Lone Star: Series Creator Kyle Killen Talks TV Show’s Cancellation

Lone StarLast week, after the poor debut of FOX’s Lone Star, TV show creator Kyle Killen asked people to give the series a chance and hoped for a “stunning upset” in the ratings.

Sadly, that didn’t happen and the ratings for episode two dropped even lower. It was no surprise when FOX pulled Lone Star from the schedule and cancelled production.

Killen has had some time to reflect on the events of the past couple weeks and has written another post about Lone Star. He expresses gratitude for the chance to make the show and to the many viewers for their support. He also talks about the possibility of Lone Star moving to another channel but understands the chances are remote at best.

Here are some excerpts. You can read the whole post here.

So here’s the thing. We made a good show. Not Shakespeare. Not MASH. But something I was proud of. I can’t really speak to anyone else’s reaction, I can only be honest about my own. We assembled a staff, a cast, and a crew that I think was committed to telling interesting and thought provoking stories and who were excited about where we’d planned to head. And now it’s over. The part of me that feels awful that these people are now out of work wishes they’d done anything other than join this show. The part of me that’s so excited about what we did can’t thank them enough for signing on and making it happen.

As for the show’s future, if you read the news you know what I know. We’re actively looking at other homes for it, but those situations are rare. Imagine trying to just jam the engine from a Toyota in a Chevy and you get some idea how hard it is to take a show from one network to another. These things are custom jobs and what looks simple on the surface requires an incredible amount of engineering underneath. Whether we’ll pull something like that off is anyone’s guess. But we’re certainly trying.

Lastly, I literally don’t have the words to thank those of you who participated here and on twitter and facebook and, you know, the real world, in supporting the show. I’ve been in the habit of writing incredibly inane things in this space for some time and have to say that I was blindsided by the scale of the reaction to my last post. Of all the incredible and unexpected things to come out of this entire process, those last few days were perhaps the most incredible and certainly the least expected. I feel like we tried to get a write in candidate elected president together, and while we were completely and utterly destroyed when the votes were tallied, I’ve never felt such an odd and full connection to a group of people I’ve never met and likely never will. Given all that, ‘Thank you’ seems woefully insufficient to convey my gratitude. Perhaps I can just mow all your lawns for the hell of it.

What do you think? Do you agree with Killen? If you had your way, which channel would pick it up?

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  1. AK says

    Wishful for its return, was in a tough time slot. I tivo’d it. but really enjoyed the show. I hope it can be picked up. Was very interested and gave food for thought unlike many mindless shows.

  2. Kat says

    I loved the show , the best thing on TV in along while. I am very disappointed. I felt some personel connections with the show ,but also just enjoyed the actors and the intrigue of this story.

  3. Barbara says

    We have been looking and looking for Lonestar to come back. I can’t believe it was canceled. Definitely the best new show this fall. What’s wrong with Fox? How does a show with only a few episodes ever get to build a following when they do things like this? Fox, you’ve lost me for good now. I am so disappointed.

  4. Elizabeth says

    P.S. I would rather be tied down, water boarded, & starved, than to be made to watch Fox “News”. Your reputation is now cemented in canceling intelligent, thought provoking series & allowing a negative, violence driven, dishonest, & racist program that you call a news channel. It is an insult to our people & our nation, & takes advantage of the poor & the middle class societies that watch & believe this horror. SHAME ON YOU!!

  5. Elizabeth says

    Fox, you are idiots! I guess you’ll submit to the mindless cattle out there & start with something like The Biggest Loser & Dancing With the Stars, both pitiful excuses for intelligence entertainment. I am done with the endless parade of drivel and will stick to HBO & SHOWTIME, who have enough sense & courage to air well acted & well written shows. OH and thanks for canceling Fast Forward, another great show. Just another reason to not watch your channel.

  6. Janice says

    Can’t believe they cancelled it after only 2 episodes. I thought it was a very good show. I hope it will get picked up somewhere… I think more people watched it than they believe. Today with all the alternate ways of watching programs besides live TV, I believe they are wrong.

  7. says

    When is the industry going ti get it’s —- together?? Lone Star is a really good show. I had just started telling all my friends to watch it and it’s gone! Can somebody pick this up please?? I want to watch it.

  8. Steve says

    When a show gets canceled after just 2 or 3 episodes, it pretty much has nothing to do with the writing, acting, and overall execution of the concept. All these things contribute to building and keeping an audience. No, this kind of sudden death seems mostly dependent on the marketing campaign, the scheduling, and to a lesser extent, the overall concept (e.g. do viewers want a western or not?) and maybe the “heat” of any name actors. These are the elements that generate the first-episode audience. So, crappy network execs, crappy marketing, etc. are to blame. Unfortunately, these people probably aren’t losing their jobs.

  9. JPT says

    This was a great show, and great actors. I feel that this was the best show of the fall. I’m not happy that I will not be able to see it through. I would like to see it on AMC they have my other favorite show Breaking Bad on it, and I have started to get into Rubicon and Madmen too. I feel AMC is doing everything right. It has become my favorite channel. Lonestar would be a perfect fit with these other great shows. Please AMC pickup Lonestar. As for Zak I’m guessing your favorite show is Jersey Shore, a story you can really believe in. Fox, you should have let Lonestar a least finish the season, and should have tried it on another day before you shut it down. It was getting great reviews. I think you are really missing out on a opportunity for a hit show.

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