Chuck: Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) on the Season (or Series) Finale

ChuckJust like last year, it looks like the fate of Chuck on NBC is going to come down to the wire. If the worst happens, will fans be satisfied with the last episode?

Chuck follows a geeky electronics store employee (Zachary Levi) whose life is turned upside down when a database of top secret government information is downloaded into his brain. The series cast includes Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay, and Julia Ling.

This season, the ratings started out strong (for NBC) with a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demo and 7.45 million viewers. Unfortunately, they’ve fallen quite a bit and hit a low of a 1.9 in the demo and 5.46 million. While the early numbers would have assured Chuck a third season, the later numbers put that possibility into question.

If Chuck is cancelled, it doesn’t sound like this season’s finale, just like last year’s, will offer a satisfying conclusion to the series. In a recent interview, McPartlin (“Captain Awesome” himself) had this to say.

PW: Earlier in the season Awesome toyed with taking Ellie to Africa before changing his mind — but I could have sworn I saw a jungle and tiger in this promo. What gives?
Ryan: You might see Ellie and Awesome going to Africa. There’s some pretty cool stuff coming up. The writers and production team went all out — the next couple of episodes really take us through to the end of the season and introduce a new element of suspense and cliffhangers.

PW: So there are cliffhangers?
Ryan: Yea, they had to try and match last year and I think they’ve done a good job. Hopefully they can keep one-upping themselves if we get another season. There’s a bunch of Ring stuff you’ll never see coming. Just when you think its predictable, they throw in a killer twist.

PW: That’s an interesting choice since “Chuck’s” future is still up in the air. Do you think they did that to not give NBC an easy out?
Ryan: They definitely didn’t want to let people off too easily. There is a moment in the season finale when you think we’re wrapping up everything nice and neat. That’s when we pull the rug out from underneath you.

PW: Are you frustrated to be back in this boat of not knowing if you’ll be back for a fourth season?
Ryan: Of course it’s a little frustrating to be back where we were a year ago. Its not a comment on the show — I think we’re doing great work — it’s more of a comment on the state of network TV. You can see why Conan went to cable. At the same time, NBC has been very supportive the whole time, but I think now especially they need to not look at the brand — not the ratings — and figure out what kind of network they want to be. I think “Chuck” would be a great cornerstone of that brand.

What do you think? Will you be happy if Chuck ends this way? Should they have filmed an alternate ending, just in case?

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  1. karen gan says

    i really like chuck, i mean, it’s a really great show. it has laughs and sad moments and i guess it what keeps me watching, for the past 3 seasons, the emotional roller coaster the characters had to go through was just really amazing.

    i mean, from the very beginning to what i saw last night, its just a blast, i hope there’s more episodes or seasons to come, i dont expect a 10 season too but at least give more seasons to give a good closure series finale.

    nbc should make this a brand and not just a rating tool.

  2. Joel Schoenberg says

    Chuck is fantastic. NBC needs to realize that Chuck plays to the age group that is steadily becoming the dominate force in america. The show is funny, sexy, interesting, and keeps me wanting more. Please don’t screw over your loyal fan base. You air some shows that I think are terrible, but I recognize they play to a certain type of audience. Chuck may not be watched by everyone, but it is very important millions of paying individuals. I am not expecting a 10 season series, but a 4th season would make so many people happy. Thanks.

  3. Steve W. says

    First off, I love Chuck. It’s easily my favorite show on tv, and I never miss an episode. If NBC abandons this show, then I have absolutely no intention of giving any of their new shows a chance. Why should I? If I end up liking it, it’ll just get canceled anyway. That seems to be NBC’s track record (meanwhile, the shows I can’t stand seem to stick around for ever).
    As for the actual question of whether they should alter the season finale in case it ends up being a series finale, my answer is absolutely not. One of the best all time finales, considering the type of show it was, was Quantum Leap’s series finale. Now, I’m not saying that it was one of the all-time greatest shows, but it’s finale was perfect. Within one episode, they brought the characters full circle, and had the hero go back and right a major wrong in his best friend’s life (one that haunted him every day thereafter). They also found a way to let the hero know that his work was not an accident at all, but that he was fulfilling a greater destiny and that his progress was being monitored by a higher power. As he found this out, he was also informed that this opportunity was simply a small rest in preparation for greater challenges to come. Sometimes the best ending is one in which there is no ending, simply a resolution of previous issues and the idea that the heroic journey will continue. The viewer is left with the idea that, while the struggle continues, the right group or individual is also continuing to do what needs to be done to protect those who are either unaware of or incapable of handling the coming troubles.

