The Big Bang Theory: CBS Sitcom Renewed for Three Seasons, Through 2013-14

The Big Bang TheoryThe networks don’t always get things right but CBS programmers had a great idea to move The Big Bang Theory to Thursday nights. The comedy has helped to establish a second night of comedy for the network and it consistently wins in the 18-49 demographic. CBS has now renewed Big Bang Theory for not just one but three more seasons. This will take Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Rajesh, and Howard through the 2013-14 season, the show’s seventh year.

Here’s the official announcement from the network…

Deal Extends Top-Rated, Critically Acclaimed Comedy Series through the 2013-2014 Season

CBS Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television have reached a multi-year broadcast agreement for the top-rated, critically acclaimed comedy, THE BIG BANG THEORY, it was announced today by Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment, and Peter Roth, President, Warner Bros. Television.

The agreement renews THE BIG BANG THEORY for an additional three years, extending it through the 2013-2014 season.

“It doesn’t take a theoretical physicist to see why this show is a BIG part of our comedy future,” said Nina Tassler. “From ratings to critical acclaim to pop culture buzz, it’s struck a chord on all levels. The creative genius of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and the on-camera talents of an amazing young ensemble have created a comedy that will entertain viewers for a long time. We’re proud to partner with Warner Bros. on another highly successful, long-running comedy.”

“We are delighted and grateful that CBS has once again rewarded THE BIG BANG THEORY with a multiyear renewal,” said Peter Roth. “This is a testament to the inspired and brilliant work of the show’s entire creative team, and we look forward to continuing this highly successful partnership.”

THE BIG BANG THEORY, which premiered in September 2007, had been part of CBS’s top-rated Monday comedy block for the past three seasons. It finished 2009-2010 as primetime’s #1 scripted series in adults 18-49 and the #2 comedy among viewers.

Currently in its fourth season, THE BIG BANG THEORY has successfully transitioned to its new Thursday time period (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT), emerging as the night’s dominant comedy in viewers and adults 18-49. It has also helped launch a second night of comedy for the Network.

THE BIG BANG THEORY is averaging 13.89 million viewers (+7% versus the year ago time period), 4.7/14 in adults 18-49 (+15%) and 5.9/16 in adults 25-54 (+16%).

In addition to being a ratings success, THE BIG BANG THEORY has also earned critical acclaim and award recognition. It won an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series” for star Jim Parsons (2010), a People’s Choice Award for “Favorite TV Comedy” (2010) and was the recipient of two Television Critics Association Awards in 2009 for “Outstanding Achievement in Comedy” as well as “Individual Achievement in Comedy” for Parsons.

This year, the series is nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, which will be announced on Sunday, for “Best Television Series — Comedy or Musical” and “Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series — Comedy or Musical.”

THE BIG BANG THEORY stars Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar. Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady created the series and also serve as executive producers with Lee Aronsohn. The series is from Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc., in association with Warner Bros. Television.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that the show will be around for at least three more years? Do you think it will be time to end the show after seven seasons?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    When the show does end, they can easily do a spin off with most of the characters if they chose to keep wanting to play their character. I am sure the network would be considering that before the show ends.

  2. says

    I used to watch that show and I really don’t like it now.
    I don’t recommend anyone to watch it,the actors are
    all talented but the show disrespects women and treats
    them as inferiors. It also disrespects people from other
    cultures by making fun of them and it completely insults
    the Christian religion. I would consider it an anti-christian
    show. I also doubt some of the actors really want to be in
    it and they look like they are tired of the constant demands
    and attention they get from it. People should not watch it,at all.
    I think the show should not continue in the air anymore.

  3. Adam Decker says

    The news is great, but I think that three seasons at once can be a little too much. If something were to happen with the cast or other people on the show, they’d be required to do more seasons. So here’s hoping that that doesn’t happen to this show like it did to Two and a Half Men. But I like I said in the place, this is a good show and one of the best comedies on TV, in my opinion at least. And sometimes good shows get cancelled and bad shows last forever. It happens. Let’s be glad with what they have right.

  4. Rick says

    I glad to see such a intelligent and funny show get what it deserves. I can’t see why anyone would be surprised though because its one of the top rated shows on TV and its cheap to make too. As for six more years I don’t know it depends on the writing. A lot of very good shows have burned out much earlier when the writing fades. Though if they keep the writing fresh I can see a ten year run.

