Leverage: Exec Producer Dean Devlin on Series Cancellation

Leverage canceledEarlier this month, Leverage executive producer Dean Devlin penned an open letter to fans of the TNT series. He wrote that it was still unknown if Leverage would be cancelled or renewed for a sixth season so the fifth season finale had been shot as a fitting end, just in case.

TNT has now offiically cancelled the TV show so Devlin has written another letter to the viewers.

The Long Goodbye is our final goodbye.

It has been decided today that this Tuesday’s episode of Leverage “The Long Goodbye Job” will be the series finale as TNT has decided not to renew the show for a sixth season.

I want to take the opportunity to thank TNT for five amazing seasons and 77 episodes of a show that has been so good to me. I’m incredibly proud of the show and what we’ve accomplished. Throughout this journey TNT have been the most amazing partners. Their support and collaboration I will cherish forever.

I also want to thank everyone involved in making the show. Tim, Gina, Beth, Christian and Aldis are the finest ensemble of actors I’ve ever worked with. They’ve become our partners, our friends and our family.

The amazing crew who pulled off miracles every day on our show. Thank you for everything you’ve contributed. Your blood and sweat is in every frame of our series and I’m eternally in your debt.

And, of course, on behalf of everyone involved in the show, thank you to all the fans who’ve supported us and the show. You have amazed us all. We love you and thank you all.

I’m so happy we were able to film the series finale we had always envisioned and I’m happy we’re able to present it on Christmas as our gift to you. It’s a bittersweet goodbye.

Gratefully yours,

Dean Devlin
Executive Producer/Director LEVERAGE

What do you think? Do you still like the Leverage TV series? Do you think it could have kept going?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    My sisters and I love the show and watch it every week. We are horrified its been cancelled and wonder if there is any way we can lobby for its return?

  2. Kay Gerber says

    The cancellation of Leverage falls into the category of “What Were You Thinking?” How sad that TNT does not appreciate the cleverness of the plots that keep the viewers’ rapt attention. Bah Humbug to TNT! Now let’s see if TNT can manage to show the reruns at a time when viewers are awake, unlike The Closer episodes at 3:00 a.m.!

  3. trae says

    this is one of my favorite shows on tv and i definitely think that a last season where it was stated that it was the last season would’ve been great. i guess the one good thing is that apparently they seem to have an episode that wraps everything up instead of a lot of shows that just end with several open storylines.

  4. Zoooma says

    Clary – it’s not about Us vs. Them, the poor man vs. the rich man. Not all of the “1%” deserve “just deserts.” Many earn their money respectfully and morally while doing good for all their employees. Just because they have been successful and banked a ton of money doesn’t mean they are bad and/or need retribution for their success. It’s their money and they can keep it.

  5. says

    This is the only show that gives us a chance see some of the 1% getting there just deserts and lets us see the little guy getting even. The cast is one where the interaction between them is something that we always look forward to seeing develop. My wife and I are very disappointed with this cancellation and now will watch fewer shows on TNT and TBS.
    Do not short sighted with your decisions!

  6. rictracy says

    Best new drama on cable t.v. This really sucks. The stories are very good and the solutions are very mission impossible!!!! Gonna miss it , besides I luv beth.

  7. Mike says

    This is indeed a sad ending to a terrific show. Its wonderful ensemble cast will be missed. It seems as though there are so many more character-driven story lines that could be written that the ending is definitely premature.

    Thank you all for some wonderful entertainment.

  8. Dianne says

    Have you people lost your minds?! Leverage was innovative and an excellent show. Shows like Jerseylious, Housewives of wherever, Honey Boo boo are still on TV and Leverage gets cancelled.

  9. Darlene Crane says

    My husband and myself LOVES this show(Leverage).

    Please dont let the show end. Right now, this is the best show there is on TV.

    Please let me know what you are going to do.


    Darlene Crane

  10. geri says

    I am so sorry to see this show end. It was really well done and a lot of fun to watch. Much better than some of this other junk that gets renewed year after year.

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