Chuck: Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) on the Season (or Series) Finale

ChuckJust like last year, it looks like the fate of Chuck on NBC is going to come down to the wire. If the worst happens, will fans be satisfied with the last episode?

Chuck follows a geeky electronics store employee (Zachary Levi) whose life is turned upside down when a database of top secret government information is downloaded into his brain. The series cast includes Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay, and Julia Ling.

This season, the ratings started out strong (for NBC) with a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demo and 7.45 million viewers. Unfortunately, they’ve fallen quite a bit and hit a low of a 1.9 in the demo and 5.46 million. While the early numbers would have assured Chuck a third season, the later numbers put that possibility into question.

If Chuck is cancelled, it doesn’t sound like this season’s finale, just like last year’s, will offer a satisfying conclusion to the series. In a recent interview, McPartlin (“Captain Awesome” himself) had this to say.

PW: Earlier in the season Awesome toyed with taking Ellie to Africa before changing his mind — but I could have sworn I saw a jungle and tiger in this promo. What gives?
Ryan: You might see Ellie and Awesome going to Africa. There’s some pretty cool stuff coming up. The writers and production team went all out — the next couple of episodes really take us through to the end of the season and introduce a new element of suspense and cliffhangers.

PW: So there are cliffhangers?
Ryan: Yea, they had to try and match last year and I think they’ve done a good job. Hopefully they can keep one-upping themselves if we get another season. There’s a bunch of Ring stuff you’ll never see coming. Just when you think its predictable, they throw in a killer twist.

PW: That’s an interesting choice since “Chuck’s” future is still up in the air. Do you think they did that to not give NBC an easy out?
Ryan: They definitely didn’t want to let people off too easily. There is a moment in the season finale when you think we’re wrapping up everything nice and neat. That’s when we pull the rug out from underneath you.

PW: Are you frustrated to be back in this boat of not knowing if you’ll be back for a fourth season?
Ryan: Of course it’s a little frustrating to be back where we were a year ago. Its not a comment on the show — I think we’re doing great work — it’s more of a comment on the state of network TV. You can see why Conan went to cable. At the same time, NBC has been very supportive the whole time, but I think now especially they need to not look at the brand — not the ratings — and figure out what kind of network they want to be. I think “Chuck” would be a great cornerstone of that brand.

What do you think? Will you be happy if Chuck ends this way? Should they have filmed an alternate ending, just in case?

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  1. Iqbal says

    I am from Singapore and I am currently watching the 2nd season of Chuck on cable.
    It’s a funny and endearing TV Show that is not too vulgar and its somewhat slapstick comedy appeals to me.
    They don’t make shows like these any more and it is a nice change from all the other TV shows around.
    Do consider continuing the show for as long as the producers can come with a story. This is a good show for the whole family and it has been keeping me amused all this while. I would dread the idea of ending the show early because this is one show where you can keep changing the ingredients and it will always be something new.
    Folks, pls continue the good work. Ratings may not be high, but who cares! As long as they keep us entertained, that is what matters.

  2. dean says

    hi all…

    me is 1 of chuck fan from asia, i believe if u stop chuck it will be very very dissapointed.
    chuck have their own class, like other series but have u plan to stop like this it’s not a gud way …..please keep chuck alive, keep it on air….chuck a gud example for people who don’t have ambition before, watch chuck like gv some spirit to gain what ur dream in our life………


  3. johndoe says

    Chuck is one of the funniest well written shows on TV right now. It will be tragic if it is canceled, because it will lower the bar on quality TV. Like many of you I thought the first 12 episodes weren’t that good but they were necessary for the characters and the show. Episode 13 I think was the best, and I’m sure the next 6 episodes will be even better. Please don’t take it off the air, we want more.

  4. Danielle Justice says

    As a stay at home mom/Army wife, I watch a LOT of tv, simply to stay sane most of the time. However, no one else I know does. Most of the people I know go to the theatre and spend time outside at the parks, lakes, mountains, or simply just listening to music. EVERY single friend of mine watches Chuck now. I picked up on it mid-Season 2. After 3 or 4 episodes, I found and bought Season 1 – which I sat and watched clear through before another single new episode came out. Since I now had Season 1 on dvd, I passed it around to everyone I knew and now all the “anti-tv” people in my life are now “I just watch Chuck” people! This show can’t be canceled, it would be a crime to take a show with this much talent of the air during a time when there are so many shows with absolutely ZERO merit (reality tv), or really during any time at all!

  5. Mike says

    It’s pretty much accepted that the networks don’t listen to letter writing campaigns, save-our-show petitions, etc. If NBC’s plans on canceling Chuck, the only thing that might save it is DVD sales (dollar votes).

