Blossom: Don’t Miss the Cast Reunion… on ‘Til Death?

Blossom reunionAfter four seasons on the air, it was recently announced that FOX had cancelled ‘Til Death. The sitcom had been doing poorly in the ratings for some time but was kept alive via a deal that allowed Sony to accrue enough episodes for syndication. The cast of ‘Til Death has included Brad Garrett, Joely Fisher, Timm Sharp, Kate Micucci, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Kat Foster, and J. B. Smoove.

On the positive side, before the sitcom signs off on June 20th, sitcom fans will be treated to a Blossom reunion. Members of the cast of the 1990s NBC sitcom will be playing themselves on this Sunday’s episode — Mayim Bialik, Michael Stoyanov, and Jenna Von Oy. Unfortunately, Joey Lawrence and Ted Wass couldn’t make it.

In the episode called “Baby Steps,” Joy (Fisher) goes overboard planning for the baby shower of her daughter Ally (Micucci) and becomes obsessed with baby gifts. Mr. White (guest star Martin Mull) has difficulty giving Ally and Doug (Sharp) their shower gift.

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Meanwhile, Doug, who’s long been convinced that he’s living inside a sitcom has been treated by a fictional version of Mayim Bialik. In an attempt to make a breakthrough, Dr. Bialik invites her Blossom castmates to participate in the therapy session.

Having the Blossom reunion on the FOX sitcom’s actually not a big stretch considering ‘Til Death executive producer Don Reo also created Blossom. This special episode of ‘Til Death airs on Sunday, May 9th, at 7pm on FOX.

If that’s not enough, on May 24th, Bialik will be stopping by CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. She’ll play a potential love interest for Sheldon (Jim Parsons).

What do you think? Is the Blossom reunion enough to get you to tune in to watch ‘Til Death or will you just wait to see Bialik on Big Bang?

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  1. HB says

    With each passing season this show got worst and worst, to the point where its became completely unwatchable. I agree with BJ, this show has undergone so many changes too that it became downright tedious to watch. It showed some potential those first two seasons, but they clearly did not deserve a third or fourth season — I don’t care what deal was made!

  2. BJ says

    ‘Til Death is the worst show in television history and Brad Garret should be ashamed. it was horrible from day one and went downhill from there. What a mess of production, direction, storyline, everything!
    He leaves a 10 yr sitcom with a child named Ali. – So what’s his kid’s name on new show? Ali! an anorexic Ali, then 10 dif girls play Ali, then an ugly unfunny weird BF shows up. The dumb principle who hated Brad.. WTF was that? Not funny, totally dumb. Then Joy, geeshe.. she should have been the straight character to his lamo character.

    it is sad people got paid to produce this piece of crap and put it on air. The numerous changes of storylines, neighbors, friends, what a disgarceful mess this was.

    they should have called me, a nobody, i coulda made them a winner and produced it!

  3. says

    Nah, I love this show especially since it’s gone “out the window” with all the I-Dont-Care writing. Fourth wall? Gone. Animation? Gone. Cheese around every corner? Gone. Old call-backs that crack you up? Yup, gone too. It’s covered every stinking base on the planet with a “ha ha, we’re canceled anyway” attitude and I for one laughed all the way through this season.

  4. thegrimmling says

    I HATE ’til Death with a passion. This is about the only show I even kept up on the news that I hated. I hated this thing since they got rid of the woodcocks.

  5. Anna says

    Omg are you serious “rhino”, I’m a huge fan of “Blossom” and of “Til Death”. I’m so happy Blossom is going to have a reunion. Sucks that Joey and Ted couldn’t make it. Hopefully there can be another reunion with the whole cast. I just can’t wait to see this episode tomorrow, I will not miss it. Thank you TV SERIES for the update.

  6. rhino says

    I’m Sorry but this is the worst show to have a “Blossom” Reunion on, I bet no Blossom fans will be watching it becuase Til Death ranks like 149th out of 150th in ratings each week,

    P.S. That Doug living in a sitcom thing is horrible writing and just completely idiotic and overused.

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