Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Will You Be Watching?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV show on FOXAndre Braugher’s last TV show, Last Resort, was a ratings disappointment and was cancelled by ABC. Will he have any better luck with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the new FOX sitcom? A big hit or quickly cancelled? Is it worth watching?

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is an oustanding detective so, as a result, he’s always been given a lot of leeway. That all changes when the precinct gets a new, by-the-book captain (Braugher). The show also features the talents of Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews, Stephanie Beatriz, Chelsea Peretti, and Joe Lo Truglio.

Does this sound like a good show? Well, before you answer, here’s what a few critics have to say:

Boston Globe: “Braugher anchors Samberg’s performance, and indeed he anchors the whole show. He slides from his expert deadpan to poignancy and back again almost invisibly — it’s a marvelous trick… I look forward to seeing where he takes his character. And I look forward to seeing whether Brooklyn Nine-Nine stays good. Fox sent out only one episode for review, so I can’t be sure if the show will continue to be as effortless, amusing, and buoyant and if it is in fact the fall season’s best new network comedy.”

THR: “Clearly the relationship between Samberg’s non-stop joking and Braugher’s unflinching seriousness will be central to the show. But Brooklyn Nine-Nine works because it has a diverse cast of characters each with their own set of quirks (few pilots come this polished in that viewers will know what each character is like without having to wait; Goor and Schur achieve that without having to dumb the down or make them ludicrously loud like, say, CBS’ The Millers). That’s proof that the writing is solid and the characters are well-drawn.”

TIME:Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s pilot feels as if the show as already been on for weeks, and I mean that in the best possible way. It knows its characters, their voices, and the dynamics between them. As in co-creator Michael Schur’s Parks and Recreation (which started weaker) you have the sense that you could pair any two characters in the ensemble and get a distinctive, funny storyline. The pilot isn’t the most hilarious I’ve ever seen, but it’s funny enough, it’s appealing, and the show knows itself, which is much more important in the long run.”

NY Daily News: “Just the facts, Ma’am: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the funniest and most satisfying new broadcast sitcom of the season… Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t come out of the box perfect, and to accomplish its goal it’s probably going to have to make some victims and perps a little cartoonish. No matter. This is a team we can root for.”

LA Times: “Samberg is, in fact, a little irritating — not every actor is a [Bill] Murray, a [Eddie] Murphy or even a [Chevy] Chase — but when he’s not required to be smart-alecky and self-satisfied, he can be nearly as attractive as he’s meant to be. And he’s not alone here. It’s an ensemble piece, smartly staffed and most unusually featuring Andre Braugher as the new button-down station-house chief. Not often seen in sitcoms — “not ever” might be accurate — Braugher plays his part straight without actually being a straight man and grounds the wackiness.”

NY Times: “It should continue to score well in likability, though. Mr. Braugher shows that deadpan humor is a solid component of his formidable arsenal, and Mr. Samberg is charming and nicely self-effacing. In the supporting cast of cops, Joe Lo Truglio and Stephanie Beatriz stand out as the well-meaning klutz and the scary-tough cookie. Like Parks and Recreation or even Barney Miller, Brooklyn Nine-Nine could — just possibly — grow into something greater than the sum of its quirks.”

What do you think? Do you plan on watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX? If you’ve already watched it, will you watch again? Would you recommend it?

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  1. Shaun Bowler says

    It is a shame that the dumbing down of people who watch TV just do not get good story, good characters, and the ability of the writers to allow a show to “mature.”
    (That are you DB’s at Fox Corporate)
    I think Brooklyn 99 is the best “Sit Com” I have ever seen on Fox.
    I read about 4-5 books a month on every subject under the Sun.
    I do not consider TV a form of media that I prefer. However, when a jewel comes around like Brooklyn 99 with who I consider one of the most underrated actors ever, playing an incredible part, I just want to see more.
    Let this “project” mature.
    I am sure the results will provide the Corporate DB’s wrong…
    As well as provide the discerning TV viewer a smart, insightful, reason to consider watching other Fox Products.

  2. Stephanie says

    Criminal Minds is in a totally different category from this show. Not sure you can compare apples to oranges. I thought the show so far was decent. Looking forward to seeing more. Loved Andre Braugher on House.

    • says

      I understand, but part of my response was do to what I was replying to. But on the other hand he could pull of a character on the show as he was a hard line but honorable cop on Homicide and you would have to be to do that kind of work on Criminal Minds.

  3. Pip says

    I thought it had promise. The ensemble cast worked well together and they have a rapport. The main detective was a little too juvenile, but that was the point and we will see him grow.

  4. says

    I didn’t get a chance to see it but sorry to hear a negative review. I have been a fan of Andre Braugher since his “Homicide” days, and I wish he could find another show that clicks for him. Maybe he should transfer over to Criminal Minds!

  5. skizzatt says

    I watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine tonight. Not sure if I will watch again. It was pretty stupid. Wish I had watched Criminal Minds instead.

    • Donna says

      I watched this too and not sure if I will watch it again. I found it very stupid and I love Andre Braugher but I thought this was beneath him. Anyways, all the new seasons of my favorite shows start next week and can only record 2 on Dish DVR so may not be able to watch this again.

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