    I’d like to apologize to the other fans, since cancellation may be my fault: The networks pretty much cancel anything I like. Sorry.

  6. Kelly says

    Are you kidding me, Chuck might be cancelled?

    This is crazy, as Chuck is an EXCELLENT show. It’s nice to see a show with heart, and I believe it’s what people want to see including myself and my husband. This show is full of surprises that keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Don’t be a stupid network and cancel a good show that people like, thinking there might be something better around the corner. This is a good show that deserves more episodes requested of it.


  7. VinCanFixIt says

    Clearly anyone who watches Chuck regularly won’t find comfort in any ending of the show. Tonights episode was by far the best last series finale I have ever seen. Now finding out it wasn’t even the end of the season I am almost able to to forgive the network for they’re insensitive handling of the the final episode of Las Vegas. (Left me with abandonment issues I have yet to resolve.) But on a more positive note there are some seriously clever people behind the scenes of Chuck and this may go down in history as one of the most incredible ‘end plays’ in the history series television. I am speaking of the writers who may or may not have been holding back on us all this time just in case they needed to throw the the ‘Hail Mary’ to save the show. All speculation on my part but they put Sara and Chuck together to keep our attention away from what was really happening. The unlikely pairing of Morgan and John as partners proved to be instantly satisfying one and wielded my attention away from the main characters just long enough be be caught off guard by a completely new dynamic for the two; an non-verbal pseudo-psychic connection. They were like Power Rangers without the rings. This goes for the John and Morgan team who complimented each other balancing Morgans unique gift of obsessive knowledge of ‘geek’ related pursuits with John’s character expansion of being an M&M (hard on the out side; soft on the inside). They both get a chance to come to the others rescue a couple of times all the while working the whole ‘Felix and Oscar’ bit. This was performed without even a hint of awkwardness often plaguing the exposition of introducing new elements to a script. These two have been paired up in the past but this time it seems memorable. The other pairing going on it was one we all rooted for, knew was coming and perhaps felt a little apprehensive about. It’s not that she’s too hot for him or visa-versa. I can’t say I know what it was that made many of us not believe them as a couple. They started out the show together and five minutes in the ‘lovee-dovee’ stuff had me convinced my apprehension was was completely warranted. Sure we always initially enjoy seeing two of our main characters finally overcoming all the frustrations and tangles the writers and producers throw at us. But as many have already said ‘this is not a good sign’ for any show. If NBC has taught us anything is that you you don’t get a ten year run on a number one show by letting Ross get Rachel. Getting and loosing, getting back and loosing again seems to be the only loophole to this rule. Let’s just hope it doesn’t have to come to that. It would be wrong on so many levels…the biggest of which is that it would be a totally pedestrian move and if you pardon the prehistoric cliché we’ve “been there. done that”! BUT this time could be different and I am here to say there is hope so don’t pack up your foam finger just yet. This game ain’t over by a long shot despite what we saw in episode 14…or as I like to call it “The best season finale ever!” Who knew the trick to a perfect ending is to put it somewhere in the middle? Vinster AFK – Late

  8. tina says

    Chuck, the best show on tv, its a must watch in my family. All the characters are perfect a great compliment to each other, with just the right amount of quirkiness. Chuck is a show that is what all tv should be about, good clean adult/family entertainment. keep it comming year after year

  9. Keith says

    Save Chuck this original format is showing a shift away from the reality tv format, and back toward real tv. This show is continually interrupted by either the olympics a writers strike or several other breaks during the past three seasons. Chuck has shown to increase it’s audience when not put in difficult siuations.

  10. chris says

    CHUCK is the brightest show on tv. Its light and funny with great characters and just a pure joy to watch. My whole family, young and old, can’t wait to sit down and watch each week as a group. We really like how Chuck finally got the girl, this opens up a whole new venue to explore as they can travel the world fighting the evil doers, while including his best friend and Casey.
    They are a great team and need to stay on for a long time to come.


  11. Barbara says

    Please keep Chuck! I rarely watch TV and this is on my list of must watch shows! It is number one priority on my DVR. Even my husband likes this show and he won’t watch CSI or Criminal Minds.

  12. Pierluigi Amici says

    Chuck is AWESOME! 😉
    I’m a huge fan of this show (although I’m a little bit disappointed by the 3rd season)
    and I DO hope that NBC won’t cancel the show.
    I’d like to see (at least) another season, even if it were a 13 episodes,
    just like the first one.
    Save CHUCK!!! Keep the show!!!

  13. Lori & Mark says


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