FOX 2011-12 Ratings Report Card

FOX TV show ratingsHow are your favorite FOX TV shows doing this season? Which ones are hits and which ones are in danger of being cancelled? You might be surprised. By looking at the chart below, you’ll be to see their current season ranking, ratings averages to date, and their grade in the all-important 18-49 demographic.

There’s lots of information that the networks take into consideration when deciding whether to cancel or renew a TV series but the ratings are the main ingredient. (Wonder if your favorite’s already been renewed or cancelled? Visit our FOX 2011-12 show page.

These charts incorporate final ratings data through Friday, June 1, 2012.

FOX TV shows
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
1New Girl (renewed)A3.2 (3.23)6.52ratings
2Family Guy (renewed)A-3.1 (3.05)5.98ratings
3Glee (renewed)A-3.0 (3.02)7.31ratings
4The Simpsons (renewed)B+2.9 (2.86)6.15ratings
5Napoleon Dynamite (cancelled)B2.6 (2.60)5.31ratings
6House (ended)B-2.5 (2.52)7.14ratings
7Terra Nova (cancelled)B-2.5 (2.49)7.52ratings
8Bones (renewed)C+2.4 (2.39)8.07ratings
9American Dad (renewed)C+2.3 (2.28)4.68ratings
10Touch (renewed)C+2.2 (2.23)7.55ratings
11Alcatraz (cancelled)C2.2 (2.18)6.74ratings
12Raising Hope (renewed)C2.2 (2.16)4.83ratings
13Allen Gregory (cancelled)C-2.0 (1.97)4.16ratings
14Bob's Burgers (renewed)C-1.9 (1.87)3.87ratings
15I Hate My Teenage Daughter (cancelled)D+1.8 (1.84)4.75ratings
16The Cleveland Show (renewed)D+1.8 (1.78)3.78ratings
17The Finder (cancelled)C-*1.7 (1.69)5.45ratings
18Breaking In (cancelled)D-1.4 (1.44)3.01ratings
19Fringe (renewed)D-*1.1 (1.12)3.07ratings
FOX TV shows
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
1American Idol (Weds.) (renewed)A++5.3 (5.34)17.66ratings
2American Idol (Thurs.) (renewed)A++4.8 (4.77)16.59ratings
3The X Factor (Weds.) (renewed)A+3.7 (3.71)10.85ratings
4The X Factor (Thurs.) (renewed)A+3.5 (3.52)11.06ratings
5Mobbed (returning)C2.0 (1.96)5.49ratings
6Kitchen Nightmares (renewed)C*1.5 (1.48)3.58ratings
7Cops (renewed)D+*1.3 (1.28)3.76ratings
8Q'Viva! The Chosen (cancelled)F*0.6 (0.57)1.80ratings
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Here’s the Summer 2012 report card.

Original ratings data ┬ęThe Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

A couple of notes about these charts:
The averages included in these charts are based on the final numbers, not the fast affiliate ratings that are typically reported the morning after. The final numbers become available about a day after the broadcasts or, in the case of Fridays, weekends, and holidays, several days later. The charts are updated as the new data is made available.

Keep in mind that the demo numbers are what’s most important to advertisers and therefore, that’s how the networks measure success. Agree with it or not, advertisers pay more for ad time on a show that has a higher demo rating versus one with a lot more overall viewers.

Demo numbers are reported by Nielsen using the 10ths decimal place (2.4, for example). We used to round the averages to the tenth place as well but that ultimately ends up making it harder for our readers to track any upward or downward movement week-to-week. It can also be a little misleading since a show with a 2.35 average and a show with a 2.44 average will both round to a 2.4 rating.

So in this chart, we’re including the demo average rounded to the 10th (2.4) as well as the 100th place (2.41) in parenthesis so you can get a better idea of how the number’s been affected by the latest episode’s demo rating.

The letter grades are relative and are based on the individual network’s demo performance. All of the networks have very different gauges for success right now. (A successful show for The CW would get quickly cancelled on CBS.) Our system for coming up with letter grades isn’t perfect but it should still give you an idea of where the different shows stand. The closer a show is to the bottom of the list, the more chance it has of getting cancelled.

*The grades for TV series that run on Friday and Saturday nights are weighted a little differently, to compensate for airing on little-watched nights.

What do you think? Are surprised at who’s doing the best and who’s doing terribly? Are any of your favorite shows in danger of being cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Alana says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the amazing dance show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!!!!
    Amazing judges/dance professionals, and incredibly gifted dancers. I could watch
    this show all week.

  2. Kevin says

    Damn Straight Mike…I love the Finder. They didn’t give it a chance. Fox moves it’s shows all over so you can find them when they are on.

  3. Kevin says

    I stopped watching anything Fox related. I loved The Finder and they canceled it and did not care about the fans. So i don’t care about there advertizing dollar. American Idol is finished..when the winner of Idol comes out and says he doesn’t have the best voice..its basically over. I wish there was a away to save the Finder or have USA pick it up. I see you don’t do ratings block for the USA Network. I think they are the best network ,when giving shows time to find there viewers.

