Melrose Place: TV Show Cancelled, No Season Two

Melrose PlaceTo no surprise, The CW has cancelled their remake of Melrose Place after just one season and 18 episodes.

The new Melrose Place revolves around the same apartment complex as the 1990s original but largely focuses on a new group of characters. The cast includes Katie Cassidy, Stephanie Jacobsen, Jessica Lucas, Michael Rady, Shaun Sipos, Colin Egglesfield, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Nicholas Gonzalez, Victor Webster, and Brooke Burns. Appearances by actors Thomas Calabro, Laura Leighton, Heather Locklear, Josie Bissett, and Daphne Zuniga help kept ties to the original alive.

In September, despite a lot of promotion, the first episode attracted a small 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demo and 2.31 million viewers. The numbers fell after that and never came close to even matching the premiere’s. The April 4th episode hit a season low, with a horrific 0.4 rating in the demographic and only .86 million viewers.

Even for The CW, the new Melrose Place’s ratings were absolutely terrible. Though the last episode of the season left many storylines up in the air, there was no way that it was going to be coming back.

Well, the network made it official this week. Melrose Place has been cancelled and won’t be returning for season two.

What do you think? Why didn’t this version catch on? Was it a bad idea from the start? Would it have survived if Heather Locklear signed on at the beginning or was including original characters part of why it failed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kara says

    I REALLY liked this show and im so dissapointed that it got cancelled, I wish they would at least wrap up all the story lines if they arent going to bring it back… always happens with shows i like

  2. Chelsea says

    I’m pretty upset about it being canceled! I loved it! It sucks to get so into the show and characters! then they take it away! Thank God they didnt take away 90210 also, or someone would be getting a very nasty letter!!

  3. anna says

    I just finished watching this show on Nextflix, and it was the best show I’ve ever been intrested into. I can’t believe they canceled at least make up some kind of ending. This really pisses me off. CW is my fav channel but now I’m too mad at it to watch anything else on it. Even my mom loved the show! Now that’s amazing! I’m just so sad! :(

  4. Jesse says

    I wasn’t too surprised that the show got canceled. I’ve been watching the season on Netflix and, for me anyway, it’s hard to get into/follow, plus, it’s kind of boring and way over dramatic. I’m sorry it got canceled, but I’m not surprised.

  5. Lauren says

    Melrose Place SHOULD NOT be cancelled. I just watched the whole season on netflix. I don’t know why more people didn’t watch the show. It was so good that I watched the season in 3 days. I hope that they have a season 2!

  6. queluz says

    i really like the show I hope they came back with they word, cause in other countries like mine, portugal, we love the serie…

  7. Andre says

    Honestly I loved every single episode. From 1-18!! I never watched Melrose Place from the 90’s. But when I seen this one, I want to see more! I really hope there’s a season 2 coming soon because I’m really into this show now…


  8. mason says

    I loved melrose place……the charactera were so and my big sister just fell in love with katie cassidy’s character.if i could i would so fire who ever cancelled melrose place . Me and my big sister were so devestated

  9. Susan says

    I recieved the Melrose 2009 DVD set for my birthday bc I adore Colin Egglesfield. I have 3 episodes left to watch & I’m on the edge of my seat. I love it! I just don’t follow the WB. Over the years nothing that network ever carried hooked me. Too bad Fox or another network didn’t run it.
    The only bad thing about the show is that they pulled Colin & Ashlee, some excuse about their characters being ‘too dark.’ Utter nonsense since they weren’t too dark to pitch their story line.

  10. CATALINA says


  11. Ashley Shrestha says

    I just loved the show and all the characters…But sometimes we have to let go the good things, I guess…:(

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