50 TV Shows Cancelled or Ending during the 2009 – 2010 Season

Ugly Betty and Til Death CanceledGo here for an updated version of this list.

Here’s a “quick” listing of shows that won’t be back for the 2010 — 2011 TV season. If your favorite is on the list, you have our condolences. If they’re not, keep your fingers crossed that they won’t soon be joining this little obituary column.

This list encompasses shows that have been cancelled from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010. In some cases, the last episode of a show aired months before that time but the network didn’t get around to canceling it until later. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try the 2008 — 2009 page or maybe you’ve gotten lucky!

‘Til Death (FOX)
The Brad Garrett – Joely Fisher sitcom survived to see four seasons thanks to a deal with Sony TV who wanted to produce enough episodes for a syndication package. After lots of low ratings, the show’s luck ran out and it was cancelled. The final episode will air on May 19th.

24 (FOX)
It looks like Jack Bauer will finally get a day off. The network, studio, and executive producers have decided to end the series after eight seasons. Fans can take solace in the fact that there are already plans to make a movie.

American Chopper (TLC)
This reality show about Paul Teutel Sr., his son and their custom motorcycle shop in New York. Relations between father and son fell apart and the show quickly followed. It ended after 147 episodes. UPDATE: Now the show’s been resurrected.

As the World Turns (CBS)
The network has decided to end the venerable soap opera after 54 years on the air, due to low ratings. Proctor & Gamble has pledged to try to find a new home for the series but hasn’t had success yet. It will go off the air in September. Petition link.

At the Movies (Syndicated)
The movie review show that featured newspaper film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel for many years will be coming to a close in August. After parting ways with Disney, Ebert says that he is working on his own program that will incorporate new hosts and interaction with an online audience.

The Beautiful Life (CW)
This show about young models portrays the cut-throat and competitive world of high fashion. Starring Mischa Barton, Corbin Bleu, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Nico Tortorella, and Elle Macpherson, it was the first casualty of the 2009-10 season. The drama had poor ratings and was pulled after two episodes. The series’ five episodes have been posted officially on YouTube.

Ben 10: Alien Force (Cartoon Network)
The animated series is ending after three seasons and 46 episodes. Fans have no reason to worry though, it’ll be replaced by Ben 10: Evolution later this year.

The Bill Engvall Show (TBS)
Comic Bill Engvall plays a family counselor who can’t always figure out his own crazy family. The rest of the sitcom cast includes Nancy Travis, Jennifer Lawrence, Graham Patrick Martin, Skyler Gisondo, and Tim Meadows. The series was cancelled after three seasons and 30 episodes due to a decline in ratings.

Bill Moyers Journal (PBS)
The weekly news program originally ran from 1972 until 1976 and then from 1979 until 1981. Moyers revived the show again in 2007. In November 2009, he announced that he would be retiring from the program as of April 30, 2010.

Blonde Charity Mafia (CW)
This docu-series revolves around a trio of influential young women in Washington, DC. It was initially developed for Lifetime before moving to CW. After delaying its airing, the network has decided to cancel their plans to broadcast it at all. The show may be sold to another outlet.

The Bonnie Hunt Show (syndicated)
This talk show has been on the air for two seasons but hasn’t been a big ratings winner in the competitive daytime market. The distributor decided to cancel it though original programs will continue to be produced until June.

Brotherhood (Showtime)
A gritty drama about two Irish-American brothers; a politician (Jason Clarke) and a thug (Jason Isaacs). Others in the cast include Kevin Chapman, Annabeth Gish, Fiona C. Erickson, Brian Scannell, Kerry O’Malley, Fionnula Flanagan, Madison Garland, and Billy Smith. After three years, Showtime opted not to continue the series. The news broke when the third season was released on DVD as “The Final Season.”

Brothers (FOX)
This sitcom about a former NFL star and his paraplegic brother struggled on Friday nights and then didn’t do any better on Sundays. All 13 episodes aired before the end of 2009 and FOX later decided to cancel it.

The Cleaner (A&E)
This series revolves around a recovering drug addict who helps others beat their own addictions. The drama stars Benjamin Bratt, Brett DelBuono, Liliana Mumy, Grace Park, Esteban Powell, Amy Price-Francis, and Kevin Michael Richardson. The series ended after two seasons and 26 episodes.

Defying Gravity (ABC)
A group of eight astronauts undertake a mysterious space mission. The sci-fi drama stars Andrew Airlie, Christina Cox, Zahf Paroo, Ron Livingston, Laura Harris, Karen LeBlanc, William C. Vaughan, Malik Yoba, Paula Garces, Florentine Lahme, Eyal Podell, Dylan Taylor, Ty Olsson, Maxim Roy, Peter Howitt, and Lara Gilchrist. ABC aired only seven episodes. The network maintained that they would air the five remaining episodes at a later date but that seems highly unlikely. The sets have been destroyed and the series creator has confirmed the show is finished.

