Supernanny: Still No Family or Rest for Jo Frost

Supernanny Jo FrostJo Frost, the star of ABC’s Supernanny, reportedly wanted to call it quits a year or so ago so that she’d be able to focus on her own life; finding a mate and starting a family

According to an interview with the UK’s Telegraph, Frost hasn’t slowed down very much. While she’s no longer doing a show here in the states, in England she’s busy promoting the second season of her reality series Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance and a new childcare bible titled Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care.

When asked about whether she’ll ever slow down enough to start a family of her own, Frost said, “Yeah, who knows… So I’ve got to come off the road, right? When you’re filming on the road you literally are isolated for two weeks and you may go to Alaska or Atlanta or you may go to Florida.”

If she does eventually have children of her own, she’ll probably employ a nanny to help out.

Frost said, “I feel that if I had the opportunity to have a family I would continue to do what I believe my vocation is right now, and that is being able to educate. So, yeah, I certainly would have a nanny or a part-time mother’s help, and I would spend time with my kids and do the work that I do.”

What do you think? Will Jo Frost take time to have a family of her own? Would you like to see her return to American TV, perhaps on daytime?

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  1. roisin says

    Hi Jo, I think one day you will have your own family and you will find a wonderful man to take care of you and your kids. But I know you will still go around helping families with trouble some kids that’s your passion you said before. I admire you so much Jo you are the best.

  2. Samara says

    I hope she finds time to have a family if that’s what she wants! I think Jo will make a great mother! She is obviously great with kids, and truly loves them! She is a wonderful person! I would watch if she was on the air again, but I think the people who really need to watch (the ones who need the most help) are in too much denial to take her great advice!

  3. Collette says

    Being a mother and being a nanny are two different things. I think Jo has been a good nanny and helped a lot of families. I suspect that if she had her own kids, she wouldn’t be much better than the one’s she’s helped! I’m sure she thinks that she knows it all and has dealt with a lot of bad situations. But the day-in-day-out struggle to parent is something she has done. And at over 40 it will be even harder. No matter how energy she thinks she has, nothing wears you down like having kids!

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