123 Ending or Cancelled TV Shows for the 2011-12 TV Season (part 3)

Cancelled TV shows for 2011-12It happens every year. The networks and cable channels cancel TV shows to make room for new series that will hopefully attract lots and lots of viewers. The 2011-12 season is no exception.

This list encompasses shows that have been cancelled or have ended and won’t be back for the 2012-13 season. It covers those that have gotten the ax roughly between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012. In some cases, the last episodes of some shows aired months earlier but the network didn’t get around to canceling the series until later. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try the 2010–2011 listings, the 2009–2010 listings, or maybe you’ve gotten lucky!

This list used to include the UK’s Skins but, since the last season won’t air until 2012-13, we’re holding it until the 2012-13 list.

Because there have been so many cancellations, we’ve split this list up into three pages. This is the third. Here is page one and here is page two.

Now, let’s take a moment to bow our heads and remember these fallen TV series…

Most recent additions: The Buried Life, Dog Whisperer, How to Rock, and Teen Mom.

Napoleon Dynamite (FOX)
The cult movie was very popular in its day but not enough people were interested in seeing an animated version.

The Nate Berkus Show (syndicated)
The interior designer will finish out his second season but there won’t be a third year of episodes.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King (ABC Family)
This drama left viewers with cliffhangers but the ratings just weren’t good enough for them to make any more episodes.

NYC 22 (CBS)
We won’t get to see these police rookies become seasoned cops.

NY Ink (ITC)
The cable channel pulled the plug on this tattoo TV show after two seasons and 18 installments.

One Tree Hill (The CW)
This venerable series has continued to endure despite some major cast changes. The network decided to pull the plug following the ninth and final season of 13 episodes.

Pan Am (ABC)
Like the Pan Am airline, this TV show will fade into history.

The Playboy Club (NBC)
This NBC TV series stumbled right out of the gate and was pulled after three episodes. It wins the distinction of being the first network TV series to be cancelled of the Fall 2011 crop.

Prime Suspect (NBC)
The remake stumbled right out of the gate and the ratings just got worse. NBC aired all 13 episodes and had no reason to order any more.

The Protector (Lifetime)
A drama about a single-mom police detective, this TV series never caught on with a big audience and the cable channel decided not to order a second season.

Q’Viva! The Chosen (FOX)
This reality competition aired in primetime on Saturday nights before being pushed to late night.

Remodeled (The CW)
The network thought this might be a good show to pair with America’s Next Top Model. The network was wrong.

The Revolution (ABC)
The network replaced venerable soap opera One Life to Live with this self-help show and daytime viewers stayed away in droves.

Ringer (The CW)
This Sarah Michelle Gellar series started out strong but the ratings fell as viewers tuned out.

The River (ABC)
The thriller series left viewers “up the creek” with plenty of unanswered questions.

¡Rob! (CBS)
Rob tried to fit in with his new family but the network didn’t think his show was a good fit with the network.

The Rosie Show (OWN)
The Rosie O’Donnell talk show only lasted five months on the air before being cancelled.

Sanctuary (Syfy)
The TV series has come to an end after four seasons on the air. The series finale aired at the end of 2011.

The Secret Circle (The CW)
It looked like this show would be a good companion for The Vampire Diaries but many viewers tired of it and tuned out.

The Sing-Off (NBC)
The a capella competition ran for two successful seasons during the holidays but the third aired last fall and did very poorly.

Skins (MTV)
There was an uproar from some parents groups when this show premiered. That died off and so did viewer interest. It certainly didn’t help that many sponsors pulled their ads from the show. The cable channel cancelled it after one season.

State of Georgia (ABC Family)
The sitcom’s ratings were terrible so it was no surprise that the cable channel cancelled it after all 12 episodes had aired.

Take the Money and Run (ABC)
A pair of regular people try to keep a suitcase filled with cash hidden from a team of cops and detectives. Not enough people were interested so it’s been cancelled.

Teen Mom (MTV)
The reality series that follows the original cast of 16 and Pregnant came to a close on August 28th.

Terra Nova (FOX)
An expensive series to produce, Terra Nova registered only mediocre ratings so the network ultimately decided to cancel it.

