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The Dick Van Dyke Show: Watch Rob Petrie’s Cameo on Diagnosis: Murder

Dick Van DykeIt’s always fun to see classic TV show characters pop up — if it’s handled well. The appearance of Carol (Marcia Wallace) from The Bob Newhart Show as one of the secretaries on Murphy Brown comes to mind as one that was well done.

In the 1990s, Dick Van Dyke starred in a medical mystery series that also featured Barry Van Dyke, Victoria Rowell, Scott Baio, Charlie Schlatter, Michael Tucci, and Delores Hall. Over the course of its run, Diagnosis: Murder reunited lots of classic TV show actors and resurrected several characters as well.

One of the strangest is from the last episode of season five, called “Obsession, Part Two.” In the May 14, 1998 installment, Dr. Mark Sloan is visiting a radio station early in the morning and might not be quite awake yet. He briefly stumbles onto Rob Petrie from The Dick Van Dyke Show. It’s the one cameo no one was expecting.

It’s brief but fun to see…

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Robert Howe April 17, 2010 at 2:29 pm

That was Great! My favorite scenes on The Dick Van Dyke Show took place in the writer’s office. I think that’s where I decided to become a writer. Then, when I knew George Burns for all those years and spent a lot of time at his office with his writers, it was just like being in the room with Rob, Sally and Buddy. Si Jacobs, Hal Goldman, Fred Fox (George’s writers) were always one upping each other. It was great!


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