Melrose Place: Was that the Last Episode of the CW TV Show?

Heather LocklearLast night, The CW aired the last episode of the first season of Melrose Place. Is that the last we’ll see of the show?

Debuting in September 2009, the new Melrose Place revolves around the same apartment complex as the 1990s original. It focuses on a new cast that includes Katie Cassidy, Stephanie Jacobsen, Jessica Lucas, Michael Rady, Shaun Sipos, Colin Egglesfield, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Nicholas Gonzalez, Victor Webster, and Brooke Burns. However, actors Thomas Calabro, Laura Leighton, Heather Locklear, Josie Bissett, and Daphne Zuniga have kept ties to the original alive.

Starting off with a murder mystery, the series didn’t make a killing in the ratings. The premiere attracted just 2.31 million viewers and a 1.3/3 in the 18-49 demo. The numbers fell after that and never came close to matching the premiere. A couple weeks ago, the March 23rd episode hit a season low with just .97 million viewers and a 0.5/1 rating/share.

The writing’s been on the wall for awhile that, even by CW standards, the Melrose Place numbers are so terrible that the series is doomed to be cancelled. Unfortunately, the producers didn’t take this into account and have left us with plenty of cliffhangers.

Do you think Melrose Place will be back?

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It turns out that Drew was born with a heart defect and has one of Michael’s defective valves. After David breaks things off with Morgan, her tough-guy father pays him a visit in his restaurant. He tells the former burgler that he’s now working for him and will get his first assignment that night. If he doesn’t do as he’s told, Lauren will be hurt.

After finding the painting that Amanda’s been searching for, Ella blackmails her former boss into clearing up the false embezzlement charges and agrees to set Ella up in her own boutique PR agency. After selling the $3.4 million painting, Amanda goes back on her word and Ella turns her in to the FBI for selling the stolen painting. The last few moments show Amanda leaving WPK in handcuffs.

What do you think? Since this is very likely the end of the show, are you satisfied with the way it finished? How would you have ended it?

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  1. chris says

    im mad i wish it stayed on i like elle’s character and loved the slap at the end i think the new 90210 is way worse then the melrose characters ugh im still hoping it comes back

  2. Brooke Armstrong says

    The problem with Melrose Place 2.0 is that is too “Vanilla”… they care too much about everyone looking pretty, that they forget about actual storylines. Their characters do not go under the strain the old ones did (who can forget Jane and Sydney killing Richard Hart with a shovel, to then have his hand come out of the dirt from where he was buried!! Classic MP)

    I agree that having Sidney alive would have been an amazing twist.. Already thought about Ella/Amanda being mother/daughter. They look alike and for a reason, Amanda has been investigating Ella since she was a child. Ella just turned 24, and Amanda is 41 in the series, so the math adds up.

    A REAL Melrose Place finale would have included the following:

    -Lauren getting pregnant by one of her clients, of course she don’t know who it was;
    -Riley being invited by Ben on a plane trip, and having the plane crash over the mountains with no info about possible survivors and discovered that the plane was sabotaged;
    -Psycho Morgan hires a group of hitmen who tie David up and attack him sexually in front of her, while she laughs and watches with a martini in her hand;
    -Finding out that when Auggie and Violet left together, while they were on the road, he KILLED her… and that he was, after all, a murderer
    -Jonah discovering that his movie is being financed by a druglord
    -Having Sydney tell Ella “good job” after Amanda is taken away,
    -and finally the highlight of the whole heart valve story: Michael makes a phone call and says “your valve design is faulty and causing me problems”. On the other side of the line, there’s Peter Burns… telling him “Well, now that is your problem”.. and fade out!

  3. Really? says

    Why bother to even write something, if you hate the show so much, Sharon? This post is asking how you liked how the season finale wrapped up…not ‘Do you like this show, Sharon?’ You don’t even watch, so who cares what you think.

