Reunion: The ”Come On, Give Us a Series Ending!” Petition

Reunion FOX’s Reunion was a very unique series that told the story of six friends over a span of 20 years. The show started with their high school graduation and flashed forward to a 20 year reunion and one of them being murdered.

Unfortunately, the series was cancelled and only 13 episodes were written and shot. Though we’ve been told who the murderer might have been, there are so many other storylines and mysteries that need to be answered.

To: Class IV Productions and Warner Bros. Television

We, the undersigned, watched and followed the Reunion television series faithfully. We were extremely upset when the series was prematurely ended and so many storylines were not resolved.

We ask that you do the right thing and finally bring Reunion to a proper conclusion. Please film an ending for the series or, at the very least, release detailed storylines on a DVD set. We are convinced that there is still a great market for this clever and dramatic show.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • judy sharpCountry: u.s.2015-08-08 09:49:37
    I must admit that it is 2015 and I just started watching the show.but it is so good.I am so disappointed that we are just left hanging.I really wanted to see will estes character meet his daughter.
  • MelanieCountry: Venezuela2014-02-27 23:22:12
    The show was way to good to not have a proper ending.
  • MariaCountry: Ukraine2013-05-22 07:26:18
    I want to know the end
  • EricCountry: United States2012-08-22 15:29:28
    I just finished watching Reunion's 13 episodes for the third time and for the first time in three or four years. Just as the case was the second time I watched all of the show's episodes, I found myself thinking that Reunion was even better than I remembered it was, and I thought it was quite great to begin with in the fall of 2005. While it obviously won't be a tragedy on any level if Reunion never receives a proper conclusion and in the process the show's viewers never know who killed Samantha, how and/or why Craig became "paralyzed," whatever it was that Craig did that Jenna said she would never forgive him for in the 1991 episode, what happened in Aaron and Jenna's relationship immediately after 1998 or when and why Will became a priest, it will be quite awesome if any of that ever does happen.
  • LaurenCountry: United states2012-08-03 17:13:51
    Please make a book series or at least put the episodes aired on a DVD set... I loved this show and could not Belive it was canceled!
  • RimmaCountry: Ukraine2012-07-12 13:31:06
    Please give us a proper ending!!!
  • Sergey LebedevCountry: Russian Federation2012-01-16 04:44:19
    I need to know who kill Sam!! Its really great show!
  • stacy horteCountry: USA2011-12-28 10:14:11
    great show with great cast...too bad we have no conclusion to the show...atleast a DVD release of all 22 proposed episodes would be make up for the bgi let down...
  • Jessica HannapelCountry: United States2011-12-15 04:10:22
    This show meant so much to me. I would really appreciate the chance to know what really happened.
  • SaschaCountry: Switzerland2011-11-02 06:28:40
    I really can't believe the show has been cancelled. It's hard to understand the show wasn't successful as it enchained me to my couch entirely. It's utterly unfair to fans to leave them high and dry just like that.
  • SharronCountry: England2011-08-27 04:46:45
    I don't understand why you cancelled it before the killer was revealed. Everyone Loves Raymond ran for years - and that wasn't any good. Least you can do is show us the finale of Reunion!
  • surrCountry: moscow2011-08-14 23:51:56
    Возобновите сериал!!!
  • Jesus SarmientoCountry: Spain2011-08-10 01:54:51
    Please take on the project again, maybe a remake?
  • isckyrieCountry: USA2011-06-07 06:33:44
    Please make a ending to this serious so none of us are confused with what happened!!!!
  • NikkiCountry: Canada2011-05-31 13:37:57
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start up the series again! it was INCREDIBLE! At the very least, you could finish it so we can have closure! And if you don't want to release it on national tv, at least do a dvd of it. It was suchhh an amazing and UNIQUE show! I'm surprised it didn't have more viewers :(
  • Justin SomermeyerCountry: usa2011-05-11 13:51:06
  • vina saulsberryCountry: usa2011-05-09 06:09:01
    it was soooooooooooooooo crazy how FOX ended the show and didn't let the last what 2 episodes finish it has been years and fans want to know WHAT HAPPENED... At least do the dvd
  • msfCountry: USA2011-04-11 04:43:40
    Please it has been how long now and people still want an ending or see the last episodes filmed, give us a book anything - instead of nothing!!!!
  • Rachel SteidlCountry: USA2011-04-04 16:08:56
    I know that it is too late to have the last episodes filmed but please release the final story lines of the characters so we can find out what happened to them.
  • Michelle Country: USA 2011-04-02 12:25:36
    I will be happy to just read a script of the ending, so you don't have to put money into producing it!
  • TonyCountry: United States2011-03-23 09:37:02
    Please relase a DVD Box set, or even a viral video for youtube/vevo like a mini "Reunion" reunion to at least give us a proper closer. Maybe a 2hr tv movie, just give us something.
  • NatashaCountry: Australia2011-03-01 21:34:32
    Please give us a proper ending.
  • Brookes HarringtonCountry: USA2011-02-26 15:47:22
    I loved this show so much. I was so sad when it was cut way too short. I still am sad about it. I would give anything for a finale. They should put it out DVD and do what they did for the show, October Road. October Road got cancelled early, and a bonus feature included a short wrap-up episode they shot for the DVD. It was perfect.
  • Sammi RossCountry: United States2011-02-24 08:00:23
    I am so confused. Sources say Amy did it than some guy named could amy do it? She died in the fire right? Please I want to know what happened to characters and who did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • vakhtominCountry: russia2011-02-13 22:17:13

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