Reba: Van & Cheyenne Spin-off Update

Van & CheyenneEven before the CW’s official word came down that Reba McEntire’s popular sitcom Reba was being cancelled, there were rumors that the show might continue — either on another network or in the form of a spin-off. Will either be happening? Sadly, no.

There were rumors that cable channel Lifetime (that airs Reba in syndication) was interested in a doing a spin-off featuring Van (Steve Howey) and Cheyenne (Joanna Garcia). Van & Cheyenne would be in their own home and with their young family and other former Reba castmembers would stop by as needed (or as the budget would allow). While there’s no official word that the spin-off was ever seriously being considered, it seems pretty certain that it won’t be happening. Both Howey and Garcia have just been cast in new series pilots.

Howey has been cast as the lead in a new sitcom called The Beast. It’s based on a British series that was created by Simon Nye. Howey will play a charming and womanizing veterinarian who hates animals but loves meeting their female owners. Its under consideration by FOX for the Fall season.

Garcia will be co-starring in The Captain, a sitcom pilot with Jeffrey Tambor (Twenty Good Years, Arrested Development), Fran Kranz, Valerie Azlynn (Smith), Chris Klein (American Pie). The ensemble sitcom centers around an aspiring filmmaker (Kranz) who moves into an old Hollywood apartment building populated by wacky neighbors. CBS is considering the series for midseason.

Could Reba be picked up by another channel, even without Howey and Garcia? Though Reba’s ratings were quite good when compared to other CW series, they aren’t impressive enough to attract another network. The show would also likely be too expensive for a cable channel like Lifetime.

In a recent press conference to promote her music, Reba McEntire talked about Reba and the possibilities of a return. The series star and executive producer said, “It won’t be shopped to another network. And it’s very sad that it’s over because it was a very positive show to watch, that the whole family could watch together.”

“But we did a wonderful six years, had a great run and we’re very thankful for that. I hope some day to get to do another sitcom and to do television again. I hope that I’m blessed enough to where it’s that [kind of] ensemble, that family, where we all got along. It’s very upsetting to know that you’re not going back to work. It wasn’t work. It was fun. We played. We had the best time. And our writers were great. Everybody on the whole team was just super to work with. It was just a huge family and I’m going to miss ’em. We do stay in touch but we just don’t get to go in every morning at 9:00 and get to play like we did.”

With her unique brand of humor, let’s hope Reba doesn’t stay away from the small screen too long. How about a cameo on The Beast or The Captain? Stranger things have happened. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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    • says

      the cw network obviosly has mental issues for cancelling a show like reba I think someone should cancel the cw network for cancelling reba plus without reba on the network anymore its not worth watching

  1. Ashleigh says

    Reba was the only show that me and my family could watch togther besides the disney channel..I could relate to it a lot and it always made me laugh..please but it back will be doing a lot of families in america a big favor..we don’t want to watch disney channel 24/7

  2. rachel says

    good job on tv life time
    i i am big fan the show is good barbara jean,s drvers. reba crazy
    on the show
    and brock

  3. says

    I was sad when they took Reba off. That was the only good show my family would watch together. I think it was a shame they took it off. We need shows like Reba . Please stop and put it back on. Thanks.

  4. Tina says

    Please, please put season 5 & 6 out for sale. I got the first 4 seasons for Christmas & have loved every minute of them and want more! Please, please put the last 2 seasons out for sale!!!!!!?????!!!!

  5. Jason says

    Reba was an extraordinary show, if something as cheesy as FULL HOUSE made it for 8 seasons, why on earth won’t you let reba? The humor on this show is unlike any other. I actually laugh when I watch this show. Luckily I have recorded seasons 5 and 6 off tv myself since there are rumors they aren’t going to to be released. Unlike most shows, this one just kept getting better and better. BRING REBA BACK!!!!!!!

  6. Jillian says

    we want reba season 5 and 6 on DVD ASAP….please i’d buy 10 of each!everyone i know loves it…we need to complete our dvd collection!!! please fox!!!

  7. Lori says

    I would like to know why you canceled Reba. My mother had a fit because she loves that show. She watches it all the time and has even been buying the dvds. I think you should put it back on the air because it is a show that everyone in the family loves to watch. Everybody obviously wants to see more so why not listen to the viewers for a change!

  8. Lori Bolender says

    My son got my husband and myself to watch Reba it is the most hilarious show on tv it is alot of fun and to take it off the air is wrong. Please bring it back…..

  9. Louise Lake says

    My husband and I just love the sitcom “Reba”. We would love to see it continue. The writers did a wonderful job and the whole cast of actors were very impressive!We have watched the re-runs over and over again. Please bring them all back!!

  10. says

    Please put the show back on it was real good the actors had great Chemistry. Van and cheyanne need to start their own home and deal with their own problems. please bring it back?

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