Smallville: Lex Luthor May Return for TV Show’s Finale

Michael RosenbaumA few years ago, it would have been very hard to believe that Smallville could have survived without its creators (Alfred Gough and Miles Millar) and regulars like resident bad boy Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum); his father, Lionel (John Glover); and Clark’s longtime crush, Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). They all left the show last season, and surprisingly the CW drama has continued on quite nicely thanks to Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman, and Samuel Witwer.

Kreuk will guest in a total of five episodes this season and is likely open to returning to do more in the future. Conversely, Glover has said that he won’t be back. His character was murdered by Lex and, though he could be brought back in a flashback or fantasy sequence, the actor says that he wouldn’t do it.

Rosenbaum has been asked to return a couple of times this season has declined, feeling that the role had run its course. Whenever the show does come to a close however, Rosenbaum says that he’s agreed to return — with one condition. “I told the producers that I would only come back for the last episode or two if they let me wear a bald cap,” he told The Windy City Times.

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The actors says that shaving his head “wore out its welcome. Seven years everyday, filming in Vancouver, freezing my ass off. I couldn’t even wear a hat because my makeup would get ruined. I had to be there two hours before the crew got there to shave my head.”

If Rosenbaum sticks to his guns, it doesn’t look like Lex will be back for quite awhile. The CW execs want to keep Smallville going for at least one more season. The network is reportedly in talks with Tom Welling to return for a ninth year and it’s pretty safe to say that he’s in a great spot for negotiating. The show’s audience has been growing this season and often garners the ratings-challenged network’s best numbers.

Still, network prez Dawn Ostroff it playing it cool. At the TCA press event she said, “We’re starting to talk about [season nine]. Obviously we’re prepared either way. If the show doesn’t go on, we have a series finale that the writers have been thinking about, but I think we’d all love to see the show come back creatively again. We’ve got a new team of writers who are running the show, and they’ve done a great job with the series this year. We’ve gotten great feedback from the fans. It’s interesting because they’ve used more female characters this year, which I think helped it blend in with the theme of the network, so we’d love to see it back.”

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  1. Whitebehemoth says

    The hero and villain make the show. No one can change Michael Rosenbaum’s character as Lex. It does hurt the show. If they can, which I am seeing get the Zod thing going, that’s the only other thing that would keep me interested. I wish Michael Rosenbaum never left, it is a huge loss. His return would be well worth it.

  2. Sade Kent says

    I am a very big fan of smallsville since my boyfriend introduced me. I have loved the growing character developments and the relationships that have formed. I am very sad to hear that Micheal Rosenmbaum has decided not to come back to the show. I looked forward to more intense arguments between him and tom welling(Clark Kent) on this new season. I hope he does decide to come back but in the event that he does not it was great having him for seven seasons. I really enjoyed Micheal Rosenbaum character. Also, is Clark ever going to put on the suit or fly?

  3. Kristin says

    Lex is a developing character. They could keep him off the show for three more years and he’d still get more development than any character. I’ve admired every one of the cast members and I think they are fantastic people. If Michael wants to try new things other than Lex, then he should. But returning for a closing is a well-deserved necessity for the Smallville fans. I’ve stayed faithful to Smallville since it aired and I will even after it’s over. It would make me content to see Lex return at some point but not any time soon. I’m enjoying where the new writers are taking the show. It’s a very defining journey for Clark. He is the focal point of the show, so as long as we see Clark, then the show is strong. Tom is the heart of Smallville. Michael is one of the greatest villains to play on television as Lex Luthor though. So, seeing what would happen between Clark and Lex if Lex returned would be real moving for me.

  4. says

    I have just finished my reveal about all seasons and I can tell that after Michael Rosenbaum left Smallville, everything started getting less exciting . Without Lex, the whole story is pointless, and the only arch enemy that can amaze us so deeply in the same level as Tom Welling is Michael Rosenbaum and no other one than himself.
    Thanks Michael and Tom for your nice job since season 1

  5. Hatse says

    i think micheal is the guy that makes the action great and extraordinary. its especially when he has heated arguements with clark that makes it even more interesting. micheal ps. if u ever read this please come back. all of us need u.(your fans).hatse

  6. JerseyGirl929 says

    Remember people, this is FICTION. Since the beginning, even “Chloe Sullivan” was made up, remember? So, Smallville’s NOT following ALL OF THE TRADITIONAL story lines of Superman which is why it makes it interesting when they “change up”. Kristin, yes beautiful girl, but other fans are right, the repetitive lines and stories get old, let’s move on shall we? This season has been great b/c they HAVE changed the story lines a bit, Clark is finally trying to move on and grow up, accepted who he is, but of course, still trying to figure out how his abilities will become his destiny to “save the world”. So c’mon Smallville Fans, stay true and keep watching, give credit to this season’s cast & crew, they’re doing a fine job so far, let’s show them our support!

  7. Karloz says

    I love to see Clark, Chloe, Lois and Lana.
    They are such a sweetie.
    I hope Michael will returns as Lex.
    He is so great as Lex.
    Season 9 is coming!
    Yeah, more Clark and Lois please..

  8. Kenya says

    I can not stand Lna. Never could. They need to kick her to the curb and be done with it. Now the chic has super powers?! Come on! Let her die already so Clarck can move on with his soulmate. More Loise!!!

  9. says

    I like to see Lex Luthor comeback in the finale.Clark Kent leaves smallville to be working in the newspaper as his working with him.

  10. Freddy says

    Im glad that Kristin is cut out of the series. I want Clark and Lois together. Its interesting to see all the things that lead up to the “original” story.

    And i always disliked Lana Langs character. I was happy when she went, and i hope she

  11. DF says

    Puh-lease… Lana has to go and should be brought back as anything major. The character’s welcome has been worn out much like the Lex obsession over Clark. I hope these new writers do something more. We need a more diverse set of villains. Brainiac and Lex are old, how long do we need to watch these guys? And now Doomsday is in as the “ultimate being/destroyer”; he can’t be too great if a young Clark Kent who hasn’t yet reached his potential has to take him on. Really now people, Doomsday KILLS Superman – a grown fully powered Superman – in the comics. Best stuff ever written aside from Knightfall storyline of Batman in the 90s. I want to see a Bruce Wayne / Batman visit to Metropolis. I want to see Clark become the dorky Clark and take on his Superman persona. I want to see Clark in the suit, but this is likely to never occur as I read somewhere that the WB doesn’t want Smallville Clark in the suit as it will clash with their movieverse of Superman Returns and Man of Steel. I personally think that’s balderdash. The writers of Smallville have clearly delineated the characters from those in the movieverse. Let’s have people, bring it all on and give us (at least me) what we want!

  12. regina says

    i like the show, and im kind of glad kristin’s not in the series anymore. yeah, she has a couple of episodes but thats whatever. i want to see more of lois and clark and if they do a ninth season i want it to be more lois clark and jimmy. but what would they do with chloe? well i guess she’s ok in the series.

  13. P1 John says

    This season’s holding my interest more than last season’s.
    I got tired of the Phantom Zone escapees and the whole Lana Isis foundataion.
    Will the show be over when he decides to fly? He knows he can, he just doesn’t want to.

  14. Tara says

    I would have continued to watch SV without Kristin because I wanted to see Clark’s destiny being followed. I love his character. However, I can’t stomach watching Clark and Lois making nauseating googily eyes at each other when Lana has been stated by many to be the love of his life. This show hasn’t followed the comics, from what I’ve been told, so what is the problem with giving SV’s Clark a happy ever after with the love of his life. Promise me that and I’d be coming back. As it is, I’ll only watch the episodes with Kristin on them.

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