The Dresden Files: Sci Fi Series Cancelled After One Season

Dresden FilesAfter months of uncertainty, the fantasy/mystery series has been cancelled and won’t be returning for a second season.

The Dresden Files was based on a series of novels by Jim Butcher and followed the adventures of Harry Dresden, a wizard who helped the police solve cases. The show debuted on the Sci Fi Channel on January 21, 2007 and ran for 12 episodes. Though the series’ ratings weren’t very strong, a loyal fanbase had hoped that Dresden Files would be renewed for a sophomore year. That didn’t happen and Sci Fi has now confirmed that the series is done.

Perhaps not coincidentally, this news comes on the same day that its been announced that Dresden Files star Paul Blackthorne has joined the cast of new ABC drama Big Shots. Blackthorne will play a high-powered CEO that draws the envy of characters played by Joshua Malina, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus, and Michael Vartan. Big Shots will begin airing this Fall on Thursday nights, following Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. precious says

    Ok here is the deal. I have read (well listened to, I do audio books) 12 of the Dresden Files books. I would have listened to the 13th book if Penguin Putnam, the publisher, hadn’t switched the narrator. Similar reasons are why I don’t much care about a second season of Dresden. I understand that author Jim Butcher made a statement about the series not being a reproduction of the books. I thought some of the story lines of the episodes were good. However, it is NOT OK to butcher (pun intended) the characters’ most distinguishing personality traits, that we have grown to love!!!! A hockey stick? Valerie Cruz is Murphy and not Susan Rodriguez? Murphy has a child? What about Mac’s? Dresden sleeps with a Red Court vampire? Don’t even get me started on the “High Council”. It was these and other (too numerous to count) character flaws that lead to inconsistent character development in the few episodes that aired. This book series has such potential too. It is just sad what they did to it. Penguin is sitting on a gold mine and just doesn’t know it. My now 21 yr old Harry Potter obsesed daughter is now looking for a more mature way to sate the magical fantasy void that the final movie release left in her life. We introduced her to the Dresden files. She loved them. She cannot be the only one. Try a movie in a few years Mr. Butcher but keep your characters intact.

  2. bullet says

    its bad when you have too check and see if a show has been canceld before I start it but wtf ohh well now i wish i never seen it i mean who wants too think about or create a ending in there head

  3. Volkan says

    Syfy guys are idiots. Sorry to say that :) SGU and Dresden Files were my favourites (Jericho too, but it was CBS’s). So i guess we’ll be watching more of vampire and werewolf teenager bull*hit on the upcoming days. bah..have a nice day
    (btw i’m from Turkey)

  4. SARAH says

    o my god you cant be serious i love this show it is one of the best things syfy has ever done and ya’ll stop it what the **** is wrong with you guys, did you watch it?it was amazing and im not just talking how could you just end it like that i just found out about it another channel needs to buy the ideal or something because syfy did a ****** job marketing i am just left wondering,if stuff like the dresden files and warehouse 13 stayed on syfy i probably would have still been watching it,them shows are far better than the bullshit yall been playing lately

  5. Phobus says

    syfy is in the business of cancelling good shows (SGU one of them) and putting on crap about killer gators, snakes and sharks. AND I can’t beleive that my geek channel has wrestling airing when prime time scifi should be. IDIOTS are in charge and money talks. Wrestling on syfy….yay…NOT! Arses!

  6. Robert says

    Bring back Dresden this series is awesome!!! I enjoyed every episode I watched and was expecting season 2 on netflix and was disappointed when there wasn’t.

  7. Eric says

    Something I’m curious about, besides why they didn’t renew the series, is how Jim Butcher felt about it. I mean, some of his basic premises for the series were preserved- incompatibility with modern tech, it takes a LONG time for Murphy to really believe in him, the whole idea of how hard it is to be a wizard out in public on your own; things like that- but what about the rest of it? Obviously some of it has to be rewritten to make for good television but, ultimately, it’s Mr. Butcher’s baby.

  8. JrBzrke says


    This show is AWESOME! I just discovered it on Netflix and… I think this show just wasn’t FOUND by enough people… it’s as good as anything SyFy has done!

    SyFy should have done a better job of MARKETING this! Possibly a commercial with a mock Harry Potter lead-in… that then splashes into a “This is what happens when the Harry Potters of the world grow up and have to get a Real Job”… Biff-Boom-Bang-Allakhazam!

    Side Bar: another good show that went undiscovered until Netflix… Reaper! the first few episodes were tight, but then the show settled down into a good pace.

  9. LynnDee says

    I have watches all The Dresden Files on HULU.
    Now reading the books.
    This was a great show – Just like Warehouse 13
    Bring Dresden Files back

  10. Sara says

    I WANT MY DRESDEN FILES BACK!!!!!!!!!! I just watched season 1 on Hulu and I’m in love. I can’t believe I just discovered this show and now I find out that Syfy has cancelled it. There is crap everywhere on tv and I don’t even know who the hell watch it or how they are still on, but when there is great shows on television some bureacrat who knows nothing of quality cancel it. I WANT MY DRESDEN FILES BACK!!!!!

  11. Adam says


    You’re telling me this show is cancelled??? This is bullsh*t! I just watched all twelve episodes in three days. SyFy (stupid new name and logo by the way) you are horrible! TERRIBLE.

  12. Jon says

    I just watched all of them today and I loved them its really to bad it just ended like that I thing they sould bring it back or make a new season one and cuntinue it!

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