In Treatment: HBO TV Series Cancelled; No Season Four, But…

In Treatment canceledIt looks like the doctor is out — for now. HBO has cancelled In Treatment after the seasons on the air but may be interested in keeping the series going in another form.

Starring Gabriel Byrne as Dr. Paul Weston, In Treatment first aired in January 2008 and ran five nights a week. That didn’t perform as well as expected so it was reduced to two episodes twice a week for seasons two and three. While In Treatment has been a favorite with some critics, the ratings haven’t kept up. The season three finale, which aired in December, attracted just 253,000 viewers.

Byrne noted that the role was quite demanding in that it required him to memorize large amounts of dialogue in a short amount of time. He was nominated for two Emmy Awards and appeared in all 121 episodes of the series. Dianne Wiest won a supporting actress Emmy and Glynn Turman won in the guest actor category. In 2009, In Treatment won the WGA Award for best new series.

Though In Treatment may be done as a regular series, HBO is interested in a new incarnation. A statement from HBO states, “It’s true that we have no plans to continue with In Treatment as previously formatted. However, we are in continued conversations with the executive producers to find another way to continue telling these rich stories.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that there won’t be a fourth season of In Treatment? Would you like to see it continue in another form?

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  1. says

    I would love to see this show continue. Some episodes were so riveting, in particular the one with the man from India, Sunil, who was living with his son and daughter in law. Hope it will continue in some form.

  2. says

    I was just talking to a friend about this show and how much we miss it and hoped it would be on again. It is one of the few shows that I looked forward to watching weekly and would very much like to see a Season 4.
    I agree with the others that it was such an insightful and helpful show and Dr. Weston exemplifies what one would look for in a therapist…and a person, dark and brooding that he can sometimes be.

  3. Jan says

    I loved this show!! Having it cancelled is another reason why HBO disappoints. Just when you find a show, and fall in love with it- HBO cancels it without closure. Another example is Carnavel.

  4. says

    I’ve read many of the comments about “In Treatment” perhaps coming back in “another format”. Really saddens me to think that this remarkable program, which offers a glimpse into the real world of delusion and therapy, is not welcomed by more viewers. There are few programs that have ever had such a powerful effect on me.

  5. Yvonne Crawford says

    Wow.. Too bad.. Great show!!! No surprise , dialogue , and people with issues that are real… Let’s have another CSI!!! That’s real

  6. says

    Have just seem All of season III this weekend and I must repeat myself. It is absolutely brillant!! SO well performed!!!! Please make a season IV. I really want to see how Paul Weston deals with his crisis as a therapist!!! And please show us more of these real life people problems. It makes people understand what therapy can be – and what it can and cannot do! Susanne Gjersing ( a Danish psychologist)

  7. Lee Boon Tong says

    Please bring the season 4 back.
    I am aged 48. I have never seen a drama so deeply probe into inner self and every episode brings insightful and inspirational self-awareness and self-growth. It actually encourages us to face our inner self which many people avoid or dare not to.
    If Oprah is the Queen of Interview shows, then, I would vote In Treatment to be the King of Drama shows.
    Please, bring the season 4 back ! Please !

  8. Dena Baby says

    I’m so sad there won’t be a season 4 !!! This is one of my all time favorite shows! So thought provoking! Please reconsider!!!!

  9. Lauren says

    I can’t believe there will not be a season 4, it was one of the best shows I have watched. I don’t think the show was given a chance!

  10. says

    I own the first 3 seasons; learn something each time I watch them – often about my own behaviors. I’ve heard of 3 therapists in 3 different states suggesting to a patient that she/he watch the series to get an idea of how much help an insightful therapist such as Dr. W. can help if they’re willing to take the risk of revealing themselves.
    I love the show – the writing, the acting, the truths; my friend’s husband is a psychotherapist who seems to have good insight into the plights of others but is rather screwed up himself; the show has helped his wife to deal with him more sensitively.
    Please find a way to continue this series; does every single show have to be enormously popular? Mad Men is clever, but In Treatment has depth.

  11. Richard says

    Very sad to hear this news. I was just wondering when the new season would start and after this search results I am not terribly pleased. The stories and actors on In Treatment were some of the best on TV ever. If there is anyway HBO can continue the show in another form I will be there eagerly awaiting its premier!

  12. Eileen says

    I am really sorry to find out the show was cancelled – couldn’t wait for the next season! Came here to impatiently search what’s going on. The show had very high quality, both in script and acting, as well as a good dose of real substance! It’s a shame the format will be changed towards being more slick and fast probably. I liked the ‘warmth’ of having 4 patients + supervision, 1 person each day, with 5 life stories, interesting conversations as well as relationship dynamics, which gave it a touch of reality to symbolising a therapist’s career. I sincerely hope the changes in the show won’t damage the therapist-patient relationship or the length and substance of the conversations. I wish you wouldn’t have cancelled, and had put the show on a different time schedule or something instead, to see if more people are watching, or else don’t take the *damn* viewing numbers so literaly, but just recognize quality! Why does everything have to be so ridiculously popular?

  13. Donna says

    I loved all three seasons of “In Treatment”!! Very sorry to hear the series was cancelled….
    It was one of the most compelling shows on TV. HBO or otherwise…. BTW, if Gabriel Byrne was my therapist, I’d want to be in therapy every day of the week, that’s for sure!!! :)

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