Lone Star: FOX TV Show Cancelled After Two Episodes

Lone StarWe all saw it coming. One of the most anticipated TV shows of the new fall season, Lone Star, has been cancelled after two episodes.

Lone Star centers around a handsome conman (James Wolk) who lives a double life to swindle investors and an oil tycoon family. He starts to have regrets and struggles to balance both lives and keep everybody happy. Others in the series are Jon Voight, Adrianne Palicki, Bryce Johnson, David Keith, Eloise Mumford, and Mark Deklin.

The FOX series debuted last week to a very disappointing 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 4.1 million total viewers. Last night, despite several days of buzz and campaigning to get new viewers, the ratings fell even lower to a 1.0 rating in the demo and 3.23 million viewers. As was the case in week one, many people who started watching tuned out before the episode was over. For whatever reason, it just didn’t click.

Lone Star has been cancelled effective immediately and the three remaining unaired episodes have been shelved. There’s no word if FOX will get around to releasing the remaining episodes at some point in the future.

Last week, the cast and crew were shooting the sixth installment. Production has now been shut down and it’s unclear if that episode was completed.

Lone Star’s spot will be filled by the season three premiere of Lie to Me.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see Lone Star be cancelled? If you watched, where do you think it went wrong?

UPDATE: Subsequent reports have indicated that there are six completed episodes with four left unaired.

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  1. Bill says

    I really liked the show a lot.. thought it was very original, with very good cast. I was surprised to see it pulled so quickly. Yes the main char. was a liar and cheat, possibly why some viewers were turned off, but I think that Bob hated himself and his father(David Keith) , for the way he was raised – Being a con-artist was all he ever knew. Now, at this point in time, he was obviously looking for a way out, but couldn’t…. not with-out his fathers approval.
    It’s too bad that we weren’t given the opportunity to see the characters more fully developed, which may have further explained why he couldn’t break free of his father. And would he every find a way to come clean.