  4. thegrimmling says

    We somewhat saw them together at the end of season 2 and within 10 min of season 3, it was all over.

    I am waiting for some sort of “mind-wipe” device to be used on characters to reset them back into not knowing Chuck’s secret. I am watching the show, but I am skeptical on what will happen.

    On a side note, does anyone else feel that CSI:Miami jumped the shark with the blonde talking to dead people?

  5. 1019 says

    “Chuck flashes, beats people up, and him and Sarah never get together. That sums-up 90% of the season.”

    You should watch the last few episodes then. Sarah and Chuck are together, finally. Chuck coming through without relying on the Intersect is explicitly dealt with. The character development on this show is above and beyond anything else on TV today, and the acting is absolutely top-notch too (Yvonne Strahovski is easily one of the most talented actresses in the world today, in particular – and she and Zach Levi are absolutely amazing together).

  6. thegrimmling says

    I watch Chuck, but most of this season has been a disappointment. Chuck’s ability is a bit too high and allows an “easy-out” every episode. Chuck flashes, beats people up, and him and Sarah never get together. That sums-up 90% of the season.

    The show needs more Lester and Jeff.

  7. Kev N'sync says

    Chuck is great television .You get action suspence comedy and even a love story all in an hour a week.NBC needs to man up and give this show a two year extention.

  8. Lexi says

    Chuck is, by far, the most entertaining show on NBC if not on TV in general. If NBC were to cancel Chuck, they would be making a huge mistake. Chuck has an awesome fan base , including myself that would do literally anything to save this show (Subway, anyone?). I hope that NBC will do the right thing and realize that they need to keep something great when they’ve got it.

  9. Kay Lhota says

    I envy those people with Neilsen Meters because they are the ones that have the power to keep or cancel TV programs just by watching them. My family and I love “Chuck,” and we never miss an episode. Last year after the Season 2 finale I stepped up my personal campaign of trying to get my friends and extended family to watch “Chuck,” so that I could continue to see my favorite program. Looking forward to the next 5 weeks and 6 hours of “Chuck,” but I am going to be very upset with NBC if they drop this jewel of a show for extra episodes of “Minute to Win It.”

  10. angelpoo12 says

    We Chuck fans on Twitter have been fighting (Tweeting) Tooth & Nail to Keep Chuck and We are determined to keep Tweeting till we know for certain Chuck has a S4. There are Many Chuck fans that do not have Nielsen Boxes or know how to get one plus Chuck has a WORLDWIDE fan base also. Chuck is the ONLY SHOW I really Like so NBC would be making a devastating mistake if there’s not a S4 because There’s not another show I watch except Local News, Today Show, and 8 West (Local Show) & NBC News when I have a chance I like. If I work Late Mon I watch Chuck ASAP on the Web. Plus some of my co-workers Love Chuck too Myrtha,Hazel & Sally Love Chuck & Mom too

  11. says

    This is pathetic. CHUCK is one of the only shows on NBC (like David said) and if they cancel it they’ll be killing a winner.
    The problem, and I really think this is it, is that Nielson rules the ratings game while TIVO is the place most people watch their shows. Almost no one watches shows “live” anymore.
    Take TIVO’s ratings into the mix and you’ll see that Chuck’s ratings are great.

    Here’s my NBC list right now:
    Chuck and Who Do You Think You Are

    Sad, really.

  12. david says

    chuck is great!!!! nbc has no good shows, they need shows, and chuck is prob. the only good show on there, if they lose that, they will have nuthin!! bring it back!!

  13. says

    I’m thoroughly hooked on Chuck and think they did a great job of stepping it up this year. The problem is making a break from the store and the cast associated with it. It was necessary in season 1 and served a purpose for the first part of season 2 but we should have long ago moved the storyline along without those support members. I am excited for season 4 and begging NBC to stay with the show for another 19 edisodes, just change up the cast and location with Devon, Ellie, Chuck, Sarah, And John as the season 4 cast.

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