The Revolution, The Chew, General Hospital: One Cancelled, Two Renewed

General Hospital renewedABC has cancelled one daytime series and renewed two others. Fans of General Hospital can breathe easy, at least for a little while.

The network has confirmed that The Revolution, their ratings-challenged talk show, will go off the air on July 6th. The TV series debuted in January and took the place of One Life to Live. Hosted by Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak, Ty Pennington, Jennifer Ashton, and Tiffanie Davis, The Revolution has been a ratings disappointment and has been averaging about 1.3 million viewers according to Deadline.

Meanwhile, both General Hospital and The Chew have been renewed for the 2012-13 season. While General Hospital’s viewer numbers have come down over the years, the ratings have shown signs of improvement. In late March, GH averaged 2.3 million viewers while The Chew drew 2.2 million. The Revolution pulled in just 1.3 million.

Katie Couric’s new talk show, Katie, is slated to premiere on September 10th and will air at 3pm on most stations. Until that happens, ABC will fill the timeslot with an hour-long afternoon version of Good Morning America, tentatively titled GMA in the Afternoon.

While the alphabet network hasn’t said as much, they are obviously still searching for low-cost programming to fill their daytime hours. While the renewal of General Hospital has ensured that the venerable soap opera will reach its 50th anniversary — on April 1, 2013 — there’s certainly no guarantees beyond that.

What do you think? Did ABC make the right decision to renew General Hospital? Do you think it will reach its 51st year?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Heather says

    I hope they keep general hospital and keep revolution for my family… I hope they cancelled chew and bring back one life to live

  2. sj says

    Many years ago I was, as many were, addicted to AMC, OLTL & GH. Now even when sick I cannot force myself to watch those that are left and think many of us look for things that are more relevant to everyday life. I think The Chew is a great show, incorporating great recipes, fun pointers and good guests. The blend of personalities is excellent. I was sorry to see The Revolution go as they also presented some very good information and lifestyle pointers, not to mention good health information. This is what everyone I know wants to see. KATIE is a refreshing new talk show and think she has really found her niche.

  3. Sonjia says

    Jesus Christ! When in the hell are they going to fricking cancel these STUPID, MORONIC, USELESS, BORING, LOUSY, UNAPPEALING, AND IDIOTIC TV shows? I really, really, really hate, loathe, and despise this show The Chew, as well as The View also, and I am very happy they cancelled it. If only they would get rid of all of the other rotten shows too. Why are they producing such STUPID programs with the idiots from the other HAS-BEEN channel, The Food Network, which no one watches, or wants to see anymore??????

    And supposedly, they are going to replace this lousy TV show with ANOTHER idiotic, lame, useless, crappy, stupid TV show just like The Chew, but a different name!! Can you believe that??!!!!!!!!!!!! What total and complete idiots these imbeciles are. They have rocks for brains, that’s for damn sure. What in the hell are these people doing and thinking??

    Whoever is in charge needs to FIRE ALL of these rejects who are responsible for producing stupid shows like this one, because they have NO idea what they are doing. It’s time for them to GO!!!

    I guarantee you that NO one wants to see Mario Batili, Anthony Bourdain, Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, Guy Feri, Robert Irvine, Bobby Flay, or ANY of the other morons who are on the Food Network. This is exactly why no one watches the Food Network Channel or the Travel Channel, or ANY of the people who are on them. They have lost virtually credibility and ALL of the viewers who used to watch, and that’s because they are LOUSY shows now. And now ABC is going to follow suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I can say is “Good riddance to BAD rubbish!!”

    And if these shows were not bad enough in of itself, what do they do? They Frickening bring back that idiot moron Katie Couric. Jesus!! I thought Kelly Rippa, Anne Curry, Gail King, Kathy Lee, Hodia, Sharon Osbourne, Whoppy Goldburg, etc., etc., etc., were really bad!! Now they bring back her back AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like “Night of the Living Dead”, for Christ sake. They zombies just keep resurrecting over and over again!! A_ _ holes!! I thought we had finally gotten rid of her and had seen the last of her, for good. Even though I don’t watch local TV, I was sooooooooooooooooo happy when I found out that she was fired, and I was hoping they would do the same with ALL the others too!! But the idiots at NBC turned around and replaced her with two more useless nit wit imbeciles that no one wants to watch: Kathy Lee and Hodia!!