  4. Sharon says

    I actually can’t believe this show is still on. It has got to be the WORST piece of crap on TV today- maybe ever. The writing is horrible- & the acting even worse. I hate the fact that they brought back the original characters & then changed almost everything about their old story lines. Is Sydney dead or isn’t she? Lame! Also, the new characters are sooooo stupid. The writers are trying so hard for people to care about them. The worst is Riley. Seriously? She’s supposed to be a model? Maybe for drag queen monthly. The others are awful too, but she’s by far the worst. I say- kill off all the new, lame characters & bring back the old ones. The show MIGHT be watchable then.

  5. Daniel says

    There’s definitely a distinct difference between the original series and this new, supposedly, flashier reboot. No, that’s too kind. The new version is barely watchable crap!

    Things became slightly more interesting with Amanda back in the saddle. For me, like most of you, Ella was the only good new addition. Kind of like David too. I think the most fatal death blow to this show was the handling of the old cast. It was a slap in the face to the original fans. Now if the CW was smart, and lets face it (based on their current slate of shows and the ratings of said shows) they’re not, they would have respected the original fan base as it was their surest and quickest way to attract an already built-in audience. The CW, unfortunately, is geared almost exclusively to teens. As a result, Melrose really is out of sync with their network. Any character over 30, was immediately deemed as evil, which is kind of amusing and lets you know what they really think of ageing :) . I agree with the one dimensional handling of the golden oldies – they were never straight out evil. Michael had his moments in the old series, but a lot of it was tongue-in-cheek, with snappy, witty dialogue. For all his mischievious ways, he did have a brighter side. Amanda, was never a crook. She was just far too smart and used her business savvy, with a pinch (a big pinch) of bitchery to get what she wanted. But even Amanda could pull through and help one of her fellow tenants out; show a vulnerable side and sometimes just be plain misunderstood due to her abrupt nature. It makes you wonder if the current writers watched the old show. According to, Darren Star who created the original wrote some of the episodes (shame on you Darren, you should know better). It also suffers from being put up against shows like American Idol – does CW have a death wish or what! There really is a hit in this show somewhere, but firstly it needs to be picked up by Producers who care about it, not ones trying to ride the wave of a previous hit.

    Personally I don’t like the Amanda-as-mother-of-Ella storyline idea. No disrespect, but they’ve been there done that with Sydney-Violet and that made me groan no end. What they need is for someone to blow the apartment up again, this time killing Riley, Jonah, Lauren – or at least have something large and heavy fall on their heads while they’re sipping martinis by the pool (or whatever they drink at the end of each episode).

    A reboot of a reboot – what do you say Fox?

  6. Jason says

    My issue with the remake, from the beginning, has been the writing. It’s not been the acting. Did the writers of the remake ever watch the original. I feel that if they had then they would not have made the characters of Michael, Amanda, Jo, and Jane they way they were portrayed in the remake. Every single one of the original characters that they brought back didn’t seem like the originals that we all grew to love. While they all had their own little evil side, there was always some redeemable quality about them. I never remember Jane being such an uncaring ***** in the original show, as she was in the remake, except for maybe once. Regardless of how sleazy Michael was and is, he would never put a patient’s life at risk unless it was one of his crazy exwives or lovers. Jo was never down right bitchy, the way she was portrayed in the remake, and as for Amanada, while she’s always been a *****, she’s never had to resort to false blackmailing schemes to get something she wants, like the story line with Ella. She has always used what she knows or what she’s learned to get what she wants. With Sydney, from what we got to see of her, I felt they got it right. It reminded me of the old Sydney, but to kill her again and have it be Michael’s new wife who we saw in only a couple of episodes was a little too quick, for me. As for the new characters, Ella is by far the best thing out there. Katie Cassidy is one of the reasons I kept tuning in week after week. The characters of Jonah and Riley are as boring as Billy and Allison were. There’s only soooo much I can take of either one of these couples and mainly it was because of the men. I can’t stand the character of Jonah. They should have gotten rid of him and kept Auggie. As for Violet, everyone wants to rag on Ashley Simpson-Wentz, but truth is that she wasn’t given that much too do and the story wasn’t that fleshed out. I could see a little bit of crazy in her, at certain times. I like the Sydney’s daughter aspect of it, but wouldn’t it have been awesome if they would have revealed her to be the child of Michael and Kimberly? I think, given the right script, she could have done wonders with it. Regardless, I hope they give it another chance and bring it back for a second season. I wasn’t a big fan of the new 90210 either when it first started, but it has grown on me and I’m hoping to do the same with Melrose Place.

