As the World Turns: P&G Still Committed to Finding New Home

As the World TurnsAs we reported a couple weeks ago, CBS’ venerable As the World Turns has been cancelled by the network after over 50 years on the air. The soap opera is set to leave the airwaves sometime in September 2010.

As you may know, TeleNext Media is the production arm of Proctor & Gamble that produces the show. They have pledged to find a new home for ATWT to keep it going. Of course, they pledged the same thing when Guiding Light was cancelled but nothing came of the efforts and the show went off the air in September.

TeleNext’s senior VP and managing director, Brian T. Cahill, tells EW that the company is completely committed to keeping ATWT going but fans can’t expect to hear anything official until the deal is done.

He said, “In order to keep productive conversations moving forward, we will not disclose details of our discussions. We know our loyal fans are eager for information, and we will make an announcement as soon as we have something to share.”

TV show supportThere have been some rumors that Lifetime is interested in picking up the soap but a representative for the cable channel has denied this.

What do you think? Would you watch ATWT if it moved to a cable channel? How about a pay-per-view channel or fee-based online access?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. KimmieB says

    I would watch As The World Turns on any channel tell me when and where. I have been a very loyal fan for many years and was very sad to hear it was being canceled. However I am not going to pay for it on Pay per view.

  2. says

    I havw watched as the world turns all of my television life. It is the only day time soap I have watched for 20 years. I will miss Jacl anf Carlie very much. I do not watch channel 6 anymore. Please bring it back.

  3. Steph Granville says

    yes dont give up on as the world turns and dont fail work hard to put it back on air and try prime time. I have watched it since 1993 and hate to see it end. Please bring it back.

  4. carol says

    I would watch it on any channel I love as the world turns. I don’t understand how it got cancelled it one of the best soaps on TV. I love all the people and the story lines Iam really glad the baby was dusty’s . Jack and carly are back together.There are so many good storys that could come the the last show. I wish you all the best.

  5. Susie says

    This show started the year I was born, and my mother would watch ATWT when I was toddler while se iron my little cotton dresse and need less to say I watch it to the very end 54 years later. Try to find it a new home It really needs to continue.

  6. Hildy Meissner says

    I have been watching As The World Turns for 54 years and watched the last episode today…….I was so sad and it was like loosing a dear friend and a part of my life..I will be grieving over its cancellation……..

    • Rosemarie says

      I agree with your remarks. It was definetly like losing a close and dear friend and I too will be grieving over the cancellation!

  7. tracy says

    I was so sad to see this go off the air it was what got me motivated to get up and do house work before time for ATWT i never missed it. i hope that they find another channe;l to air it on i will for sure not miss it then either

  8. susan says

    i love as the world turns and was also a big fan of guiding light. i hope the continue on another channel. i sure will be watching!

  9. Jennifer Eader says

    Absolutely would watch, but please make sure its carried on DIRECT TV channel! Lots of people no longer have cable due to its high prices, but yet have Direct Tv or Dishnetwork. So please take that into consideration! And please get the word out if this does happen!!!

  10. erica paiva says

    i think cbs shouldnt cancel as the world turns its been on 4 sooo long and people all over the world will miss it soo bad i love this show i love the story lines and the people that play them i think that cbs should keep it on the air im goi ng to be really sad if it goes off the air if it stays on i think that reid olver should come back i know u killed him off becouse it was going off but luke can hit his head and all of this can be like a really bad dream so PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THE SHOW

  11. june touma says

    Can you please explain to the CEO of CBS how important having the soap operas are for so many Americans.
    I have considered CBS as part of my extended family for many years. This crusade to cancel our daily soaps one by
    One and replacing it with another talk show is more than lame, it is insane. The CEO cares little for the viewers because
    His wife’s gains line his pocket. Where are the investors and shareholders for CBS. Are they blind in allowing this to happen.
    Sure the ratings will show some marginal increase with the new show because it is new. These viewers will gradually drop off
    Over time once the new wears off. The diehard soap watchers are a solid audience with generations of viewers to prove it.
    In the end, CBS will be making a terrible mistake in trying to change a mainstream. The soaps provide so very much to so many
    I visit nursing homes and trust me the shut ins have so little other than their soaps daily. Another good point is that most people
    Truly dislike reruns. Thank the Lord above, I have never seen a soap that was a rerun. These shows serve as a “constant” in our
    Daily life and to me having a broadcasting company with constant values and soaps to help so many then I ask why cancel a part
    Of our heritage.


    June E. Touma

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