Gilmore Girls: Lauren Graham Says There’s New Interest in a Reunion Movie

Lauren GrahamLauren Graham, who’s found new success (and a new beau, Peter Krause) on NBC’s Parenthood, has often sounded a bit pessimistic about the possibility of a Gilmore Girls movie. Now, it seems there’s a bit of hope.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Graham was asked about the project’s chances and noted that there’s actually new interest.

Asked if a Gilmore Girls movie will happen, she said, “It might. What’s funny to me is that in all these years, no one ever talked about it except the fans. But now people with power, people who could actually make it happen, are talking about it. I think it could be good, but I wonder if we’ve waited too long. I don’t want to be walking around the town square with a cane.”

When asked if the Sex and the City movies might be a reason to stay away from the project, Graham said that she liked the first one. When asked to speculate about what the storyline might be, she mused, “It’s hard to say because the show was never very plot driven. That is what might be uncovered in a two-hour movie. You’d be like, ‘Wait a minute, they just talk and make fun of things. This is a terrible movie.'”

If you don’t want to wait to see Graham back on screen, you can tune in to the season premiere of Parenthood tonight on NBC.

What do you think? Would you like to see Graham in a Gilmore Girls reunion? Do you think a movie would be worth seeing?

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  1. a says

    I would love to see a Gilmore girls movie, I’ve seen every episode literally 100 times. The first time i every saw Gilmore Girls was on my 4th b-day, so i definitely want G girls movie, especially in the movie theater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100%

  2. Arlene says

    my husband and I loved the Gilmore Girls and I have watched the entire series so many times… yes I want a movie-

  3. Maria says

    I am an obsessed fan of The Gilmore Girls – like so many other women (and men) I know. So many were heart-broken when the series came to an end…especially with the way it came to an end…so many things left open – no closure for your devoted fans. On the bright side though, it was left open in such a way that a movie (or two or three, reunion movies…or perhaps even a “Gilmore Girls – The Later Years” or something like that) would be such a snap for the crack writing staff and producers of the original series. I can’t believe Amy & Dan aren’t jumping on ANOTHER “once in a lifetime” opportunity to bring that awesome team of actors and crew (back) together…it’s a no-brainer – the fans (and there are thousands and thousands of us out here!) will come out in droves to see a movie or movies or tune in to any new continuation of the series or reunions – whenever, wherever…and then we will buy up the DVDs of any such movies or any sets of any possible new series seasons. When have we, your fans, not been there for you?! Truly, the characters in this show were indeed like family to me so many times over the years…and I know many others who feel the same exact way. We’re waiting…let us know how our Gilmore/Stars Hollow family is doing…we miss them so. Please don’t wait too long…it would be wonderful to see all of the original characters/actors/actresses again. Thank you for your consideration…your fans love you.

    • kirsten says


  4. karenstone says

    PLEASE do a movie!!!! I have watched all the episodes and there are so many directions a movie could take. I would love a movie. The grand finale so to speak. PLEASE DO A MOVIE!!!!

  5. Pam V says

    Please please please do a movie. My daughter and I have all the seasons and LOVE it. It is the one show that I was happy to have my daughter watch as she grew up and experienced the same things as Rori. Now that she is in college we are enjoying watching the series all over again and it reminded us of how much we LOVE this show. My husband calls us his Gilmore girls too. I would love to see how everyone turned out.

  6. dawn says

    i wouold love to see a reunion movie.. i want to know if Lorelia and Luke got married and maybe had a kid together. I want to know how Rory did on her job and if maybe while she was on the raod she either met back up with Logan or maybe Dean if she has gotten married.. Please make this movie soon, I miss the show.

  7. stacy says

    OMG I have been far to obsessed with this show for so many years and when the finale came about I cried. Yes, I said it, I CRIED! and then when it actually came to an end I ended up feeling like my best friend just vanished and I had no actual clue what happened to her. A Gilmore Girls movie is just what the Dr. ordered. PLEASEEEEEEEE make this happen : )

  8. Karenrena says

    I would love to see a Gilmore Girls reunion. I can’t tell you how much the series ( every single, solitary episode) has meant to me. A movie would be like: closure, ya know?

  9. em says

    Yes! I have watched every episode of the show over and over. It’s hard to do a reunion show or movie — so many people to please, so many topics to touch on. I would like to see Rory and Jess together — he was my favorite of the boyfriends, the most interesting. Maybe he could write a book that becomes a best seller — something to make him intriguing to Richard and Emily. I would also like to see Lorelai finally realize her own dream of going to Harvard. Luke could sign Lorelai up for a non-credit class — just for the fun of it, maybe as a birthday present or something. It would be a good jumping off point for drama. Whatever happens, Luke and Lorelai need to be together. I miss Emily and Richard and Lane and Mrs. Kim and Kirk and Miss Patty and Babette and Maury and Sukie and Jackson and even Mr. Dosey! I want to live in Stars Hollow! At least give us one more chance to visit it!

  10. Tabatha says

    I would also love to see a Gilmore Girls reunion. I love the show. I believe many things were left open. I would like to see if Luke and Lorelai are married and if they have kids. I would like to see how successful Rory has become. It would be nice to get an update on Lane and Paris as well.

  11. Carmen says

    I would looooveeee to have closure with Gilmore Girls!! Rory and Logan back together and Loralie with Luke!! I hate the way it ended, loved everyone on the show and I have all 7 seasons. Please make the movie……

      • Anonymous says

        I would like to see them throw Dean back into the mix, just for old times sake and see how it all shakes out. Definitely a wedding for Lorelai with hopefully Luke.

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