Passions: NBC Soap Headed for DirecTV?

PassionsLast January, legions of Passions fans were extremely upset by NBC’s decision to cancel their eight year old soap. Certainly the 4,500 people who’ve signed our petition are among them. Because of its audience’s desirable demographic and because the network owns Passions, NBC has expressed interest in finding another outlet for the residents of Harmony.

NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said at the time, “We are going to be looking very, very seriously at keeping [Passions] alive. The fact is, there are loyal viewers of this show who love it and show up every day. And in a perfect world, we’d like to keep the brand alive. There may be another network. You know, I don’t think it’s a broadcast network, but there may be another cable network that wants to get in business with us and have some sort of on-air presence for the show.”

Though there’s been no official word about the prospect of continuing Passions past September 7th, TV Guide’s Soap Editor Daniel R. Coleridge has some news. Coleridge has reported that NBC is currently in talks with satellite television provider DirecTV to pick up the soap. Neither NBC nor DirecTV would comment right now so it’s probably far from a done deal as yet. If it does work out, I’m sure DirecTV is counting on a lot of people signing up for new subscriptions, almost like magic. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. cathy says

    I am very upset that Passions is moving. I can’t afford direct tv so I will no longer be able to watch this show. I don’t really watch tv that much but I have been a faithful viewer of Passions for years and feel short changed. Big mistake NBC!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    I think that passions is a good show and i hate to see passions move to direct tv because most people cant a forward direct tv and they have watched passions for eight years or a little over that and why should the people that cant a forward direct tv be lost out on their program just because of more exspenses for a different kind of cable just so that they can stay up to date on their programs and than the same thing may happen again when a new cable company or some other type of big tec comes out that they can be moved again and i hope to get to stay up to date on my program thank ya

  3. Sarah says

    I am Very Upset With NBC about losing passions.I will no longer watch channel NBC 12. They just lost me as a customer.How can they play a great show for eight years an then just give it to direct tv.There is a petition we can sign but it wont make a difference. I guess the network executives arent making enough money off of it to buy a few more mansions and cars.NBC just lost me and all of my friends too.

  4. Rabb says

    Directv is not that expensive I am on a fixed income and I have the basic package. I spend a lot of time watching TV. I am looking forward to Passions coming to Direct tv. Satellite Tv is a wise investment/

  5. Against Directv says

    What are all of you Passions Fans doing? Do it now!!!!!!!!!

    Get petitions to stop it from being moved to directv and send out the message to as many people as you can to stop people from watching Passions on Directv and this can decrease the ratings of passions on directv and help the show be put back on a regular station.

    All of you passions fans, don’t sit around and complain, do something now.

  6. Nicoletta says

    I have watched Passions from day one and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I shall miss it terribly when it goes to DirecTV as we can’t get that. I certainly hope that we are still able to view missed episodes on the web. What a shame…I guess the fans don’t really count, only ratings and the money you get from commercials counts.

  7. Diane says

    Sorry to hear Passions will no longer be on NBC. Unfortuntly, I cannot afford Direct TV so my time with Passions is over.

  8. says

    I am upset with the moving of passions. First they move as the world turns now this. I am not switching to satellite. Why aren’t they giving us a site that we can go to on line to watch the show?I am so sick of getting caught up in the interest of the soaps and then having them torn away from us. What now, reruns or a new soap that we get used to, to have it taken away from us again????? I am not Happy at all with this!!!!!

  9. Against Directv says

    Why is Passions going to Directv? I am a passions fan myself and if it does move, I am going to miss watching them.

    Not everyone has directv and because of it’s plan to move, there are going to be a lot of Fans who aren’t going to be able to watch them and that can cause lower Ratings.

    I hope the ratings will go down when it does go to Directv because I hate the idea of the move.

    Instead of you passions fans complaining, why not try to make out a lot of petitions to keep it on NBC. If that plan doesn’t work, then all of you Passions Fans should try to send out the message to stop as many Passions Fans from watching it on Directv.

  10. says

    I enjoy watching passions every day when I get home from work. It helps me unwind. Now that everything is starting to get interesting why cancel it now? I started watching it from the begining and I feel that we the loyal viewers should at least get some kind of ending so that we aren’t left hanging. I can’t afford to change to Direct TV either. At least condsider selling it to Soap Opera Network so we can still watch it. I hope you can work somthing out.

  11. Heather says

    Thisis not fair!!!!! I have watched Pasions since the very first episode and now just because i don’t have direct tv because I live in an apartment building who doesn’t allow it, I can’t watch it any longer. This is so unfair to all of the dedicated fans who will no longer be able to watch. This was a bad idea on NBC’s part, everyone should be allowed to watch thier favorite soap regarless of wher you live or how much money you make.

  12. S says

    It would be much better if NBC would just sell the show to Soap Opera Network then all the fans can watch it on either Direct or there cable network. Us faithful fans should not have to switch from our current cable company just to watch Passions. I watch it daily with my 4 year old son and he loves the show. I will love to continue watching it but I will not change over from my cable to Direct Tv. I sure hope the Big Bosses at NBC have a better plan are the show will be history soon becuase all the current fans that don’t have Direct are not going to change over just for one show. Well I must say I will really miss Passions. Hope someone out there with lots of $$$$ comes to the rescue and does something smart.

  13. Jonathan Foley says


    Their number is: 780-430-2828

  14. Sofia V. says

    When I read in TV Guide you were DROPPING one of the Best Soaps I felt like my heart was Wripped right out !!! Apparently a few thousand of us members, means nothing, who enjoy the Soap, its refreshing & the cast is superb ! Its light hearted with fantasy & fun its not the typical rich family who are doctors & lawyers & do nothing all day. Besides the crew is young with hummar its appealing & yet has many twists. Everyone has differant taste & this is a Great Soap from all the rest that Boar Me !!! I tape the show ritually even when Im away on vaca, I calculate how much tape I have to record for while Im away. Its a show I live to watch. NOT ALL OF US CAN AFFORD TO CHANGE From our Basic Cable to Direct TV. I can handle Cable tv I have it but, Not Direct TV cant change everything I have to that programing ?! Your going to loose allot of Faithful viewers who watched Your Show FROM DAY ONE !!! NOW IS THAT ANYWAY TO TREAT YOUR LOYAL VIEWERS, I THINK NOT ?! ITS Selfish & Not well thought out !!! You are hurting allot of us who cant switch our cable programing !!! Sleep on it & tell me how you may feel in the morning living with the decission of wripping a show from people like taking a baby away from its mother, thats how WE all Feel !!! I really hope you have a change of Heart & at least put it on Basic Cable & be Fare to Your Viewers.

  15. THUG PASSION says



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