ThunderCats (Cartoon Network)
This reboot met with mixed reactions from fans of the original 1985 animated series. It hasn’t been officially cancelled but it is believed that it won’t be back.

True Jackson, VP (Nickelodeon)
Like many other Nickelodeon shows, this kids’ sitcom came to a close after 60 episodes and three seasons.

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne
After eight seasons, viewers have said goodbye to the Payne clan. The sitcom ran for 254 episodes, the longest-running series with a core African-American cast.

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns (TBS)
This sitcom was based on Perry’s 2008 film comedy of the same name. It lasted for five seasons and 140 installments. The series ending aired on November 18, 2011.

Unforgettable (CBS)
A female police detective that remembers almost everything. CBS cancelled it after one season and 22 episodes.
Note: The network later revived the show. It will return for a 13 episode second season for Summer 2013.

Upstairs Downstairs (BBC One)
The revival of the classic UK series lasted for just nine episodes and two brief seasons.

Weeds (Showtime)
It’s time to say goodbye to Nancy Botwin after 102 episodes and seven seasons. The finale airs September 16, 2012.

Who Do You Think You Are? (NBC)
Airing on Friday nights, this feel-good genealogy program lasted for three short seasons.

Who’s Still Standing? (NBC)
Hosted by Ben Bailey, this trivia game show lasted for nine episodes and one short season.

Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney Channel)
After four seasons, the three Russo kids have competed and one was crowned as the wizard of their generation. The series finale aired on January 6th.

Work It (ABC)
This sitcom premiered to poor reviews and ratings. The numbers got even worse in week two so the network pulled it off the air.

You Deserve It (ABC)
Hosted by Chris Harrison, this game show revolves around contestants trying to win money for other deserving people. It lasted for six episodes.

Zeke & Luther (Disney XD)
The skater sitcom ran for three seasons and 72 installments. The two-part finale aired on April 2, 2012.

You can see page one of the cancellation list here and page two here.

Lists of cancelled or renewed TV shows by network: ABC | CBS | The CW | FOX | NBC

What do you think? Are you surprised that any of these shows have been cancelled? Which one(s) will you miss the most?

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  1. Kathy Terriquez says

    Every time I get started watching something I like that is a mature and decent, they cancel it. I am about to go back to just buying DVD’s because anything good will only be a short time. I absolutely LOVE the show Saving Hope and I’ve heard it is cancelled in the US. That is just crappy. I need an out and that was a good one that would get me out of my personal worries and such for just an hour a week…1 hour a week…is that too much to ask for some peace? Put it back on and leave it alone…it would probably make a great show even during the year rather than just the summer also!

  2. says

    Having lived and worked on both side of the Atlantic, since childhood now 32, I have seen the development of some of the best and some of the worst TV both nations can produce.

    The problem is that on the UK side of things, due to the way TV is funded there, a mix of public and corporate money, even programmes that have very few viewers are kept on the air. This is not a good thing “however not always”, unlike in the US where programmes are axed more often than not, without giving the titles a good chance, to attract a loyal following.

    I know most if not all of, you may not know this but in the UK in order to have and operate a TV or device that can receive TV, i.e. a cell phone you have to pay a licence fee of around $240 or £150. Now many of you are probably going “what the hell” right now, and it gets even more bizarre, it is actually UK national Law that you must pay it. In fact if you do not pay you can get a $3200 fine and /or face criminal charges and possible prison, there are however two good things about this, a commercial free BBC, see http://WWW.BBC.CO.UK not .COM. Plus it means that whilst the UK dose produce some right rubbish just as the U.S, there is far more emphasis on programme quality not just quantity although this is maybe changing. This also means that people are far less commercially lead, again this may be changing, although in TV programmes for kids that are mostly imported from the U.S and other countries this is not the case. This is bad an example is the new “Thundercats” that may yet be axed, instead of sticking with a formula that loyal 80’s kids knew, and would love to now share with their own kids, it has gone completely the wrong direction. I.e. the now limited power of the Eye of “Thundera 1985” or “War stone 2011” (sword of omens) including “Lion’o” looking like a bit of a wimp and yes I was a 1985-6 fan. This is just one example, of programmes going wrong. It may be time that we in the U.S take a leaf out of the Brit’s tea chest, and start to charge a federally mandated fee, of say $50 to 100 bucks annually, to allow for better quality programmes, that are not so reliant on the sale of a toy or DVD, Blue ray or Digital download?

