As the World Turns: Petition to Save the Cancelled Soap

As the World Turns cancelledAfter more than 13,500 episodes, CBS has cancelled As the World Turns.

The company that actually owns the show, Proctor & Gamble, says they’d like to keep it going — perhaps online or via a cable channel. If you’d like to see the soap opera continue, let them know that you support their efforts and encourage them to keep searching to find a way to keep the show going. Here are some suggestions.

If you like the show, make sure that you tune in to watch it on CBS. Encourage your friends to do the same. The show’s decline in viewers is the reason why the show was cancelled. The higher the viewership, the more likely it is that P&G will be able to find a new home for the soap.

Consider buying P&G products. They make hundreds like Bounty, Bounce, Clairol, Crest, Dawn, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Ivory, Mr. Clean, Old Spice, Pampers, and Pringles. You can visit their site to see the full list. You probably buy some already.

Sign the petition below and let P&G know that you’ve signed it. Spread the word.

Write to P&G and let them know how you feel about the show. Tell that you’re buying their products and which ones you like. Are you a stockholder? Let them know. Be respectful and polite. The company obviously want to be able to keep Light going if they can profit from it. It can be a win-win situation for everyone. You can email or, better yet, write a letter to:
Mr. Alan Lafley, CEO, Proctor and Gamble, As the World Turns support, 1 P&G Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45201

The last episode will air on CBS in September 2010 so don’t delay!

To: Mr. Alan Lafley, CEO of Proctor and Gamble

We the undersigned are faithful viewers of As the World Turns and are dismayed that the program has been cancelled by CBS. This soap has been going for generations and we believe it should not end now.

We appreciate that you are seeking a way to continue the soap in some way once it leaves CBS in September. We implore you to keep working until this becomes a reality. We support you through the products that we purchase and will continue to support As the World Turns.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • DJCountry: US2015-06-22 10:16:35
    Please revive the show! It's the only soap opera that I really enjoy watching on daytime TV.
  • tiaCountry: USA2015-05-05 10:30:24
    Please bring ATWT back. I grew up on the show and have fond memories. Please please bring it back!!
  • Ronald FettyCountry: United States2015-03-22 12:28:39
    Bring back both As The World Turns, and Guiding Light. What CBS runs now is a joke. Brainless game shows, and The Talk is terrible gab fest.
  • Arlene yunkerCountry: united states2015-03-13 12:51:01
    I want as the world turns and guiding light back
  • Wendy AndersonCountry: United States2015-02-20 14:07:11
    The soaps that are still on the air are getting good ratings. I miss my CBS soaps: World Turns and Guiding Light. Why don't you do a mash up of both of them and bring one or the other or both back on air. I miss the characters. I started watching a soap that is still on air. I would prefer my old favorites. Consider an online version.
  • EstherCountry: Nederland2015-01-13 15:07:21
    I Would love for ATWT to come back, i really miss it and so do so many others.
  • angelo van den noordCountry: netherlands2014-11-07 09:13:06
    pls bring back as the world turns. i still miss it and i need it back. i hope they find a way to bring it back. the best show ever. hope to see u soon as the world turns.
  • Nina VerripsCountry: netherlands2014-10-07 17:06:31
    I still miss this show every day! This was the best soap ever, and it's a crime that it is cancelled. I Will never get over it. Bring it back, and cancel the Bold! The Netherlands need ATWT!
  • c pringleCountry: usa2014-10-05 22:47:53
    i grew up watching atwt its a great show that everyone loves please bring it back
  • hollyCountry: usa2014-09-26 17:31:47
    Please bring back "As the world turns" I have been watching since u was 6 years old and I'm now 35 please! Please!please bring it back!
  • JenniferCountry: usa2014-09-16 23:20:31
    I grew up watching this show with my grandma and continued to watch until the last show I miss it so much please bring it back that we'd be wonderful
  • Serina SankesCountry: Nederland2014-07-30 14:17:12
    Please please let as the world turns come backkkkkk pleasee, there s no other show like this one bricg back all tje caracters back and continuing the episodes
  • LaJana MarzettCountry: United States2014-07-28 14:38:41
    I absolutely love As The World Turns, literally grew up on it, I would love to see it come back!!!!
  • Barbara GlynnCountry: USA2014-07-01 13:47:45
    Please bring back as the world turns. I watched this for forty years! Starting with my grandmother, my mother and then my daughter
  • MattCountry: America2014-05-20 13:12:50
    Bring this show back. It was great and I know a lot of people would watch it.
  • Marti thompsonCountry: USA2014-04-26 22:39:49
    I hate the talk...bring back atwt
  • TravisCountry: USA2014-04-23 21:38:17
    Please bring it back.
  • ColtonCountry: United States2014-03-30 01:19:18
    Please bring it back. I remember growing up and watching it with my mom. I remember watching the last episode with her and she cried and I felt so bad. Even I loved the show. Please please please bring it back.
  • michelle scottCountry: United States2014-03-26 20:37:22
    Please bring back As The World Turns.
  • Shannon BeamsCountry: USA2014-03-23 18:20:30
    Loved & still miss ATWT!! Please bring it back ... I and many I know will be loyal watchers!! :)
  • JohnCountry: Australia2014-03-06 04:51:18
    Please bring back ATWT! It was the best American day time drama ever! So many ground breaking television moments. To the end it was quality television - it needs to come back.
  • JohnCountry: Australia2014-03-06 04:51:18
    Please bring back ATWT! It was the best American day time drama ever! So many ground breaking television moments. To the end it was quality television - it needs to come back.
  • Ethel F.Country: USA2014-02-11 22:07:25
    I sincerely miss As The World Turns. I watched it for years, I'm 87 now and I still miss it. Please re-consider and bring it back to CBS at the same time slot. It had the best plots, story lines and actors. Please bring it back with the same cast - if possible.
  • M. HaymanCountry: USA2014-02-05 11:39:32
    As the World Turns was a brilliant show. It had largely believable plots; an outstanding cast of accomplished actors; writing that was unique; character development that vastly surpassed other soaps; and story lines that respected the intelligence of its viewership. The show's wholesome qualities were a perfect match for the product image a company such as P&G should try to cultivate. To keep ahead of the competition, the company should absolutely jump aboard the recent revival trend, and bring back this American classic daytime drama. It would enormously please the many millions of ATWT viewers, promote renewed loyalty to an old American company, and demonstrate a caring attitude by P&G in a show that epitomizes American values.
  • Donna H.Country: USA2014-01-31 14:27:13
    Please bring As The World Turns back, with the most recent cast. It had such a perfect amount of comedy & drama, which made it unique to the other soaps that are out there. I miss it so much!
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