  5. Joey T says

    I guess 14 million people every Thursday and countless millions more who watch The Big Bang Theory on dvr and DVD are wrong in watching and appreciating this great show?!? I agree with Mike 2 that The Big Bang Theory outclasses and out-funnies 30 Rock any day! Sorry NBC, but The Big Bang Theory will be making people laugh for not just 3 more years, but probably 3 more years after that. I foresee a solid 10 seasons of this wonderfully funny and witty show. I’d just like to congratulate Jim Parsons for his Golden Globe win and as soon as the “Glee” train sputters, I look forward to many Emmy and Golden Globe victories for The Big Bang Theory as best TV Comedy!

    • Kari P says

      Well said! My family and friends are now playing BBT Trivia. Can’t get enough! Laughter is the best medicine. Just like MASH, I will watch it every time I catch it on. I am a female Christian, and it offends me not in the least!

  6. Mike 2 says

    Wow really, people arguing over a TV show. Sure I’ve thought shows that have been canceled unfairly deserved better, eg NBC’s Life, or SciFi’s Farscape, just to name 2. But cussing out a series for getting renewed, come on, really? That fact that 30 Rock gets all its acclaim & is still on TV commmpletely baffles me, but it doesn’t evoke the vitriolic response Sir Jeremy has for Big Bang. Not surprisingly, I loooove this show. Besides Modern Family, it’s the only other MUST-SEE comedy on our DVR.

    You don’t have to like the show (quite frankly I’m glad not everyone does, because nerds can’t rule the world if there is no one to rule over) but it’s really easy… Just don’t watch it. Oh BTW, cussing isn’t a sign of low intelligence. I cuss like a sailor & I’m pretty damn smart. Responding like a 2 year old who lost his toy, and calling it “MAIMI” Medical (did they base it in “FLOIRDA?”), that helps your case…. BAZZZINGA!

  7. Jim says

    That’s the difference between the audience of the big bang theory and Jeremy Rynek. While all Jeremy can do is use foul language with caps as a reason to kill a TV show, Big bang fans see the humor and can explain with reason what makes it a good show. So far all I get from Jeremy and his pal Mike is the big bang should be cancelled because they don’t like it. Maybe that is why the Big Bang will never be for everyone. It is a show based on very intelligent people and how they behave. I can see why Jeremy has no connection to that. But for the rest of us who appreciate some effort and humor the Big Bang Theory is awesome! Glad it got renewed.

    • Jeremy Rynek says

      Are you impying that I have a low IQ or just stupid? And are you seriously saying you have never gotten ticked off when the shows you love get canceled and the shows you hate get renewed? And by using the same logic that you said why I wanted it canceled, you like the show, therefore you want it renewed. So your just lashing out at me and my ‘pal’ Mike just how I was lashing out at the end result here. I said it was stupid while your saying it’s humorous. Maybe I like to curse when I’m pissed, but your no better than I’m by your own logic. And just curious what sitcoms do you like? How I met yur mother, two and a half men? That’s what I thought. There’s shows we love and others we hate, simple as that. Feel free to attack me again if you want. Hell I encourage it.

      • says

        Everyone is entitled to their opinions and can post them about shows, networks, etc. here. We don’t tolerate attacks against other posters and their opinions.

        • Jeremy Rynek says

          Ok sorry if I broke any rules. But I can’t say the same for Jim. I do have some strong opinions. And mine were dead set negative. Him being a big fan of the show, being a big tv fan can understand wheres he’s coming from. But I’m not gonna say i’m sorry for my opinions though.

          • says

            @Jeremy Rynek: You didn’t break the rules. I just wanted you and others to know we don’t allow “attacks.” Feel free to agree or disagree with each other but just do it in a respectful way. Thanks.

  8. Mike says

    Despite Jeremy’s “anger issues”, I’m with him.
    So many great shows are canceled or screwed with (Criminal Intent, Terriers just to name two) yet goofy crap like this stays on the air. Unbelievable.

  9. Sean says

    Sounds like Jeremy has some anger issues to deal with. Seriously though, this is the funniest show on television right now. I was wondering how the move from Monday to Thursday would affect the show. It looks like it has thrived, and I am THRILLED to see that it will be on for another 3 years.

    • Jeremy Rynek says

      Maybe I do have some ‘anger issue’ I’ll admit it. But it still doesn’t change the fact that this is absolute BUULLS**T. Just look at it from my point of view will you. All my favorite shows die in the first few years. And the ones I hate keep getting renewed and it really pisses me off when the ones I really hate get renewed for 3 seasons.

  10. Jeremy Rynek says


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