Smallville: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

Smallville last episodeTonight, after 10 seasons and more than 200 episodes, Smallville said goodbye. The last season and series finale were packed with treats for fans of the long-running TV show.

Despite having died in past seasons, the producers found ways to bring back Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) and Lionel Luthor (John Glover). Ma Kent (Annette O’Toole) returned in time to attend the wedding of her son (Tom Welling) and the love of his life, Lois Lane (Erica Durance).

And, of course, Chloe (Allison Mack) and Oliver (Justin Hartley) had active roles in trying to stop Darkseid. Even Lex Luthor himself, Michael Rosenbaum, made an appearance and took out his sister (Cassidy Freeman) along the way.

What was your favorite part of the finale? The clips and allusions to past episodes? The return of Lex Luthor? The use of the classic Superman theme music from the movies? A glimpse of Jimmy Olsen? Or, Clark finally putting on the suit and embracing his destiny as Superman?

How would you rate the last episode of Smallville? A fitting end to a beloved series or did they try to do too much? Did you feel cheated that you only got quick glimpses of Clark in the suit?

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  1. James says

    Have to say, my favorite part was the moment he flew..I was so disappointed when all the problems just disappeared within a minute of each other and the fact he didn’t introduce himself to the public but after 10 seasons, I just can’t believe its over

  2. Mike says


  3. Paul S says

    That was an amazing ending to a very long, drawn out 10 Years! I was 15 when this show first started and am now 26. I love how it all worked out in the end. I did not expect to see Tom Welling up close in the suit at all so I’m not disappointed, I knew they would do the far shot CGI thing. The bringing back of Lex, flashbacks (Clark’s Trials and Lex’s memory going bye bye), Clark legitimately flying for the first time, the ending music and the wrapping of Clark’s shirt at the end to reveal the \S/ just gave me goosebumps! I’m upset that the show is over, can’t wait to watch it again, then buy the Final Season to pass it on to my kids someday.
    I’m looking forward to Man of Steel! I need to get my Superman fix through comics for awhile to fill the void. Best Episode of the Series! BRAVO! Standing Ovation!

  4. Jason says

    It was crap. The whole final season was crap. I completely blame the showrunners who came in once Gough and Millar left. They can throw out all the platitudes they want, the show was once an enjoyable event but it became a weekly disappointment. Oh, and Rosenbaum is a douchebag who will be lucky to have his marginal comedy show renewed and Tom Welling is a class act whom I will always respect. Finally, looking forward to watching Cassidy Freeman on A&E’s new show Longmire.

  5. David L says

    I enjoyed the ending of the series, but there was too much lois and clark wedding crap. Should have been half wedding and wrap up and the other half ACTION.

    • Frank says

      My 8 year old said “why all the talking?” The whole show was living out old memories.. to much should i shouldn’t i and no real good story. No good body shots (with the suit) This episode is only good for girls and their love stories but not a good episode for guys. What were you people thinking?

  6. andrew says

    Best episode in the 10 years of the show! I hate the cw for cancelling it! I hope to see Tom and Erica on the big screen with something to do with Superman!

  7. Tina says

    I LOVED the finale. Hard to pick a favorite part. I loved how they brought Lex back, loved seeing him in the suit, loved the superman music, loved the scenes from past episodes….great way to end a great show

  8. supe fan says

    It was a good farewell , it was not the best for me as a fan.He finally wore the suit ,kinda. You can only see him far away or not up close where can see him ,in a way I kinda understand too!With the superman movie coming next year the powers that be want fans to wait until henry cavill wears the costume.

  9. Otis says

    I thought it was awesome, but dammit! Not one full body shot of Tom in the suit? Ugh! But all the other goodies they sprinkled throughout the finale made up for it!

  10. Julian says

    Well, I am disappointed Darkseid himself did not fight Clark. I am also disappointed that they taunted us like someone hanging a big bag of treats over a puppies head but he can’t get to them! We saw “Superman” but not up close, and they never said “Superman”… Come the !@#$ on.. 10 years and they can’t even give us a full shot of Tom the man born to be Superman in the suit?! At least call the damn guy Superman!

  11. Oscar says

    I hated it, I’m sorry. There were so many bad moments. I was really hoping it was going to be awesome; however, I’m extremely disappointed. I did enjoy the blurry, CGI Superman and only close up of Clarks face. But, the episode was just filled with bad moments.

  12. Cody says

    the first few years of smallville were the best,and the last two not so great,but the finale was a good way to end.even though its sad that there will never be a new episode and lex had is memory erased and you get the idea that well that sucks that clark and lex wont share those memories again,even though theyre now enemies,it was a good transition to the man of steel

  13. Baron says

    It was pretty awesome. I give it a 9 out of 10. The writers did an excellent job making the ending fit well with the Superman story. Well DONE!

    • P. Webb says

      The episode was good, however, I was a little disappointed that Clark and Lois didn’t actually tie the knot. I enjoyed Clark actually putting on the suit and embracing his distiny as SUPERMAN. I also liked the clips from past episodes as well as the SUPERMAN theme music from past movies. Like I said ALL in ALL, a good epi, just disappointed about Clark and Lois nuptials not taking place.

      • Cody says

        i agree the clips from lex and clarks memories really toped it off,especially in the beginning when it shows previously on smallville it brought the last 10 years together,lana pete chloe,friendship of lex and clark..fantastic!

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