The Dresden Files: Sci Fi Series Cancelled After One Season

Dresden FilesAfter months of uncertainty, the fantasy/mystery series has been cancelled and won’t be returning for a second season.

The Dresden Files was based on a series of novels by Jim Butcher and followed the adventures of Harry Dresden, a wizard who helped the police solve cases. The show debuted on the Sci Fi Channel on January 21, 2007 and ran for 12 episodes. Though the series’ ratings weren’t very strong, a loyal fanbase had hoped that Dresden Files would be renewed for a sophomore year. That didn’t happen and Sci Fi has now confirmed that the series is done.

Perhaps not coincidentally, this news comes on the same day that its been announced that Dresden Files star Paul Blackthorne has joined the cast of new ABC drama Big Shots. Blackthorne will play a high-powered CEO that draws the envy of characters played by Joshua Malina, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus, and Michael Vartan. Big Shots will begin airing this Fall on Thursday nights, following Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Michelle says

    I loved that show. I was just checking to see when it would be back on. They keep scare tactics but cancel Dresden Files. Does not make sense.

  2. katina says

    I absoulty love this show very disappointed in sci fi cancel some off the less significate shows you have so we the people can be entertain please.

  3. tama57 says

    Just another disappointed fan. Why would such a fantastic show be cancelled?? I guess it’s the same guy who decided not to use M&M’s on ET .Bad decision!!!!! Sci-Fi you have lost it!!!!!

  4. April says

    It really is too bad this series was cancelled. Both my boyfriend and I really got into it and were hoping their was a 2nd season out there but obviously not. We just discovered the series on Netflix. I’m sure it would have gotten more ratings eventually if more people had known about the series.

  5. Joshua says

    the show was soo good i thought they surely bring it back but they didnt i love that spark of each episode i drawn me in from the first minute of the first episode it too bad i think if they kept it running it would of caught more people

  6. Cary Warren says

    This show is so creative! I found it on youtube and watched all 12 episodes in 2 nights. I really wish they would bring it back. While watching it I felt drawn in so much that I seemed to be a part of the show. It was a real joy to experience.

  7. Anonymous says

    I just rented the dresden file series, and i really love it. I think it is one of the most well made produce tv series. It’s funny ,thrilling ,suspence and very entertaining.They should put it back again.

  8. Eric says

    After i saw the series on tv i read all the books in the series in a year. Wish i could see more episodes. The way the films are directed lets me visualize the books that much better. Hope they will come back at some point.

  9. Anonymous says

    I’ll try again. I’m an old Florida housewife. I stumbled upon The Dresden files. I did indeed fall in love. i searched everyday with my cable’s find-a-show thingy. for the Dresden files. A few shows popped up here and there. i taped a snippet just to get Dresden’s outfit. I wanted it for a halloween costume.
    studio – have you no eyes; have you no ears; have you no heart? This show was such a feast of visionary splendor, of inordinate wit, of of of…. you fools. You stopped a classic for the ages. I miss it and I hate you.
    -Barbara Ross

  10. aunt azalea says

    Dresden Files is a sophisticated show that appealed to all ages. It was a show special enough to get me out of bed at 3 AM to watch the two hour Storm Front showing, it was special enough to inspire me to write on blogs, websites, various TV executives to protest its cancellation.
    I have not ever felt the need to do that for any other show – ever. It made its way into my heart and I believe that its cancellation is one of the most egregious mistakes that the SciFi channel is probably already regretting.

  11. patru says

    The Sci-Fi channel started out so well. Those of us who are
    sci-fi/fantesy fans finally had a channel that catered to our taste in series and movies. Unfortunatley they changed. In 2007 they had a hit on their hands in The Dresden Files series. It even beat their flagship series, Battlestar Galactica. Even though The Dresden Files was only on for twelve weeks it quickly built a fan base. Even when they changed the time it aired we found it and continued to watch.