    Forget it!! We just have NO use for ANY rotten TV shows on and of the local/national TV channels anymore, as in ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, WB, UPN, etc., etc., etc…… Unfortunately, they are starting to get some pretty crappy programs on cable now too. However, at least with cable you have a lot movie channels and choices, and tons of other channels and programs to pick and choose from, an endless supply of them. So our family has QUIT watching ALL the moronic, lame, stupid, lousy, and pathetic programs like The Chew, The View, Katie, and ALL the rest of these crummy little crappy programs.

    The problem is that these are really awful programs, but that casting is even worse. Most people on these local/national TV programs are just vile, repulsive, unappealing, loathsome, no-talent idiots. Until they resolve both of these issues, we will not watch these channels. We won’t even buy items, goods, products, or services from the advertisers/company’s who advertise with them either.

    I have an entire list of all the names of the advertisers/company’s who buy airtime/spots on these channels for commercials, and we do NOT buy any of their products, goods, services, etc…. These is exactly how you change things. You BOYCOTT them, buy ALTERNATIVE products from their competition, and you hit them where it hurts the most ………. their pocketbooks!!

    What is the hell makes these idiots at ABC, or any other channel, think we even want to see stupid programs or people like Mario Batali, Anthony Bordain, Paula Deen, Nigello Larsen, Rachael Ray, or ANY of the other people on these shows???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People should BOYCOTT ABC until they get their act together, straighten up, fire all the idiots over there, and bring in people who know what they’re doing and can deliver up TV programs that people want to see and enjoy. I just cannot stand ANY of the programs on these channels. I really, really, really , really, really hate, loathe, and despise ALL the morning shows, daytime shows, and 99% of the night time shows on local/national TV.

    And for the life of me I REALLY cannot believe that ABC is actually contemplating putting two of these HAS-BEEN’S like Anthony Bordain and Nigello Larsen on a TV show together!!!!!! Please, for God’s sake, don’t do it, don’t do it. I will personally take up a collection and PAY you good money NOT to put these two useless idiots on TV. What the hell could ABC possibly be thinking??? Why in the world would they even think anyone would want to watch these two, and on ANOTHER useless program. I cannot stand these two morons, either together or by themselves. I don’t know anyone else who likes them either. They have absolutely NO presence, chemistry, sense, understanding, star quality, or any other attribute needed for TV that people find engaging.

    They are boring, monochromatic, unappealing, repulsive, unattractive, uninteresting, insincere, and most of all they are truly FAKE!!

    Anthony Boudain does NOT appeal to anyone. No one likes this guy at all. He’s vile, insulting, mean, spiteful, angry, abusive, abrasive, harsh, caustic, toxic, snide, hateful, and has absolutely NO redeeming value, depth, or qualities at all!! Furthermore, neither he nor she is talented, appealing, likable, interesting, entertaining, distinguishable, charismatic, exciting, or visual. This is why they cancelled both of their shows. Watching them would be about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    And hopefully, while they’re at it, they’ll dump ALL of Tyler Perry’s shows too. Those are some of the worst. We cannot stand ANY of those shows either.

    Our family USED to watch a lot of programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC, but no more. We just cannot stand or abide ANY of them. Bad, bad, bad!!

    • cathy karsnick says


  4. Anthony says

    All My Children and One Life To Live should have never been canceled. So many talented actors who lost their jobs. The Chew and The Revolution is garbage. I hope they are gone soon. They should create another soap and hire AMC and OLTL cast

    • Grena Dine says

      Amen. You couldn’t pay me to watch a daytime talk show. If GH goes, I will swear off ABC forever. Can’t believe they axed OLTL. Susan Lucci was the queen of daytime TV.

  5. cindy says

    all my friends and family watch GH it is the best show on day time tv. People of all ages watch GH, rushing home to watch it, or recording it. It will be a great lost to ABC if they do away with such a great entertaining show. All my friends and family say they will never watch ABC if they take off the show. ABC don’t be that dumb! I don’t know what I will do without Sonny. LOL

  6. marisol says

    faithful viewer of GH for the past 35 yrs .. they better not touch GH ..ABC should be honored to have a great soap opera in their network .. ABC can bet on losing more ratings for their network if they drop GH .. i’m sure all of us GH fans can show our numbers by NOT WATCHING YOUR NETWORK AT ALL .. TRY US !!!!! IT’LL BE YOUR BIGGEST FAIL!!!

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