The Cape: New NBC Action Series; Cancel or Keep It?

The CapeEarlier this month, the peacock network debuted The Cape, a new superhero action TV show. Interestingly, they’ve put it in one of Heroes’ old timeslots. Will The Cape last as long as the Tim Kring series or will it be quickly cancelled instead?

The Cape stars David Lyons as Vince Faraday, an honest cop on a corrupt police force. He finds himself framed for a series of murders and presumed dead. Vince is then forced into hiding, leaving his wife Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and son Trip (Ryan Wynott) behind. Fueled by a desire to reunite with his family and to battle the criminal forces that have overtaken their home city, Vince becomes “The Cape” — a vigilante and his son’s favorite comic book superhero. Others in the cast include James Frain, Keith David, Summer Glau, Dorian Missick, Martin Klebba, and Vinnie Jones.

The TV series debuted on Sunday, January 9th, with a special two-hour event. It attracted a decent 2.6 in the 18-49 demographic and 8.45 million total viewers. NBC reran the pair of episodes the following night. The next Monday, The Cape dropped a staggering 30% in the demo to a 1.8 rating and 6.22 million. Last night, the ratings fell another 11% to a 1.6 demo rating and 5.84 million viewers.

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Currently, The Cape ranks as the 10th most watched scripted series on the network, tied with Community. It ranks as high as it does because of the premiere’s ratings and because NBC’s schedule as a whole isn’t doing all that well. For a series that’s been on the air for just three weeks, The Cape is already not in good shape. If the ratings continue to decline, it’s almost certain to be cancelled.

TV show supportThe network ordered 13 episodes but, for now, only eight of them are scheduled. Another struggling series, The Event, is scheduled to take back the timeslot on February 28th. If The Cape’s ratings continue to sink, one has to wonder if NBC will even bother to schedule the remaining five installments.

But, what do you think? Do you like The Cape? Do you think NBC should keep running it or just cancel it now?

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  1. JESSICA says


  2. Anonymous says

    keep the cape its a really great show that the whole family can watch instead of garbage like jersy shore or other reality tv crap please bring back the cape at least for the last 5 installments and maybe one after for closure please nbc

  3. Jocelyn says

    I LOVE THE CAPE ♥•*´¯`♥ Oh✿My✿Gosh✿♥♥ It Gets 5 ST☆RS♥¸¸.•*´¯`♥Hugs♥XOXO♥&HuGs* LET THE CAPE PLAY ON!

  4. Bo Cannon says

    Hey don’t be too hard on the Cape. His son couldnt tell that was him even when they were talking on the ledge. You’d wrap yourself in a black tablecloth and hide in tshame in the sewers, too, if your kid was that stupid.

  5. Akash says

    Keep it! The Cape is a great superhero show. There are very few of them out there on the major networks, and even fewer that have a Batman type superhero with no powers. Of course they could bring back classic super heroes to the small screen, but something new isn’t bad and the Cape has a very interesting storyline.

  6. Cass says

    I wish they would take into the episode being watched on hulu!! We don’t have tv here so my husband and I watch it every tuesday night. We LOVE this show! I hope they give them at least one more season! they can’t cancel it on me!

  7. Scott F says

    KEEP THE SHOW!!! Since Smallville is in the process of it’s 10th (and final) season, this show is fun and can take over as my favorite TV program. The show is getting better and better each passing week, and to think they are (most likely) cancelling the show after episode 9, is a shame. If you are reading this NBC, please SAVE THIS SHOW!!! It has a high potential to succeed, it just needs some time to grow.

  8. edwin fajardo says

    keep the CAPE! it is a good show, it just needs time to attract that niche following that will deliver consistent positive results. have faith!

  9. D Thomas says

    I think this show should be kept on the air, I mean it’s a good show compared to A LOT of shows that really (IMO) should not be on the air… I mean come on are we really still into this “REALITY TV” BS or even these nightime soaps(Desperate Housewives and the like) that (IMO again) have content that should be aired on Cable stations (this is not a slight against just NBC there are these kinds of show on all the major networks) I mean really folks does anyone recall a little show that FOX ran and then cancelled and the fans became so up in arms about it (Firefly) and lets go back even a little futher in the fact that NBC almost cancelled Star Trek at the end of it’s second season till fans wrote in, but alas they did cancel it at the third season but it went on to become a major franchise (bet they’re wishing they would have stayed with it) anyway (IMO) there is WAY TOO MUCH “Crap” TV out there with the so called “REALITY SHOWS”, Talent contest shows and superficial nighttime soaps that a lot of SCI FI, Adveture shows get no chance at all (The Cape, Heroes, V [yes I know this one is on another network but like I’ve said it’s not just NBC I voicing about], and more that I can’t even list here) so please if you feel the same way let the networks know it’s even easier than back in the day because of the power of technology

    Keep the entertaining programs alive
    A disgruntled fan

  10. Fun show! says

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I find it wildly entertaining that after multiple face-to-face encounters with his son, wife, and former friend/police partner NO ONE seems to recognize Vince’s stature, movements, speaking voice, or the lower half of his face as The Cape. The show is done in the style of a comic book. Suspending disbelief and forgiving details like this is part of the fun. Take the show at face value without ladening it with too much reality and it’s really fun to watch. I say keep The Cape. And more lines for Max Malini!

  11. Omar says

    Love the show wait for Mondays to come so I can watch it!! KEEP IT! Put it this way this is the 1st NBC channel series I ever watched!! Keep it, it has fans!! We love it!!

  12. K says

    I think this is a great, entertaining show. Take the darn show at face value, it’s tv. If you read into every show out there, it could be ripped apart. I think it’s something different and worth keeping on the schedule!!

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