Fantasy Island: Eddie Murphy to Star in Film Remake

The original Fantasy IslandHollywood is planning yet another big screen adaptation of a TV favorite. If you’re a fan of the old Fantasy Island series, you might think this one sounds more like a nightmare than a fantasy come true.

The original Fantasy Island starred Ricardo Montalban as the mysterious Mr. Roarke and Herve Villechaize as his diminutive assistant Tattoo. Each episode consisted of guests arriving on the island and, after a warm welcome, would live out their personal fantasies — usually with unexpected results. Like sister-series The Love Boat, the 1978-84 show’s guest list was a cavalcade of classic movie and contemporary TV stars. The series was revived in 1998 with Malcolm McDowell in the lead role.

Eddie Murphy has now been attached to star in a big screen adaptation of Fantasy Island for Columbia Pictures. The movie will be a family-oriented comedy and won’t have a big cast. As seems to have become the norm in his movies, Murphy will play multiple roles. He’ll be playing Mr. Roarke as well many other roles.

No director has been chosen as yet but Jay Scherick and David Ronn, the writers of the recent Norbit comedy, are writing the script. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Lily Acain says

    I think it would be a great remake. With Antonio Bandera’s as Mr.Roarke,and Danny Woodburn as “Tattoo”,would make a more sense,as well as Atonio Bandera,has that suave and handsome demeaner as Ricardo Montalban. Danny Woodburn, seen in a multitude if Films,would really add a lot more comedic diversity,and add more to the show. If this movie were to be remade. I can see it.

  2. Ana Cláudia Marques says

    Nothing against Eddie Murphy, but I think it won’t be the same. I didn’t even like the latest version with Malcolm ‘Clockwork Orange’…

  3. Matt says

    The original show had such great creepy moments, which were really the best part. This “family comedy” promises to be campy crap.

  4. Massachusetts Girl says

    This has been “in the works” for so long that I’m hoping it remains no more than a rumor. Judging from past remakes of good old shows, it’s almost guaranteed they will destroy the premise. “Fantasy Island”, the original, is my all-time favorite show, and if a mob of enraged fans does tear him to bits, as Marth Vader suggested, I’ll be one of ’em. Why can they just release the rest of “FI” on DVD instead? Three years since Season 1 and nothing more in sight! (sigh)

  5. Marth Vader says

    Gee, that’s such a logical actor progression.

    Ricardo Montalban –> Malcolm McDowell –> /Eddie Murphy/

    It’s bad enough that Murphy continues to be allowed to act in original (and I’m using that word lightly) movies, but a remake of something that people are actually familiar with?? I sort of hope a mob of enraged FI fans tear him to pieces or something.

    If he’d just quit acting forever after Dreamgirls, he could have been remembered in a semi-positive light. Nope.

  6. Vancouver Guy says

    Why must they always ruin a classic? A comedy? Stupid idea! They almost made a comedy of Six Million Dollar Man with Jim Carey. Glad that never happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mike P says

    Wow! What a horrible idea. I can just see it now. Edie Murphy sitting around a big table farting in 12 different costumes.

  8. paul young says

    I hope the scipt is better than the most recent movie disasters.

    I love the old show and I am not sure how you can spin this show, unless you do something around how fantasy island was created.

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