Dollhouse (FOX)
The Joss Whedon series follows a group of people who have their personalities wiped and replaced with other personas for projects-for-hire. Despite low ratings, the series was renewed for a second season but the numbers fell too low for a third year. The show was cancelled and the last episode aired on January 29, 2010.

Eastwick (ABC)
Three women (Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, and Jaime Ray Newman) discover that they have supernatural powers once a handsome stranger (Paul Gross) comes to town. The series didn’t attract enough viewers and was cancelled after 13 episodes. You can read recaps of the two episodes that haven’t run on ABC here and here. Petition link.

ECW (Syfy)
Syfy’s professional wrestling program ran for four seasons and 193 episodes before going off the air. It was replaced by WWE NXT.

Flight of the Conchords (HBO)
A unique comedy and music series, this show follows fictionalized versions of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. After two seasons, they decided to call it quits but may return in a special.

The Goode Family (ABC)
An animated sitcom about an overly politically-correct and dysfunctional family that stars the voices of Mike Judge, Brian Doyle Murray, Dave Herman, Linda Cardellini, and Nancy Carell. ABC cancelled the series in August after running all of the episodes. Comedy Central later picked up the series and, if it performs well, a second season could be commissioned.

Guiding Light (CBS)
After 57 years on television, the network decided to end this venerable soap opera. The ratings had been slipping for many years and the curtain came down after 15,762 episodes. Petition link.

Hank (ABC)
Kelsey Grammer stars as a Wall Street CEO who’s fired from his company and returns with his family to live in his small hometown. The rest of the family is played by Melinda McGraw, Jordan Hinson, Nathan Gamble, and David Koechner. ABC shut down production after 10 episodes but only five were shown because of low ratings.

Head Case (Starz)
Alexandra Wentworth stars as an unconventional therapist that helps the Hollywood crowd. After three seasons, the doctor is out.

The Hills (MTV)
After six seasons, the reality show is coming to a close. It’s a safe be that we haven’t seen the last of the cast however.

The Jay Leno Show (NBC)
The network wanted to save money by running cheaper programming five nights a week at 10pm. The official line was that they were pleased with the results but the local affiliate stations, whose newscasts were losing viewers as a result, weren’t. As a result, Leno’s show ended in February and he returned to the Tonight Show on March 1st.

The Jeff Dunham Show (Comedy Central)
The ventriloquist’s show got off to a solid start but the ratings quickly dropped. The series was cancelled after one season but the cable channel intends to stay in business with Dunham.

Joe Buck Live (HBO)
This sports talk show got off to a tough start when Artie Lange essentially hijacked the first episode. Three episodes aired and there won’t be a fourth. Buck is in talks to do a similar show for Fox Sports.

Jon & Kate Plus Eight (TLC)
The marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin fell apart and so did the show’s chances for a sixth season. it was planned to continue the series without Jon, as Kate Plus Eight, but it didn’t happen.

Kings (NBC)
Ian McShane headlines this series about a fictional version of the United States that’s ruled by an absolute monarchy. The rest of the impressive cast includes Christopher Egan, Allison Miller, Susanna Thompson, Macaulay Culkin, Sebastian Stan, Eamonn Walker, Dylan Baker, and Wes Studi. An expensive program to produce, the series didn’t attract many viewers. All 13 episodes were aired.

Lincoln Heights (ABC Family)
After four seasons, the story of Officer Eddie Sutton and his family came to a close. The show’s ratings had dropped and the cable channel opted not to bring it back for another year.

The Listener (NBC)
Craig Olejnik stars as a young paramedic who has the ability to listen to other people’s thoughts. Others in the cast include Enis Esmer, Colm Feore, Lisa Marcos, Mylene Robic, Anthony Lemke, Paulino Nunes. NBC pulled the series after eight episodes but all 13 were shown online and in Canada. NBC has cancelled the show but it’s been renewed in Canada. The producers hope to find another outlet in the US.

Lost (ABC)
What began as a “simple” plane crash story has become into one of the most unforgettable series in television history. The large ensemble cast includes Matthew Fox, Naveen Andrews, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lilly, and Terry O’Quinn. It was announced in 2007 that the show would end after six seasons. We’ll have to say goodbye in May 2010.

Mental (FOX)
This series got off to a slow start last summer and the ratings didn’t get better for subsequent episodes. FOX opted to cancel the show after all of the episodes had aired.