    Equally we should sign deals with countries to allow for same week broadcast of our programmes there, that not just the U.K, so that our viewing figures are not just taken into account, or the “$” in U.S based studio accounts. This would also help go a long way to help deal with Torrent’s and the like, by ensuring other countries pay in part for production / investment or at least in protecting our TV shows.

    Although there would have to be more sensitivity to other cultures, i.e. Not calling the UK, England, not just hiring the cast of Mary Poppins, aka CNN’s Richard Quest, who really does not sound like anyone “REAL” from the U.K and not ignoring the regions of that country, or any another country for that matter i.e. there is more to France than just Paris.

    A classic example of this is King Arthur, being King of England, when England did not exist at that time, or trying to make him some kind or ex-roman solider in all recent U.S made films and TV shows. When science aka fact has concluded his was an indigenous Celt from Cymru “phonetically pounced “Come rye” tribe from Wales, so an original Briton actually fighting against the Anglo Saxon’s (English) anyway I have gone on way to much…

    What do you think about what I said?

  3. says

    And whose bright idea was it to put all the Great, returning shows on Sunday night this fall? Stupid, spread it out to other days when there is NOTHING good on

  4. says

    Biggest disappointments:
    Man Up! Truly clever especially for those young men who have failed to launch!
    A Gifted Man…No date on Friday nite, no problem, watch Patrick Wilson on TV!
    Pan Am…brought the nostalgia, how different is it from Mad Men? Great show!
    DAMAGES…should never have gone to DirecTV and left network, Big Mistake!
    Harry’s Law…hands down best law show on TV. Maybe it could come back on cable?

  5. Gary da Rosa says

    Will miss CSI:MIAMI, Terra Nova and Missing. The latter two shows should have had a chance at another season.

  6. says

    From the list of defaults, most of which I’d never heard of, my viewing is limited to ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW, FOX, and local college broadcasts “BCC” and “UCF”. I’m not in a position to spend on other alternatives, ‘nor do I want to. There are several programs on the chop list that I would love to have continued. I believe from what I just reviewed here, the biggest issue the networks have is they don’t give the programs enough time. I believe most people are inclined to check in on new programs and possibly watch them for several episodes and then move on, possibly even going back to one of their favorites still in existence. They’re being bombarded and can’t watch every thing at the same time. What I’m saying here is there is too much rush to judgement to cut the newer programs off and the long time favorites too. If I wanted to take a look at a new program and watched for 3 episodes (I’m not the only one), because I know I can get my favorites when they do re-runs. The other situation is, a lot of the newer programs have lousy writers, the people in the programs don’t mesh together more like miss-fits, not like a real team. Where did the informed go that used to recognized a real program? Is this the result of a new generation out there? I like “Harry’s Law”, “Nate Berkus”, “NCIS” both, “CSI”, “The Mentalist”, “Martha Stewart”, “Sunday Morning”, “60 Minutes”, “Rock Center with Brian Williams” etc, etc… They’re all quality programs, and I detest blood and guts to the extent it’s being displayed in our living rooms. Now I’ve had my say. We need experienced mature Individuals making the decisions here, not newbys who rush to judgement too soon.

  7. geri says

    Well I liked Prime Suspects and I was sorry that it didn’t find a following.. I liked Terra Nova too, and a few others like The Closer , Memphis Beat and Unforgettable. Most of the rest of the shows on your list I never watched or only watched once of twice. Interesting information though.

  8. Craig says

    It is too bad that several of these shows were cancelled just to make room for new shows that will be much worse and get cancelled. The networks are doing this quantity over quality thing that just keeps throwing lousy shows at us each fall.

  9. Jo says

    It is a big disappointment that quite a few of the decent shows that I watched were cancelled! I especially liked “Harry’s Law”. There are many dumb so called comedy shows, that are still on the air! It makes me wonder how taste in good shows have changed! I’m happy that one of the TV stations is bringing back many of the shows that were on years ago!! Thank goodness for that..

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