from it’s dismal ratings. I for one will only be watching BOnes this fall on Fox. Why get hooked on another new show when the network will only jerk it around and then pull the plug. The actors on Standoff deserved much better treatment than they got, the only fortunate thing is that now their contracts are over so hopefully they will all be recognized by someone else for the talent they all posess.

  11. Karen says

    Why would Fox cancel The Winner? It is actually one of the funniest shows since Arrested Development and Fox cancelled that as well

    TV sucks these days cause the networks they go cancel crazy to shows that don’t deserve it and keep all the crappy shows on air.

    Fox Sucks!

  12. says

    I F***ING HATE FOX!!!!!!
    burn in hell, FOX.
    you put Family Guy through a living hell with canceling and uncanceling it. We’re sick of it. Family Guy has sold more DVD’s than the SIMPSONS!!! Are you that STUPID???

  13. bly says

    Fox cancelled Standoff?!? My housemates and I were just getting into it…I guess you just have to look at Fox News to get an idea of their mentality and general intelligence. Which is unfortunate, because they seem to START intelligent, provocative shows…and then get scared. Given the wimping out of House this season, I expect it’ll go next year, too. Darn Fox. Hopefully Booth’s stubbornly patriotic character will save Bones from the can, too.

  14. missy says

    why has war at home been cancelled! great comedy..tons of laughs..i enjoyed watchingit every sunday..bring it back!!!!!!

  15. glms says

    I’m very disappointed that The War at Home has been cancelled. Fox has a pattern of doing this, though — moving a show around to different days/timeslots, never letting anyone know when the show’s airing, and then cancelling it due to low ratings. Look not only at The War at Home, but The Ben Stiller Show, Futurama, Family Guy (a miracle that it came back), A Minute with Stan Hooper, and the biggest injustice – Arrested Development. If it wasn’t for The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy, and American Dad, I’d stop watching Fox all together.

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