Monk (USA)
Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is a police detective whose brilliance is only limited by his obsessive-compulsive disorders. Other series regulars have included Bitty Schram, Traylor Howard, Ted Levine, and Jason Gray-Stanford. Monk ended after eight seasons and 125 episodes.

Nip/Tuck (FX)
A show that revolves around plastic surgeons, the series concluded after 100 episodes and seven seasons. The last episode aired on March 3rd. Petition link.

Past Life (FOX)
This drama about a team that try to help people by uncovering past life traumas didn’t make it beyond three episodes before being pulled and cancelled. No word on when or if the remaining episodes will air.

The Philanthropist (NBC)
A billionaire playboy (James Purefoy) decides to use his wealth and influence to change the lives of others. He’s assisted by his best friend (Jesse L. Martin) and his friend’s wife (Neve Campbell). NBC aired all eight episodes but received low ratings. Though the network hasn’t admitted that it’s been cancelled, a “Complete Series” DVD was released in January 2010.

Raising the Bar (TNT)
A group of former legal students reunite at a law firm and in the the courtroom, often on opposite sides. The series features Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Gloria Reuben, Currie Graham, Melissa Sagemiller, J. August Richards, Jonathan Scarfe, Teddy Sears, and Jane Kaczmarek. Ratings were strong for the premiere but quickly fell off and went too low to warrant a third season.

Reno 911! (Comedy Central)
This is a satirical program that follows a fictitious police department in Reno, Nevada. Over the past 88 episodes, the ensemble cast has included Cedric Yarbrough, Niecy Nash, Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, Kerri Kenney, Carlos Alazraqui, Wendi McLendon-Covey. After six seasons, Comedy Central decided to call it quits.

Rita Rocks (Lifetime)
In this sitcom, Nicole Sullivan stars as an over-stressed mom who manages to find time to play in a local rock band. It lasted two seasons and 40 episodes.

Robin Hood (2006) (BBC)
A retelling of the classic legend that stars Jonas Armstrong, Lucy Griffiths, Richard Armitage, David Harewood, Keith Allen, Gordon Kennedy, Sam Troughton, Joe Armstrong, Lara Pulver, and Harry Lloyd. It was announced in August 2008 that Armstrong, who plays the title character, would be leaving the show after three seasons. A creative revamp was considered but a fourth season wasn’t ordered.

Ruby & the Rockits (ABC Family)
A teenage girl (Alexa Vega) tracks down her lounge singer father (David Cassidy) and the two move in with her uncle (Patrick Cassidy) and his family (Katie A. Keane, Austin Butler, and Kurt Doss). The series started out strong but ratings declined. ABC Family opted not to order a second season but all 10 episodes aired.

Saving Grace (TNT)
A hard-living detective, played by Holly Hunter, is set to solver her final case. The series is scheduled to end after four seasons on June 21, 2010.

Surviving Suburbia (ABC)
A family sitcom that centers around a grumpy dad (Bob Saget), his family (Cynthia Stevenson, Jared Kusnitz, and G. Hannelius), and his sleazy friend (Jere Burns). The show had a decent start following Dancing with the Stars but fell apart on its own. All 13 episodes of season one aired and the show was cancelled.

Three Rivers (CBS)
This medical series follows those who help people in need to organ transplants. Starring Alex O’Loughlin, the show never caught on in the ratings and was pulled after eight episodes had aired. Petition link.

The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (NBC)
The peacock network wasn’t seeing the ratings that it expected and wanted to push Tonight to 12:05am so that a half-hour Jay Leno show could air at 11:35pm. O’Brien wouldn’t do it so the show was ended and he left the network, presumably to start a new late night show elsewhere.

Trauma (NBC)
This San Francisco-based drama revolves around a group of brave first responders. The show struggled in the ratings from the start and NBC initially decided not to order any episodes beyond the initial 13 installments. They later changed their minds and ordered more. There’s a slim chance that there will be a second season but ratings will have to rise significantly. Petition link.

The Tudors (Showtime)
The epic drama, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII, is ending after four lavish seasons on Showtime. The series finale is expected to air on June 13th.

The Tyra Banks Show (CW)
The diva and host says that she’s decided to cancel the show to focus more on producing. Other reports have indicated that the series was due to be cancelled because of budget issues.

Ugly Betty (ABC)
ABC has decided to cancel the show after four seasons because of declining ratings in both seasons three and four. The series finale will wrap up the series on April 14, 2010.

What do you think? Which shows from the list will you miss most? Which ones are you glad to see are gone? Which will be next?

