The Deep End: Mixed Review Debut; Cancel or Keep It?

The Deep EndABC unveiled their new legal drama, The Deep End, last night. The promos say that it’s like a cross between Grey’s Anatomy and L.A. Law. Can it get the same kind of big ratings?

The Deep End follows the lives of five eager and young first-year associates in a top Los Angeles law firm. It features the talents of Matt Long, Ben Lawson, Tina Majorino, Norbert Leo Butz, Leah Pipes, Billy Zane, Sherri Saum, Clancy Brown, Mehcad Brooks, and Rachelle Lefevre.

Interestingly, this is ABC’s second attempt at doing this show. There was another pilot that was shot in 2008 with some different actors in some of the roles. Zane replaced Roger Bart, Pipes filled Morena Baccarin’s role, and Saum replaced Gail O’Grady. Based on the mixed (at best) reviews the current version has received, the network might have been better off sticking with the original pilot.

Should Deep End be cancelled?

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The young legal drama got off to a disappointing start last night with just 7.07 million viewers and a horrible 1.8/5 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. That put the show in third place in total viewers and in fourth place for the target demographic. That is not a good start, especially compared to FlashForward’s debut in the same timeslot.

On top of that, new shows typically lose about at least 10% of the viewership in week two. Deep End will get even tougher competition when Survivor returns in early February.

ABC has six more episodes of Deep End waiting to be aired. If the ratings don’t improve, it’s very unlikely we’ll be seeing any more.

TV show supportIf the numbers fall, they could pull the series before all of the episodes have aired or they might just keep it on to fill space until the Winter Olympics are over and FlashForward returns on March 18th.

What do you think? Is this series on too early? Is this legal show worth watching or is it a crime against the audience? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. Anonymous says

    the show is really is good. i love it. it is too early for people to judge or rate the show because it’s new. it has aired just 3 or 4 episodes and people are already judging it, that’s so wrong. it’s too early for condenmation. how can they think of taking it off. the cast is awesome and it makes you wanna watch it more than once a week. I LOVE THE DEEP END..PLEASE DONT TAKE IT OFF.

  2. jomo2009 says

    It should be cancelled for one reason. Billy Zane made a virulently anti-American and anti-Semitic movie in Turkey a few years ago. It also starred the brain damaged Gary Busey and was a calumny upon American soldiers. This series should be offed, post- haste!

    • Sarah says

      Seriously? Dont hate on the show because of something one of the actors portrayed in YEARS ago. If I did that with every show that I watched, there would be nothing left to do but stare blankly at the screen twiddling my thumbs! Get over it!
      I thought that the show was really good for just starting out. I dont understand why people wont just give this show a chance. It has only been airing for three episodes. OMG you people are impatient. If it doesn’t grab your interest in the first minute you are fine pulling to cord to hang the show.
      And by the way, I hate Grey’s Anatomy and its writer. They both suck!

  3. Julien says

    im quite addicted, i always watch it on mondays on a free hour that i have during the day, until it helps not being bored for 60 minutes, i say keep it, and if they do cancel it, i hope they will make a satisfying ending

  4. John says

    I think the show has potential. The young characters are interesting enough. I’m looking forward to watching Dylan act like less of a “boy scout”. I don’t want to listen to Beth cry because her Daddy doesn’t like her. Addy is funny, albeit a little childish at times, but I have to wonder can she deliver dramatically. Liam is funny and intriguing. Just when I think I’ve got him figured out I find out that I’m wrong. The writers need to remember that this is a law firm representing powerful people. Cliff, Susan, Hart, and Rowdy should be getting into big-time professional confrontations, with the young newbies growing into their jobs. Watching Cliff and Susan try to balance their professional and personal lives will be interesting…I just hope Cliff becomes a little more likable. I think it would be a good move to bring Katie back. Dylan needs a woman and Susan needs a female rival. In the first couple of episodes the cases were so quickly and easily resolved. A custody battle over in one episode? WRONG! The owner of a corporation hands the reins over to another man when he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Beth just lets it go? COME ON! These are the kinds of legal battles that this show should be featuring for the long-term. This show needs to provide us with intense legal battles that made LA Law great, the highly intelligent characters that made the West Wing so realistic, an appropriate amount of comic and romantic intrigue that makes Grey’s Anatomy so special, the feeling of wealth and power that made Dynasty work, and huge life altering secrets that everyone can’t wait to see revealed like on any daytime soap. If they blend that all in together this show can work.

  5. SexyGrannyThea says

    Good Grief!! What I would like to know is how are the ratings being tracked? Almost everyone today records things on a DVR and watches it later, unless it’s a competition show that you vote on or such as that. EVERYONE I know records one to two shows in the same time slot since more than one show you want to see is aired at the same time.
    HOW DO THEY TRACK THAT? Until they devise a way to do so, they are throwing money away by not giving these shows a chance.

  6. Matt says

    I’m willing to see where this goes. Maybe it will get better. They should have ended the episode sooner. Give it some suspense, so people will tune in for the second episode. We’ll see what happens.

  7. michelle says

    I watched the show or tried to anyway but it was hard to keep my interest, It was almost like a really bad version of Ally Mcbeal mashed in with a little bit of somethin not quite right. I believe they should get rid of it and put Eastwick in its timeslot. Ugly Betty has taken over Eastwicks slot and Im also not a fan of Ugly betty!

  8. Jake says

    The background music was so loud that the dialogue became unintelligible. I cannot tell you if the show has any promise.

  9. Ashley says

    I say they keep the show. I like the first episode even thought the ebd was totally perdictable. How ever i still think tht people will tune in.

  10. says

    Keep. Although I didn’t like how the end was set up, because it was too obvious, and not compelling enought to get people to return for episode 2.

  11. Lizzy says

    I really wanted to like this show. I just found it to be a depressing commentary on how nasty and cutthroat many rich people can be. While unlikeable characters are, of course, an integral part of any drama, there weren’t any characters in this show who I really liked. Sure, some were good people with consciences, but I didn’t feel any real empathy for them. I thought the show tried to hard to make its rich, cutthroat-lawyer point and ended up almost as a parody. I was particularly turned off by the lawyer “forced” to have sex with a client. Lame. Boring. I found the characters to be stereotypes and when the show ended, so did my curiosity.

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