Touch: Cancelled; No Season Three for FOX Series

Touch canceled, no season threeMaybe Kiefer Sutherland will be available for that 24 movie now. FOX has cancelled Touch after two seasons on the air.

Though Touch’s ratings were on the decline last season, FOX renewed it for another round anyway. They slated it for Friday nights, likely figuring that it would improve on Fringe’s dismal ratings. It didn’t work out that way and Touch has been doing even worse.

The current season of Touch has been averaging just a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.68 million total viewers. Those are terrible numbers, even for a Friday night show. Kitchen Nightmares, which also runs on that night, has averaged a 1.1 in the demo and 3.13 million.

This Friday’s episode, titled “Leviathan,” will be Touch’s 26th and final installment. Hopefully the producers have included some closure for the die-hard fans.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Touch has been cancelled and won’t get a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kwabs says

    Hey, i think Touch is a great series. and it should be continued. I even told my friends about it. I’m in Ghana and i still make time to watch it. Please don’t stop.

  2. Khighl says

    How dreaming lame. This show is actually really good. The time this show is on is during a time where there’s so much other crap on TV. Like. Sports. Lol. Fox should give it one more season during a different time of year. Le sigh.

  3. Anonymous says

    Fox needs to give the show more time. Too many police shows with forensics. Finally a show with good values and it is canceled. I was a hufe fringe fan.

  4. MollyLam says

    How can the producers wrap things up when there is so much more of this story to tell? The show was only just canceled and the story was not nearing any kind of conclusion. I think when a network cancels a show, they owe it to the viewers to air a special one-hour episode in which the story can have some kind of conclusion.
    As for the TV viewing public, I give up on them.
    Apparently they are all tuned into shallow shows like American Idol and Honey Boo Boo.
    I guess Touch was a little too intellectual for their LOL mentality.

  5. Theresa says

    I am very upset, I have watched the show since day 1 and am a huge fan of the show. I am very sad to know that season 3 will not air. I like the fact that you had to figure out the pieces to the puzzel and figuring out what Jake was feeling.

  6. Why Watch says

    I agree with Rebecca and Anonymous. Season one was much better, the shows were different and intriguing and kept you watching. Season two turned to action and conspiracy, eliminating the uniqueness of this show. That’s when I stopped watching. It had potential to be a great show.

    But perhaps since they knew the ratings were sliding downward every week, they will be able to wrap it up for the still remaining fans.

  7. Cherise says

    I guess I won’t bother watching TV any more since my favorite show is being canceled. I’m very bummed… guess a lot of evening walks on the beach are in my future.

  8. Why Watch says

    I agree with Rebecca’s and Anonymous’ comments. Season 1 had a great message and I enjoyed watching those shows since it was so different and spell binding. I remember how great the pilot was. But Season 2 moved away from this, became like other shows with conspiracies and action and lost me for good. It had the potential for a great show.

  9. TMax says

    I was legit in tears when I found out. The writers and the cast were absolutely amazing and the storyline had me hooked the very first episode. I’m super erked =[

  10. Lauren Zook says

    This SUCKS!!! This is the best show on TV EVER!!!! VERY UPSET :'( They should have moved it to a different night instead of having it on Friday nights! I WILL START A PETITION!!!

  11. Marie says

    The first season of Touch sent out a message that the world needed to hear and internalize!
    We are all connected to each other no matter who we are or where we live.
    The second season geared more towards action/adventure, understandably to keep the ratings up. I, for one would rather watch Touch than those silly reality shows!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says

    Agree with Rebecca. They doomed themselves this season by going darker and changing the whole vibe of the show. All the “feel good” stories went away in favor of action and violence. It was very frustrating to see as the show had potential.

    With such short notice I doubt we’ll get any closure. I’m sure the episode was already filmed and I don’t think they could tie up everything in one episode in any case.

  13. Vicki says

    We watch very little television, but never missed Touch. I am very dissapointed to hear that they have cancelled this show.

  14. Rebecca says

    I’m bummed but I understand why it was canceled. This season was ok but they did change the premise from the first season. I hope they give us closure this Friday.

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