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  1. Debbie says

    I will miss Ugly Betty. Especially since there is no Samantha Who and Pushing Up Dasies. I hate seeing the same old same old and the god awful reality TV.

  2. Cat says

    I will miss Ugly Betty and Ruby and the Rockits. I’ve enjoyed “24” but I feel it’s time to move on.

    Ugly Betty movie, anyone? Ruby & the Rockits TV-movie?

  3. Mary Sagor says

    I think they placed Shark opposite somefootball games, therefore the tv was otherwise occupoed…I liked it, too, but could never find it or watch it when I did find it.

  4. GenieHall says

    Raising the Bar was a good series I thought and what happened to “Shark” it was on again for a while and then poof —– it was gone again. The crap that is left for us to watch is sad. Guess everyone will have to take up playing games !!!!!

  5. Marti French says

    I hope NBC doesn’t cancel Trauma-it’s the best medical show on TV. If they are that short-sighted, maybe CBS will pick it up like they did another of my favorite shows, Medium!

    • Joyce says

      The sad thing is that all of the networks are guilty of the same short-sighted behavior. CBS cancelled Moonlight after one season and then the Twilight movie hit the bigt screen and they realized they had made a big mistake! I thought Moonlight was better than Twilight and was just starting to build a fan base. I watch it every time Chiller or SyFy replays it. As a matter of fact, SyFy has an anll-day marathon of the episodes on May 12.

    • jaime ambrogio says

      I have heard they are going to cancel Medium too. I love both of the shows and use the DVR to watch all episodes. I hate when they start a series then cancel it just because some people don’t like it.

  6. jenn says

    ok is it me or was 24 the only action show that us chicks could watch and actually enjoy it!! Now what??

    • Mary Sagor says

      Watch for The Human Target – it’s got action, good relationships between the characters, and he is HOT!!

        • Mary Sagor says

          Let’s hope not! Another good show with action is Burn Notice…USA doesn’t cancel as quickly as other networks do… Royal Pains is not an action show, but it is a nice twist on a medical show. And Leverage is great-some action, a bit of a con, strong women, interesting relationships between characters, humor! Give those two a try, also.
          And NONE of them have anyone even remotely like Grace and Earl! Saving Grace is a show unlike any other I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching tv since 1952 when I was 5 years old! Leave it to foreigners to take away the one unique viewing experience onthe air. Really a sad commentary on America being bought out by corporations from other countries.

  7. Nikki says

    I was so disappointed when they took Kings off of the air. I though the plot was excellent and that the story was a bit different than what is normal on tv. I knew it was going to be canceled because it didn’t have enough sex and violence in it for the mainstream…. Oh well, that’s what I get for watching a new show. I also have a feeling that V will be cut after the second season. That huge break between episodes lost a lot of people and it doesn’t seem the story is picking up any. It’s kind of choppy feeling to me, but we’ll see.

  8. coz says

    This just goes to show you shouldn’t watch any new series. Not worth spending the time to invest emotionally in the characters or stories. Unless there is a committment by the network to actually give it a chance, it’s not worth it.

    I haven’t watched any “new” TV for 10 years now. Not unless there’s at least 3 seasons of it first and a clear indication that it’s well written. You can always watch it later on DVD. Obviously it’s much better without those stupid comercials.

  9. Kelly says

    I really liked Mental, and the fact that I thought every episode was VERY interesting. It’s too bad it didn’t catch on.

    • Mary Sagor says

      @Kelly – I think the reason Mental didn’t catch on was that it had some intelligence to it, was subtle, and HARD TO FIND.
      I too enjoyed it and was hoping that the last scene, wherein he left the hospital, was simply to let him move to the city where his sister was to be hospitalized. Alas, it was not to be.
      There were no heavy action scenes, no gunfights, no fist-fights and no overt sexual tension between him and any of his co-workers. Therefore, the audience reached was not one of the “prime” groups. Too bad.
      I did enjoy it, when I could find it.
      Another show I miss is The Starter Wife. I love Debra Messing and, being divorced, found it a very amusing show. I had asked a friend to DVR it for me while I was out of town, but he was too busy with his other women to do that. I wanted to know how the various storylines played out…
      BUT we do still have Bones, Castle, The Mentalist, The Closer, Burn Notice, Leverage, The Human Target, plus a few others.
      It just means that the DVR will get less of a workout than it has in the past. Look for Royal Pains this summer, if you have not seen it. It’s fun, too.

  10. Alyssa says

    wow, I got scared for a second there no I just started watching Accidentally on purpose and I love it. It seems that teenagers like it more then adults, its funny, stupid at times but also sincere too. YAY CBS KEEP ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE GOING , PLEASE!

