Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue: ABC Orders Two More Scripts of Each

ABC has reportedly ordered two more episodes of Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. Is this a positive sign for full season orders?

Last Resort debuted to a mediocre 2.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 9.31 million viewers. The second episode dropped 14% in both categories and the third installment dropped another 16% in the demo. This week’s episode bumped up a little, by 6%. The drama averages a 1.9 in the demo with 7.81 million viewers.

666 Park Avenue premiered to an also-disappointing 2.1 rating in the demo with 6.9 million viewers. The second episode dropped 19% in the demo and 28% in viewership. Week three saw declines of 12% and 3% respectively. It currently averages a 1.8 in the demo and 5.57 million.

As you can see, neither of these shows is a hit and their numbers may very well may keep falling. By ordering two additional scripts for each of them, ABC is buying themselves a bit of time before deciding on the futures of the shows.

Other than Private Practice (which is ending), they’re ABC’s lowest-rated dramas and seem destined to be cancelled. It looks like Nashville will soon be in the same boat.

Because all of ABC’s new shows are ratings disappointments, it looks like the network is biding their time, waiting to see if any of them show positive signs of growth.

What do you think? Do you watch either Last Resort or 666 Park Avenue? Do you think either or both will get full season orders? Will either get a second season?

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  1. Jenna says

    KISS YOUR AWARDS GOODBYE ABC!!!!! 666 Park is an amazing show! It’s filled with soooo much suspence…I ALWAYS want more! Plus love the cast!!!!

  2. Nonna says

    I love Park Ave 666 and Private Practice but, have to admit Grey’s Anatomy is great. I think people have just not watched Park Ave 666 because they thought it would be scary. It’s very suspenseful , not scary. Give it one more chance and advertise on suspense instead do scary.

  3. 666 Park Ave Fan says

    We love 666 Park Avenue, each episode leaves wanting more. We’re soooo disappointed and wish ABC would reconsider such a poor decision. Bad ABC!

  4. Dara says

    I LIKE 666 Park Avenue! Please don’t cancel. I really wonder why mindless shows like 2 and a half men & 2 broke girls stay on the air? WHO watches that stuff??!!

  5. Erin says

    I love 666 Park. It’s interesting, original, suspenseful… It’s great. Every show I like gets cancelled, though, so I suppose I don’t have good taste in TV.

    Awake was one of my favorite new shows last season and that one got canned, too.

    The fact that shows like Two and a Half Men stay one and intelligence shows like 666 Park get cancelled will always drive me nuts.

  6. Chris says

    I hate ABC. It’s the same thing every year! Tons of new shows and most of them getting cancelled. And what about this “full season orders”? I don’t know about last resort, but 666 was supposed to get a 13 ep season anyways..! It’s already on its 8th ep so i don’t see why i t should get cancelled, they should at least give it a nice, rational ending, it deserves it! Now as regards which show deserves a second season, i think that would/should be 666. Being a viewer of both 666 and last resort, i like 666 more. That’s probably because i love this kind of genre most. But seriously last resort is unbelievable and boring as hell. And i don’t get the fuss about the writing and the acting. Writing and the dialogues are below average – reminds me of soap operas- and the acting is just descent! I m not saying that 666 has great writing or acting but i thing that it evolves ep by ep and it’s the only one that has room for more and evolution/improvement.

  7. San says

    Why are the networks so quick to pull the plug on new shows? ABC, it is very frustrating to the viewers when you cancel shows that we become vested in. You leave the viewer hanging with story lines unresolved. If these shows including Nashville are cancelled then I am done with ABC for good. Why should I spend my time showing support to ABC when you don’t care enough about the shows you release to give them a fighting chance. It takes more than a short season to gain viewership. Come on ABC try something new and start believing in some of your shows!

  8. says

    I can hardly wait a week between episodes of Last Resort. I love the action and suspense it offers. I guess like many shows…it shows a possible real happening!
    Please do not cancel.
    I have comcast on demand and have gotten many friends wat Bing and catching up now. Really need a year to truly give it a good evaluation.
    Hang on it will be a hit!

  9. Susan says

    I love both shows. Give them both a year at least! We need some new, fresh shows to watch. Get rid of all the ones that have been on for 5, 7, 9 years. The story lines are worn out already! Loved the last episode of Last Resort where the Lady got to run the ship and did a fantastic job, thereby making the cobb look like the idiot he really is. Looks like she finally put him in his place. You Go Girl!!
    666 Park Avenue is the only show that has truly given me the “creeps” in a long time. And I like it. Had to tape the last show and plan to watch it tonight. I have to find out what is in that creepy, shaking suitcase she dragged up from the basement. Incidentally, I would never set foot in a laundry room that looked like the one in this building. I’d rather walk a mile in a blizzard, dragging my laundry bag behind me, than go in that room. So, please keep the show coming.

  10. Heath says

    I watch Last Resort every week! It is a fantastic show, I cant believe it’s even considered for non renewal!!!!

  11. nick says

    Last Resort should get a the very least a full season. This is great show. Please ABC do NOT stand for ABC(Always Be Cancelling). Thanks.

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