    It is rare these days to find a series that combines supurb acting, imaginative scripts and good plots. Here at last was a hero everyone could identify with. Harry Dresden is a wizard/private detective trying to make ends meet. He only uses his powers as a wizard as a last resort, prefering instead to use logic and intellect to solve a problem or mystery. He draws on the vast experience of Bob, the ghost, to find solutions. Paul Blackthorn, Dresden, and Tarrence Mann, Bob, are excellent together. Watching them work together is a real treat.

    Valerie Cruz does a wonderful job as Lt. Murphy, a hard-working police officer who has enough trouble dealing with the world she knows. She has reluctantly been drawn into the world of magic, wizards and demons. Paul Blackthorne and Valerie Cruz seem to effortlessly portray the ambivilance between the two characters.

    It is easy to become enthralled in the stories and put day-to-day concerns aside while watching The Dresden Files. The producers and directors at Lionsgate have sucessfully blended mystery and magic.

    This is a program that the entire family can sit down together and enjoy. It is a shame that the Sci-Fi channel didn’t renew the series. It was short-sighted of them. In this era of “reality” shows and series that rely on sex and violence to support weak plots, The Dresden Files was a refreshing change. There is no telling how far the series would have gone if there had been adequate advertising and more episodes.

    It isn’t too late. The fan base still exists and we are still working to get the series back. We watch the series on every Saturday and discuss it on the Sci-Fi channel forum, come join us and discover what you have been missing.

  12. says

    The Dresden Files is one of those rare series that manages to be an excellent combination of all the best aspects of television entertainment: interesting, unique, and expertly-written stories, quality acting, original plots & storylines, and a imaginative and captivating premise!

    Harry Dresden is the perfect example of a hero of today – someone who tries their best to do what’s right and to help others – regardless of his own well-being or how difficult that may be. As an added bonus, Lt. Murphy is a leading lady with strength, courage, and skill, and who is excellent in an extremely difficult and dangerous job – Plus, unlike MOST TV leading ladies, she does it all with compassion, reasonable morals, and WITHOUT being a total shrew! These are the examples we NEED!

    The Dresden Files is loved by thousands (over 13,700 folks have signed the petition) and NBC has even admitted to Dresden having a ‘cult following’, so there really is no logical reason for the show to have not continued. Sci-Fi claims they want more female viewers – Dresden has them in DROVES. Sci-Fi’s slogan is “What If” – this series is perfect for asking & answering that question every week!

    So why hasn’t it been renewed??

    Because canceling the Dresden Files was yet another illogical, ill-informed step taken by the Sci-Fi Channel in their effort to ‘mainstream’ the channel OUT of it’s original purpose. They’ve even stated in published articles that they’re considering renaming the Channel! Seriously, just how many USA Channels do they think can survive, much less prosper??!

    Canceling a successful, beloved, quality, scifi/fantasy series such as the Dresden Files is yet another illogical, unintelligent, self-destructive step in alienating what’s left of their fan base and viewership. How many viewers do they think they’ll have once they’ve ‘mainstreamed’ the programming and filled it with ‘reality’ TV & wrestling – they’ll be splitting their viewship with the USA Channel!

    Sci-Fi Channel needs to fill the void it has left through it’s own actions of removing scifi/fantasy from the Channel: It needs to quit making low-budget, poorly written, made for Sci-Fi movies that make it hard to take the Channel seriously; It needs to air QUALITY science fiction/fantasy series; It needs to regain the trust of its viewers/fan base; It needs to put the Sci-Fi BACK INTO the Sci-Fi Channel. It can start by renewing the perfect example: the Dresden Files!!!

  13. Amanda Pike says

    Shame on the person using the Johnny Cash name deliberately trying to upset the show fans. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you should gloat or be glad that people who enjoyed it lost something that they took pleasure in. That’s pointlessly cruel. You claim to be a fan of the books but you’re glad Jim Butcher is no longer getting money from the series now that there aren’t any new episodes?

    Scifi made a huge mistake and this show is now a cult classic. It’s too bad no one is brave enough or tough enough to try to rectify the loss of this show…

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