House: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

House series finaleWell, Gregory House went out with a bang. Sort of. Tonight, FOX aired the series finale of their medical series, House. Titled “Everybody Dies,” the finale was directed by series creator and executive producer David Shore.

House premiered November 16, 2004, to modest ratings but eventually became a hit. In addition to some great ratings, House drew four Emmy nominations for best drama and six for star Hugh Laurie.

The ratings have been in decline for awhile so it was decided that, after eight seasons and 177 episodes, it was time to say goodbye to the curmudgeonly genius physician.

Many suspected that House would die in the final episode and they were right, mostly. Last week, Wilson and House were making plans to spend Wilson’s last five months on Earth together. Those plans were scuttled by the discovery of the hockey tickets that House stole. It seems his parole has been revoked and the grumpy doc will be spending the next six months in jail instead.

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House is so despondent over the situation that he’s committing suicide in a burning building. While there, he’s “visited” by several characters from the show’s past — courtesy of several special actor cameos. In their own ways, they tell him that his life is worth living and he ultimately agrees. As he tries to leave, the floor collapses and he dies.

At his funeral, a distraught Wilson starts to deliver a thoughtful eulogy but can’t contain his ranting, calling his fallen friend a selfish jerk. He’s interrupted by a cellphone noise that turns out to be coming from his own pocket — and a cellphone that wasn’t his own. The text message tells him to shut up.

We next see Wilson incredulously meeting a very-alive House, simply sitting on some city steps. House has faked his death and left a corpse in his place (after switching dental records). Wilson tells him that he’s throwing away everything by doing this but the good doctor thinks it’s worth it to spend the next five months with his best friend.

We see the rest of the characters happily going about their lives. Chase has become the head of the department. Foreman finds House’s hospital badge slipped under his end table, realizes what it means, and smiles. House and Wilson, riding motorcycles depart on the open road, into the sunset, together.

What do you think? Was this a fitting end to House? Are you glad that House didn’t die? Did they miss anything? Was Cuddy’s absence a big deal?

Here’s a more complete synopsis of the last episode of House.

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  1. Peggy says

    I think the ending was genius. Not getting bogged down in “how he did it.”. He’s House. His character was complex as was the whole cast as they related to him. He ultimately gave up everything for his friend. Wouldn’t have expected anything less. Kudos to the writers.

  2. says

    House ended at the perfect time. The ratings had dipped but weren’t in the tank. It still had viewers and it left while it was on top.

    As for the finale, I think it shows that no matter how much you think somebody is a jerk, there is still a real human being underneath the tough exterior. Many things weren’t explained, like the teeth swapping, but remember everybody this is House, he’s a genius.

    I think the “Swan Song” part of the finale did pull some things together that many may not have picked up on like the House/Wilson and Holmes/Watson connection.

    The show had eight seasons, that’s a long time. Think about how many shows barely make it one or two seasons. Having eight seasons gives the fans a number of shows to watch and re-watch and pick up on things that they may have missed the first time through.

  3. kerry says

    The Zevon was good, but I can’t believe that they didn’t throw away their watches and ride off to “Born To Be Wild” ( Ala “Easyriders” for you younger folks :)

  4. allan says

    Let us see, ghosts visiting from a Christmas carol. At least it was better than the Sopranos ending. At eight seasons, it pays to run reruns forever, almost no cost, just residuals. Note how Buffy also went out on at eight seasons.

  5. Teri says

    I am so sad that the show has ended. This was/is my favorite show. I love the special connection House and Wilson have/had. Hopefully, the show will return when the network see’s what a mistake it made. Well my fellow House lovers, what will we watch now? Another stupid reality show? Not me! Guess it is time to find a good book and watch the re-runs. The network made a big mistake in my opinon. Maybe we will get lucky and get some kind of spin off at least. It won’t be the same without House but, I’ll take what I can get at this point. Tonight was a very sad night. I feel like boycotting Fox for their stupidy. Thanks for the great shows andd memories.

  6. says

    Honestly… I was expecting more… it should’ve been a more emotional ending. House should’ve died, together with Wilson… of sarcoidosis or lupus (one of those “it’s never lupus” things).

    The whole episode goes down the drain with the switching of the dental records… for a show that’s always been smarter than most, it came up with a lame ending; no one cared about explaining how he changed them, how he managed to hobble from under the burning wreckage to the back of the building, or how he plans on travelling without any id… these are basic questions that should’ve been answered.

    I’ve been an 8 year fan of House (mostly because I really identify with him)… and this ending was way below what I was expecting. Just another LOST….

    • Beth says

      Those details weren’t the point. The point was he finally did something selfless. He gave up his entire career – which is essetially the only thing he cares about – just so he could be there for Wilson in the last six months of his life. The character finally evolved. That was what mattered. I think it was the perfect ending.

  7. Samara says

    I already miss this show!! I think the problem with all the new series is that they can’t compare to shows as great as “House”! I loved that the final song was the same song that Amber had been singing in the episodes “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart”! Though I was surprised at the lack of The Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”! The guest appearances were great, I wish Olivia Wilde had been in more of it, since she and House had a special connection! I am glad that Cuddy wasn’t there, she would never have been believable telling him to live after what he had done to her! The only question we are left to ponder is – what will become of House after Wilson dies…! This series, “House”, will always be one of my all-time favorites! What a remarkable story! Every episode was worth the time it took to watch it (and over again)! Best wishes to all of the cast and crew! The king is dead – long live the king!

  8. House Lover says

    I am truly sorry to see the show end! I thought it did end as well as could be expected under the circumstances. House always manages to find his way out of messes and this time was no exception. I hope to Hugh Laurie in future shows. I like his talant

  9. Dr Pepper says

    Finale was awesome! True House fashion! Love the series. Wish there were more episodes. Long live House!

  10. says

    I think the ratings went down with out cutty,among many other factors I will later mention, however house in jail bores me…. he is a genius, I loved the series it ending makes me cry, thank you very much for not killing him off, but wilson getting cancer was really silly…….guess you all knew it was over for a while… tv didnt have fox and for us military families we had to wait 2 years to watch the show….this could have crushed your ratings…we knew this …we selfishy thought house would still be there as our friends and families recorded the series and sent them to us whenever possible, i am ranting and making little sense… but I am disturbed that my favorite show was back in my home finally and now its over..Knowing the show as well as we do… we knew it was the last season from the beginning but hoped. The writters are genius and we will miss it forever. The fight for fox on direct tv was one, but too late to save Houses ratings…Guess we may as well cancel that ….Fox loses House we lose Fox..
    sincerely ,

  11. Tammie says

    It was perfect. The only series finale I’ve seen that didn’t leave me unsatisfied. Bravo well done.

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