  11. zippyjet says

    What were they thinking? Two shows that can’t be cancelled quick enough are Three Rivers and Accidentially on purpose! Luckily Rivers which started dead on arrival has not been resussitated. And Accidentially should go the way of the Bush administration as just poor judgement and lack of purpose.
    Rivers whas a schmaltzy over the top hour of melodrama that seemed unrealistic. There was too much glitzy gee wiz techno effects which distracted from the already week plot lines. This disaster was more suited for NBC not the “Tiffany Network.” It was definitely the weakest link when it aired Sunday nights. It seemed more of an example of schlock 1970’s or early 80’s TV. Anyone remember the Godawful Chopper One? With the cheesy
    helocopter graphics/animation.

    What can I say about Accidentially on Purpose? It was so horrible it made the Jay Leno 10:00 PM disaster must see TV. Jenna Elfman’s talent was wasted. A show promoting a wealthy yuppy who works in the media industry in New York or whatever big city…. Haven’t we seen this before? zzzz And then add the preface of this turkey…being knocked up on a one night stand and giving the false impression and hope that single motherhood is a bowl of cherries. Maybe because she’s rich, works in a cushy media job in the big city having an out of wedlock baby is as easy as ABC. Wrong! The characters are lame and obnoxious, the jokes anythng but funny and that fricking laugh track. No wonder why our society is spiraling downard to a possible point of no return. Whats next? A sitcom featuring a rich yuppy good looking young hottie who has a cushy job in the media in NYC, La la Land or Boston who gets knocked up and carries her ******* kid and just also happens to be strung out on cocaine or heroin!
    What is it with that unlocky 8:30 to 9:00 pm. slot on CBS Monday night of comedies? Remember the Class? That too sucked but not nearly as bad as Accidentially. Come on, we know you can do better.

  12. Tonyvball says

    I am going to miss Defying Gravity, I really liked the show. I watch a lot of TV and I have to say that I haven’t seen a lot of the shows being cancelled. I am kind of tired of the medical and legal series. I would also like to see something different with the romantic tension between the main characters on series, the almost getting together but not quite. Let them get together and be in love and if you want to shake things up have them break up, do something different. It seems like it is always the same formula. I like Castle for instance but just have main characters hook up and start dating. I watch Smallville but I am getting tired of Superman no hooking up either. Also, how does he transport people at super speed? Imagine someone grabbing your arm and taking off at super speed. What would really happen is that your arm would go and you would stay. Plus the person would not be able to handle the G-Force of the trip. The writers should be thinking about this stuff. It is kind of like the old Batman, the bad guys would capture Batman, tie him up and give him a chance to escape and they never removed his mask. How stupid is that? It drove me crazy.

  13. Brian Williams says

    Getting rid of Trauma is just plain stupid. But I don’t suppose any of the suits who decide these matters even bother to watch any of the programs. They just look at the Excel spreadsheets and the Neilsen ratings.

    Maybe they should take note of the people who download the programs? I would subscribe a reasonable sum in order to download and watch Trauma legally. I’m not interested in TV advertising.

    The producers need another model for the internet age.

  14. Mary Sagor says

    Whether we realize it or not, the Neilsons are very easily rigged by the networks themselves, simply by moving a beloved show into a new time slot where nobody can find it. Then the network can say “Oh, we’re cancelling it because it’s lost its viewers.”

    No, IT didn’t lose viewers, the viewers lost the NEW TIMESLOT. Taht way, the network can feign innocence while in fact manipulating the ratings to cost us our favorite shows in favor of some cheap dreck that sends us to other channels. I’m not sure why they woud do that, but maybe they think that we are so mesmerized and lazy that we will watch whatever they put in that time. And, unfortunately, to some degree thay are correct.

    As for me, I DO know how to change channels and happily do so. TNT does not hold mych interest for me right now. However, The Closer and Leverage will be back in the summer and so will I.

    • Mary Sagor says

      Yes, I see all my typos. That’s why I am not a secretary!! My lack of typing/proofreading skills does not change my viewpoint.

  15. Mary Sagor says

    riggarob – There are a number of places ( Cracker Barrel and a wide variety of gas stations/convenience store) that have audio books and DVDs for rent: pick it up here, watch/listen, return it at another location in the chain. Could be 100 or 1000 miles away. The books kept me awake and alert during 4 cross-country trips from TX to NV and CA. I don’t know what’s available, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out. And you can also watch your shows online at the network website…Good luck!

    • mary says

      i will miss the bonnie hunt show, she’s so great and its a terrific fresh show to watch. who cares about soaps! ick!

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