  7. Paul says

    I would have thought the remark would have been axed months ago. The rating were terrible . They went up a bit when Heather came back mid season. Maybe if they had Heather on board from the beginning it would have made more sense. Bringing Sid back from the dead was the first misstep in drawing in the now 40 something fan’s who watched the original. The mother & daughter story line would have made a good direction for Amanda & Ella. I like the intern/prostitute story line. We will see if it comes back in the fall but it looks doubtful.

  8. John Thompson says

    I think the ending was crap really cause I mean we don’t even know if the show is going to come back and yeah it leaves us wondering but the only thing im wondering about is the cat fight between amanada ella cause i mean that well be interesting because Amanda can and always will be a ***** right?… as for Jonah and Riley man i was glad not to see them together in the end, i mean the whole thing sucked. Yeah I watched the show every Tuesday and was a devoted watcher but I mean only to see if the show got any better. It could be like the old Melrose and pick up in the second season but that if they get there head in the game and write something we’d actually watch. Yeah I would love to see it come back next season but well it be worth watching. Agreed though should bring in the oldies characters children it would make for something interesting. I mean I loved the old Melrose thats because my dad watched the show and hey i still watch them now online.. thats why I watched this revamp of the show because I watched the old one. Well see though what the future brings hopefully they well bring it back and if they do they writing is much better . Ok well thats it… all I have to say, as you see I have mixed feeling about the show I love it and Hate it at the same time.

  9. Anonymous says

    I agree that Ella is Amandas Daughter.
    How did Amanda leave the island (where is Peter…) They need to make connection to the past characters…

    Yes have JaKesson and maybe his brothers (good tension there)…

    It could be reveals thatRiles boyfield (the producer kid) is actually Billy’s kid….

    Bring it back as a mid seaon with 13 episodes to tie things up…

    Many people myself included hate given new shows a chance because usually they are cancelled….

    Producers when seeing the writting on the wall or possibale writing should have an alternate ending filimed just in case or networks shold give shows a push and a chance – air them during the summer Why don’t we have three seasons (fall, mid-season and summer) I would rather watch a new show rather than a repeat…..

  10. Adam Thompson says

    Yeah, I agree with what most of you guys are saying…just realised I wrote Jake’s son was called Jake…mistake there, I know he was called David!

    The thing is, with Melrose there is pretty much always a willing suspension of disbelief…so to bring back Sydney from the dead was not that outrageous, while giving her a daughter could kinda be Melrose-plausible given her irresponsible ways (esp when she was younger).

    But the key problem with the revamp is that they brought in a new set of characters who, with the exceptional of Ella, have not been developed to make us actually care about them or even dislike them, which is what made people like Michael, Amanda, Sydney, Kimberly etc so interesting to watch because they had devoted fans and a pile of haters.

    Someone somewhere made the comparison between Sydney’s hooker storyline and that of Lauren which I think was very well made and exemplifies another problem with the show – Sydney slept with complete munters and was visibly troubled by it whereas Miss Wooden Lauren sleeps with the most handsome men in LA. Moreover, the storyline started straight away so, unlike Sydney, there was no feeling of a vulnerable girl struggling in LA.

    David’s character is totally lack-lustre because we can’t like him (he’s a thief) and we can’t really hate him either because the writers seem desperate to portray him as a good guy which just totally flies in the face of what he gets up to every other episode.

    Jonah and Riley are a shoddy attempt at Billy and Alison, who took around 30 episodes and almost a year of will-they-won’t-they to really make us want them to be together. As with so many other characters, we were thrown in the deep-end with J + R as if the writers were trying to force us to like the couple and to care, which never works.