  4. shirley Kilpatrick says

    Don’t know how you get your report cart –but I think it was a big mistake cancelling Harry’s Law–also moving it around–for my vote there are too many reality shows–the only one I watch is Dancing With the Stars

  5. Roxanne says

    We need to save The Finder…It is the best part of my Friday night and I am very upset that FOX thinks this is the way to go with this show. The way is is written and the cast all have come together to make a hit, so I guess FOX is going to toss this one down the toilet and and tell us viewers “oh well”, well I am dam tired of finding a show that I love to see more of and a network telling me that I won’t be able to watch it anymore..well SCREW FOX

  6. Mike says

    If you’re looking for logic and reason you won’t find it here. They can say all they want about ratings and viewers but if that were true then why renew a consistently lower rated Fringe over a new and developing Finder. As for cheaper the shows components are already in place so renewing would at least be comparable to if not less than replacing. As I am also one who watches the shows I want to watch on the internet I think it would behoove the networks to develop a new rating system that would more accurately judge a shows popularity. Ratings don’t always mean popularity. This kind of thinking is the same as those who wanted to cancel Star Trek after one season but they brought it back and look at the popularity today. There should be a lesson there somewhere. Give the Finder a chance. It’s to early to call it a failure and there’s no guaranty whatever you replace it with will do any better.

    • says

      Mike ┬╗ Because Fringe is close to having enough episodes for syndication. That’s where the big money is for the studio.

      • Mike says

        That may be true and I only used Fringe as an example. Also I’m more concerned about shows getting a true rating. Obviously the Finder was very popular with many people but I don’t think there are any accurate ways to rate true viewership considering the various outlets available to the public at this time. It may be more advantageous to allow a show to develop a strong following than changing it’s time slot without notice, calling it mediocre and replacing it with something more than likely to be just as mediocre if not worse.

  7. D.R. says

    This is one of the best shows on tv. Who are they polling?????
    This is a family show and it makes you think and it is a show that you have to stay with. All the good shows only last a season or two and then you have all these shows with no plot what so ever that stay on forever.
    PLEASE re think this one..

  8. Miranda says

    Save the Finder! Fox canceling it was a horrible move on their part. So much respect lost for Fox. The best show I’ve ever seen, it’s hands down my favorite.

  9. dstone says

    Love The Finder and the entire cast. It is refreshing to have a couple start out as a “couple” and not have the phony “sexual tension” and question will they or won’t they. I was sad when Saffron Burrows backed out, but I am happy with the outcome. Love the quirky story and quests. Please save it. The Finder, Bones, and Fringe are my favorites.

  10. Shawna says

    I can’t believe that the finder is not going to have a second season. My husband and I love this show. I think these rating are off also. . I think fox made a bad call on this one.

  11. Sean says

    This report card seems very off to me. My favorite shown on Fox is The Finder and I know a bunch of people who think it is such a refreshing return to a clever buddy comedy that you can actually watch with your family. The Finder is such a unique show and it is absolutely hilarious. The story lines are amazing and very clever. The show is sooo unpredictable. Perfect example, one episode starts out with Walter trying to find “a meal” for a client. The chaos that ensues is from that point on is brilliant. It builds and builds and goes off in completely unpredictable directions. Oh, by the way, that is a good thing. The banter between Walter and Leo is awesome and all the characters are very well developed. I have been waiting a long time for a show like this. Please keep it on the air.

  12. tina says

    The only two shows i have any intrest in watching on fox is cops and kitchen nightmares. I did watch and occasionally watch american idol but its SOOOOOOOOO old and over done. IM SICK OF IT. Because im sick of all the reality crap i have no intrest at all in xfactor.

  13. says

    I kind of agree with what “Dena” said there – Because basically, I loathe and despise Television shows. CSI, which I liked, went through some changes and now it’s crap. My interest in CSI became extreme interest in Fringe.

    Until FOX started treating the show like crap – They started the show on a night directlty across from CSI, but the LIMITED COMMERCIALS which they did for the first season, SOLIDLY got me hooked on it – Because the show was longer that the average 45 minute “1-hour” show.

    But starting from Season Two, FOX began removing the advantages Fringe had over the other shows. So, of course the ratings drastically dropped.

    Butr I kept watching it – I INVESTED myself into it. Now it’s the 4th season, and hanging on by a thread – I SWEAR I will NEVER Watch TV again if this show gets cancelled, and NEVER again on FOX.

    FOX wanted to put some LAME Reality TV show in the Wednesday Slot, so they put Fringe in the DEATH Slot.

    NO SHOW ever does well on Friday Night, Fringe immediately lost 3/4 of the people who were watching it. Boom, Gone. I USED to talk to my friends about the episodes on FB, now the same people I used to talk to DONT EVEN KNOW what night it’s on – Cos NOBODY is ever home to see it, the people who will LIKE it, are OUT on Friday Nights.

    Fox will lose it’s ONLY great show if they cancel it, but moreover they will lose ME as a viewer, I’ll just go back to downloading the shows I want to watch and i’LL NEVER AGAIN tune my TV to ANY Fox Station.

  14. Dena says

    I am now going to join my husband and pass on watching any new series that appear interesting until they are renewed for a second season. Now that TV series quickly become available in other ways I can either catch up on that first season or enjoy what there is of a show knowing nothing will be resolved. No more wasting my time becoming invested in a good, thought-provoking show only to be disappointed when it gets cancelled after one season or less. I spend more time now re-watching old shows on Netflix (or DVDs borrowed from friends) than the garbage currently on the air.

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