Dexter: Showtime President Expects Season Seven

DexterIf he has his way, Showtime’s new Entertainment President, David Nevins, says that Dexter will see a seventh season at least. He believes the ratings for Dexter have bucked the usual trend and there’s lots more to learn about our favorite serial killer.

At the TCA press tour, Nevins said, “I think there’s a lot of life left in Dexter… [The show] was up 11 percent in its fifth season which defies the usual ratings decline. The audience is still coming to it, and it’s not a plot driven show. It’s fundamentally a character driven show. A lot of what the show is tracking is the evolution and the maturation of Dexter. He’s barely an adolescent in the way I watch the show. We’ve picked it up for one more year, and I personally think there’s life beyond that.”

As we reported last month, there’s one potential hitch in that plan. The contracts for some of the show’s key players expire at the end of season six and will have to be renegotiated. Will all or only some want to continue? It remains to be seen how that drama will play out.

What do you think? How long would you like to see Dexter continue? Season seven, eight or beyond? Besides Michael C. Hall’s Dexter, which characters do you think are essential for the show to go on?

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  1. Alix says

    OMG it’s almost 3am, and I’m up because I can’t stop watching Dexter. Started watching last week on Netflix…….I’m an addict!!! I can’t turn it off. I keep clicking on “next episode.” I can’t get anything done, cuz I’m hooked! This show is my “dark addiction!” I’m ready to subscribe to Showtime just for him! The story lines, the writing, the actors are all superb! Thank you Jeff Lindsay, Showtime, and Dex crew!!!!!

  2. Alec Carswell says

    Bring back Dokes. There’s a grey area there… he could come back seeking revenge and be all scarred from Dexter almost killing him. He wouldn’t even have to make an appearance till later on in any particular season, just have his presence there. It would also be a good way of reflecting over what Dexter has done in the past and any errors of judgement he may have made. Alternatively you could have him sent to prison but still aiding the police in his enquiries over some case or have someone new brought into the force that would help him destroy any incriminating evidence. Still lots more potential in this series. The final season could have him getting caught, going to court, being sent to prison, then a massive trial – I’m sure there would be a lot of support from the public but also hostile actions by parties of his victims – so much life in this yet…

    I know people who have only just discovered this and are already hooked…

  3. jlw says

    I have read the books, but feel that the writers and cast of Dexter have made him into a great character. Every year it gets better. Last season not one of my favorites, but no matter what they do I will be watching. I look forward every Fall to watch Dexter.

  4. desiree says

    I love Dexter, its definitely in my top 3 favorite shows. Dexter has a lot of developing as a person, father, brother to do and I want to see it all happen! At least one more season, but more would awesome!

  5. Bill C... says

    Great Show, I can watch it for many years to come.. Have to keep Masuka though… WOuldnt doubt his sister bites it at end of contract since her and MCH are divorced, who knows.. Great part of the show with the brother / sis relationship..

  6. Gail (Another Dexter Fan!) says

    Dexter should go on as long as Michael C. Hall wants to play the character. The rest of the cast is very strong too! I enjoy them all. Bring John Lithgow back as the ghost of Trinity to play against Dexter’s father’s ghost.
    Somehow I did not like the fact that Dexter had a partner in crime. The ending of 6th season with the female character leaving Dexter was not as strong. It will be tough to beat the finale when Dexter’s wife was killed by Trinity.
    As long as there are characters whose crimes go unpunished, Dexter’s character can go on to provide his own type of justice. I’m sure, if he had an email address, he would not be able to keep up with the demand from the justice seeking public! :-)

  7. Cara says

    I love the Showtime exclusive, DEXTER. I see a lot of opportunity for additional seasons, and, as the fanbase has grown so much over the last two seasons, I hope producers see that as well.

  8. caiseylyn says


  9. Jessica says

    I LOVE this show. So glad a had down time when visiting sister (1st season), that I was able to catch this. I love the way he has grown as a person. Great writing. Always, can’t wait for the following Sunday episode.

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