    As for Auggie and Violet, conceptually the latter was great but for both the acting was completely atrocious. I used to think Jane (Josie Bissett) was kinda of a lame actress but these two are the wooden yardstick by which all horrific acting should from now on be measured. Thumbs up for scrapping them.

    Katie Cassidy (Ella) is a great actress and an asset to the show.

    Finally, the bed-hopping is beyond a joke…fair enough Jake in the other Melrose is an example of a serial womaniser (bedding Sandy, Jo, Amanda, Sydney, Jane and Alison) but at least that was over the course of 5 seasons.

    My suggestion is to dump nearly everyone but Ella, bring the focus back to the oldies who we actually care about and stop all this glamorous malarkey.

  11. Ty says

    The hole thing that Max sead…about syd not really being dead (again) and ella and her were working together is grate…producers/writers..neeed to plan out stuff from start to finish instead of taking it episode buy episode…if they had actually thought…”well lets suprise everyone and kill syd off again in the first 10 mins of the pilot…then bring her back in the finale as if she faked her death for a second time all in a scam to take down aamanda” AMAZING!…woooooww!

  12. bonnie says

    I agree ella and amanda mom and daughter. Bring back Joes son . It would have nice to see Billy and Allison. As far as bringing Sydney back from the dead and Micheal helping her. In the original when she was supposedly killed. Micheal was in the hospital with his hands bandaged . Where he went threw a office window. If anyone watched the show. Hello? Also I want to see Riley and Joanna back together. Better then Billy and Allison. Bring back Billy and Allison as a married couple with kids. If the show airs again.

  13. Max says

    Melrose Place was always a great, campy guilty pleasure…The best part of the revamp, was indeed, bringing Sydney Andrews back. The worst? Killing her off again. The writing wasn’t great…it lacked continuity at times from the original series. If this was the last episode of this show… A better ending to wrap it all up, would have been to have Sydney alive, and show up at the end with Ella, after Amanda was taken away… to say “Well Done, Ella,” as if they’d been working together all along to take Amanda down.

  14. Ryan says

    Adam – I agree with quite a bit of what you’re saying … especially with the mystery children. I was a HUGE fan of the original and I find myself only watching the new one on when they post it. I would watch it when it airs but it’s up against some BIG shows, American idol and Glee for example. Before the pilot aired I thought David was going to be the son of Jake … NOT MICHAEL! As far as Violet is concerned, I think that concept was good but I wish they would’ve casted someone better because Ashley Simpson was horrible. I would’ve liked to have seen more with the Violet and Jane rivalry … kind of the way we see Ella and Amanda. Speaking of Ella and Amanda … that would be a nice twist to have them be mother and daughter because if you remember in the original Amanda was raped in high school and then Eve came to her rescue and killed him. The writing on the show is a bit lacking but I still hope they get a second season so the show can hire some new writers or produce a better story line. I do see some potential with this newly vamped version of the show but I do feel that they need to do something about the over acting and get back to the darker and “soap opera-ish” style that the original was.

  15. Adam Thompson says

    The only worthwhile thing that lousy remake did was to bring Sydney back from the dead, and to be honest, it wasn’t that ridiculous how they explained her being alive. What is ridiculous is the writing in the revamp – the personalitites (but for Ella and the oldies) are one dimensional, the writing is dull with attempts to be showy, the ideas are predictable, if not boring (who gives a **** about the ****** painting anyway?) and the show is far too concerned with being glitzy and glamorous – the old one had an understated set, with some great actors, and as it progressed became an over-the-top soap opera, but at least it had humble beginnings to make us care about them. The new Melrose is moronic trash and unfortunately, will besmirch our good memories of the old one.

    One last point – giving Sydney a where-the-****-did-you-come-out-of daughter and giving Mancini a son just seemed totally unnecessary. Jake from the original had a son called Jake who’d be in his early twenties by now while Jo had a son who’d be about 16 now, why the ridiculousness of having these mystery children?


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