Bob’s Burgers: FOX’s New Animated TV Series; Cancel or Keep It?

Bob's BurgersThe FOX network recently introduced another TV show to their Sunday night “Animation Domination” line-up, Bob’s Burgers. How will this stack up against the other animated sitcoms? Will it be quickly renewed or end up being cancelled?

Bob’s Burgers revolves around Bob Belcher (H. Jon Benjamin), a third generation restaurateur who operates Bob’s Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids. He has big ideas about the food he serves but knows little about customer service and business management. The restaurant is constantly struggling and there are times when it doesn’t seem like his family is on his team. His wife, Linda (John Roberts), supports his dream through thick and thin but is tiring of it. Eldest daughter Tina (Dan Mintz) is a 13-year-old hopeless romantic with minimal social skills. Son Gene (Eugene Mirman) is an aspiring musician and prankster and youngest child Louise (Kristen Schaal) has an off-balance sense of humor but loves her dad’s business.

The new show debuted on January 9th and, thanks in part to the afternoon’s NFL Wildcard Playoff game, had a great premiere. The first episode of Bob’s Burgers scored a 4.5 in the 18-49 demographic and 9.38 million total viewers. Those numbers were good enough to make it the best performing network premiere of the season to date.

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Unfortunately that success was short-lived. Only about half as many of those viewers came back to watch in week two. The second episode dropped to a 2.5 rating in the demo and 5.07 million viewers. The most recent episode attracted a 2.2 rating, a further decline of 12% in the demo, and 4.81 million total viewers.

Thanks to the fantastic premiere numbers, Bob’s Burgers still averages a 3.1 rating and 6.42 million viewers. If the ratings keep declining or even if they just stay the same, that average will sink lower. Sandwiched between The Simpsons and Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers doesn’t come close to matching their ratings. That seems to indicate that some FOX viewers are making a conscious effort to skip the newbie series. FOX execs are likely wondering if other shows might make better use of the timeslot. They already have a couple new animated series in the works.

Back in October, FOX ordered six additional scripts for the series. Because it can take months to produce new episodes, the order would allow the series to remain in continuous production. The network has yet to order additional episodes be actually produced however. The network is likely waiting to see if the ratings even off or get better before committing to its future.

What do you think? Do you like Bob’s Burgers? Does the humor go too far? Cancel or keep it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lai-Lai says

    Unfunny jokes, bad art style, annoying characters…Let the folks who enjoy it keep it. I’ll just change the channel.

  2. sweet says

    Bob’s burger is so funny! My favorite character is Tina she’s so funny! I love the show don’t cancel the show its great and super funny!!!!!!!

  3. adam says

    at least this show makes GOOD AND CLEAN jokes. not family guy. don”t get me wrong i love all shows on animation domination. its just family guy is running out of ideas and they make some horrible jokes like making fun of micheal j fox. KEEP BOB’S BURGERS AND ALL OF THE OTHER ANIMATIONS!!

  4. Over12 says

    If you guys honestly love this show so much, watch cartoons like “Adventure Time” and leave primetime network television to people who need a little more effort than those shows to be entertained. “*Guffaw* So random!” That’s the best this show can hope to elicit. It’s actually somehow worse than The Cleveland Show.

  5. Kim says

    Hi ! I love bob’s burgers cut something else not this show this show is very funny i just love it .It’s very very funny its more funny then so many others . Put more new episodes man i love this show cancel this show it will be not good .

  6. Abby Trudell says

    I posted this site on my facebook wall so people vote KEEP IT.
    I am not even kidding. I would go crazy and die if you discontinue.
    DON’T. I swear. DON’T stop it. KEEP MAKING THEM.

  7. Abby Trudell says

    I’ve watched ALL their episodes in one day. The next day, the same thing.
    I will watch them all every day of my life until you keep posting more, FOX.
    We all love it.
    Critics have NO idea what they’re talking about!!!!!
    Please)= keep it<333

  8. Abby Trudell says

    In my opinion, and MANY others, i would absoultely spaz out and drop DEAD if they discontinued this show.
    It is the funniest, more halarious show known to man!(=
    I am currently obsessed with it, more than South Park..if you can believe that(;
    please..DON’T take it away)=
    Leave it on!!!!! Once it becomes a more popular show and is aired more, MANY more people will watch it.
    It’s not the filthy (although quite halarious) graphics and language family guy has. it’s better, and not so disgusting. Adults would also approve of their children of watching this, rather than other shows.
    please, keep it on.
    I would go completely insane if it was cancelled.
    I love this show<3

  9. mitch says

    lso not to be over oppinionated i just wish shows would stop trying to replace the simpons not that mikes burgers are any more guilty of this than any other show these days..
    thanks for your consideration

  10. Renee says

    My son and i watched every episode over and over again we never laughed so hard cant even believe that it would be considered getting cancelled!!!!

  11. Britt says

    Bobs burgers is such an awesome show!!! The Cleveland show sux and should have been cancelled LONG ago!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!! It’s sad that the fox people should really pay more attention to what people want. Even family guy is just not funny anymore, but American dad still kicks ass!!!! but really I looooove bobs burgers and I really hope they thrive!!!!!

    • Abby Trudell says

      I agree. The Clevelan Show isn’t funny…AT ALL.
      I’ve watched quite a few episodes just cause, and i haven’t laughed even ONCE.
      I lost interest soo much.
      It’s a horrible show.
      Bob’s Burgers on the other hand is my ADDICTION XD I show go to rehab for my insane addiction over this amazing show<33
      It's the funniest thing known to man(=

  12. Michael Tuminello says

    I want new episodes of Bob’s burgers!!!!! You leave the cleaveland show on but take off Bobs? Someone needs fired!! Best show to air since the family guy and even that is close. BOBS BURGERS OR NO MORE FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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